Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From My Kitchen Window.....

to yours...Good Morning. Sitting here just looking out and thinking that if it were 30 degrees cooler it would snow. It just looks like snow, but we are getting a much needed rain instead. But I can dream that it is a cold blustery day and that I have the gas logs on and a pot of something on the stove and the house is all wrapped in the scent of mulled spices and the warmth of family. Yeah I am kinda ready for some winter weather...until I start complaining how cold I am.
So I finished my santa last night. He sits in an antique tobacco box full of fake greens (that really look real) and I have added a repo vintage label to the front of an old fashioned santa. He is made from an old flour sack.
I am headed back to the home shop today and in between projects I will be doing laundry and getting Lee ready for some more hunting. We have friends coming from West VA. this week so there will be a full camp. They could actually see more deer here in our woods then up at hunt camp...although Justin has killed one. He has made jerky from it which they say is very good, and this weekend they will smoke the hind quarter...I DO NOT eat deer or anything else wild. I was raised just a city girl where food came from the grocery store. In fact the first time I ever saw a deer dead...except on the side of the road....was last year when Lee got his.
Well...I am going back to looking out my kitchen window for just a few more minutes and finish my coffee before I have to start my day.
Have a Blessed day,


  1. Love our santa, you took me to another place for just a moment...peaceful!

    Simple blessings,

  2. Hi Robin, Your santa is adorable! Carmen and the Primcats

  3. Your Santa is adorable. Yup, sometimes we need to just stop and "look out the window" (or smell the roses). I've been cleaning, putzing, and getting out a FEW holiday items - fun day! Dawn

  4. Your Santa is perfect! I'm with ya on the deer meat ~ YUCK!!! Hope you have a great day!

  5. Love the Santa! I SO miss my creative time...other than sitting and stitching (if I'm not too tired from my day)I get a day every couple weeks or so in my work room for the fun work,as I call it! It's always this time of year that I miss having my own shop!
    Have a great day!

  6. Oh my Robin, you made me ready for cold weather!! I can't do wood fires anymore but am just dying for one of those electric fireplaces. Hope I have one by next year at this time. We seldom ever see snow in West Texas but I love it on those rare occasions when we do.
    Love your Santa box, great job!!