Monday, November 29, 2010

Don't Forget Early Work Updates on Wed!

Good morning...and a chilly one at that. A sneak peek at my offering for
the update on Wed....
Merrie Wynter...which includes an orginal cross stitch on an old Johnston's chocolate box with
some of the blue still visible,
original scent potpourri (Merrie Wynter)Check Spelling
an olde santa head (not really, but made to look that way)
a couple of chenille candy canes and a few rusty bells.I am off to Michael's later...I purchased Lee a really cool print at the last
auction...R.E. Lee and Custer together and I am having it framed for
him. This will really be from Justin and I together. But he is a big Civil War buff
and I thought he would like this. (No, he does not read the blog, I just tell him what I want him to know!)
We are getting all loaded up for the show this weekend...I have talked to Donna
and this should be a very GOOD show!!!!
We will head to the shop on Tues/Wed to pack it up and load it in Lori's car. Little Bit is FULL!!
I want to thank all the new Followers and I bid you welcome!! And yes I am still going to do a give-a-way...I just have been a little busy trying to get ready for the events happening, but I PROMISE I will get on it right after this weekend is finished!!
I put up 5 Christmas trees yesterday...NOOOO decorations..just trees. I have
that little black **#*# kitty. Sooooo, all is great, nothing, nada and I am like cool, he is not going to bother them.....
I look later and he has the 7.5 foot tree in HIS MOUTH and trying to pull it.
I guess he did not like it where we put it.
Don't know what that was about.
Water bottle time!!!
This morning he was growling at the big (10 ft) tree....
WHAT??? Try pulling that big boy!
Water bottle time...again!
I think I just may have lights on the trees and no ornaments...
cause I really do not want to commit murder!!
While at Michael's I am going to Pet Smart and see if they have alarms for trees!!
Wish Me LUCK....and Eli too.
Blessings for a wonderful day,

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  1. Oh that Eli! Yup, keep that water bottle handy. We're waiting to see if Dad goes back tot he nursing home today, so I hope to finish up some decorating and sewing late this afternoon or evening. What a weekend this has been! I know you'll do great at your show, love everything you've been showing us. Have a fun day running around, Dawn