Sunday, November 14, 2010

Those Famous Little Words.....

I think I will straighten this up...and YOU KNOW what happens next right??? Lord help us...o.k. after 6 hours and 7+ large black contractor trash bags I can FINALLY say that the home shop is looking like someone cares. Lee and I spent the whole day down there cleaning and throwing out stuff...please do not let me buy any more quilts, feed sacks, old textile...of ANY kind, ball jars, zinc lids and the list could go on and on. He says I have a problem, come on ladies WE ALL know how the feel of old fabric is comforting and the sewing projects that can be done with it are endless....right!!!!? Well, I admit, maybe I DO have a little problem...but the intentions are good. So...that was my Sunday, now I am heading back down to finish up some small stuff and start to work on some shop that I know what I have and where it is!!!! I must tell you something...please do not laugh...I have over 200 sponge brushes!!!! You know those little black paint brushes...yep he found bags and bags and then sat and counted the darn things...I think that is when HE diagnosed me with a problem! Normal...right?
Enough of that..below is just a couple Santa's at the shop...did not like my pictures I took. But we have SOOOOO much more to put out.

I will be traveling there towards the end of the week to deliver a lot more goods. We sure have had a lot of great help with you know what 4 women ALL with various stages of menopause are capable of? You had to be there this past Friday, it was GREAT. All various ages and stages of "life". But we all have one very important thing in common.....
Well, I am heading back down now. Tomorrow is booked up...Lee broke a tooth and has a dentist appt., and then we are heading to Bedford to deliver some goods to Bell's. Maybe he will let me go to the antique store while I am there??? Probably not, especially after today!!
Have a great evening ....


  1. 200 sponge brushes?! I didn't know those things could reproduce on their own! ha ha ha

  2. And what are you doing with those 7+ big black bags? I know women who would love to have an opportunity to go through those.......

  3. Lord Please help Miss Linda Parker, for she knows NOT what shes askin' fer'.... Please help her to refrain from over burdin' herself. and Lord please help her to NOT Covet Miss Robins trash bags...
    Thank You Lord! Amen.....

    Anonymously Yours,

  4. I need to do the same thing here! I have pulled out boxes of material, paint, embellishments... until I can't find anything! Maybe tomorrow??? Love your Santas, they are just great. Have a wonderful week, Dawn

  5. Sounds COMPLETELY NORMAL to me!!! ;)

    Carmen and the Primcats