Saturday, November 20, 2010

Howdy Folks...

I have been robbing all the greens from the parking lot of the grocery store. Yep Food Lion got their trees in the other day and all these trimmings were scattered about ...sooooo...I took 'em. My kitchen smelled great, of course they are dead now, but golly I miss that smell. I know they think I am NUTS...I am the one coming out from behind and inside of the trees before heading into the store. I just can't help's a sickness.
So in keeping with the season, here is Noel...a wool punch put-a-bout. I need to block it again.
This will hopefully be at the Open House this coming weekend.
I have just about finished "Sara's Stocking" and with Lori's help will have it released next week as a needle punch pattern, thank you Lori in advance!!!!!
O.K.......Lee is coming back home tomorrow, he has been gone since Wed. and I literally have my house turned upside down....and he calls and said that Chad and Roger are coming to the house before heading back to W.Va.....OMG...I reckin' it will be an all nighter for me!!!
My friends, with that said I am off to try and make heads and tails of my home, lets just say that it is dark and I still have furniture outside!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Everything you post is so darn interesting. It was so good to talk to you and I'm hoping that we actually get a chance to meet one of these days. Have a great weekend and hope you get your house back together! Dawn

  2. Hi Robin, love the wool punch. I want to give that a try someday, I have a long list of things I want to try.8-) I guess you noticed I got my chairs painted when Hubby was away, sounds like you made some accomplishments too.

  3. Robin, give me a call and come and stop by and cut some evergreens. We have lots!