Sunday, January 30, 2011


another Millstone design.This is a countertop Keeping Bin.
Yeah, I know it's not on my's a long way up there and then back down.
Soooo, I just snapped the pic. But you get the jist off it. You can see it is just a scant biggerthen the pie keep which is behind it. I really, really like this.
I can see it with old jars, cookbooks, pie tins...OR rolls, bread, cookies...
Whatever your heart desires to put in it!!
Whatcha think 'bout this one?
Yesterday Mr. Lee and I hit the wide open road...really do not know where the heck
I was.... I should pay more attention to detail!!!
But, we had a blast. We dug and scoured in boxes and bins....
Laughed until we almost cried...and cried.
He is the most awesome friend I could ask for...he never asks....
He just does....thanks honey!!
But anyway (sorry for the side track) we found...
Old handmade rakes,
old LARGE floor standing yarn winder
Great old blue doll cradle....SWEET!!
Shabby Chic White Shutters
old cookie cutters
4 vintage buntings
and the bestest part is we only spent about fifty bucks.
He has the "stuff" in his shop dusting it off and cleaning the wood down with
Liquid Gold...if you haven't used this stuff it's GREAT!!
We had a wonderful dinner at Briar those gift cards!!!
It was a great day and a MUCH needed day!!
I am LOVIN' this's almot 60 here today!!! WooHoo!!!!
Of course it will be 25 degrees colder tomorrow, but it's TODAY that matters!!!!!
Have a Blessed Sunday!


  1. I love your keeping's awesome!

  2. this is so cute... looks like a chicken bin :) Now if only i had room left on my counter top to put another thing! :)

  3. Robin, that is a great bin. Sounds like you had a fun treasure hunting day!


  4. Great looking bin and the uses for it are on-going.