Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Day Off.....

...and NEVER far from Mom is bestest helper??? in the world
Please pay no attention to the carpet in the home shop, sometimes I just can not
find that darn drop cloth!!
Next is my little man...Tinsley my other bestest helper.
They are both at my beckon call.

This is the dirtiest, grungy cheese cloth...turned out PERFECT...
even if HUBBY did do it!! woohoo he has learned a thing or two from me!!

This is our dry sink we have come up with...note Eli's "toys" in it...
balled up pieces of paper. There is a red one right behind it.

And this is our antique bed turned bench, before being painted. After it is dry
it will have a nice satin finish to it...I"ll show pics when done.
So that is what I did on my day off....what I love to do...
work with wood and stuff that stains your hands for weeks.
I had a pretty big scare last week...
it involved the "C" word....abnormal chest x-ray...
congestion of the lymph node in right lung is what they
called it....Cancer is what I called it.
Had a CT scan done....prayed a BUNCH!!!!!!
and it was NORMAL....a misreading of the x-ray with a very
big I am sorry followed!!!
The song Live Like You Are Dying.....I try and live that everyday
now. That was truly the worst 6 days of my life!!! Not knowing and trying
to keep up a positive attitude. Soooo...I am normal!!!???
Glad to know that!!
My friends....enjoy your day no matter what it may bring!
Have a good one,


  1. G'morning Robin,
    Here is another ebay offering of several pairs of little shoes...let me know IF you're still looking for them..I'm sorry you had such a bad scary're a pretty strong lady:)
    Thinking of you,~Gail

  2. Love the dry sink and your little helpers are adorable! So glad everything is ok!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, Robin! So sorry you had to go through such a terrible week. Can't even imagine everything that must have been going through your head! How is the shop doing? Still hoping to get to Ohio next week for the markets - can't wait!! I need some new inspiration and goodies for our open house. My creative juice have been flowing for spring and summer though. We'll talk soon, Dawn

  4. Robin - What a scary situation!! So happy to hear that it all turned out OK.
    Your new creations look wonderful! Love the pics of your helpers.

  5. Love your creations and your little helpers! I, too, have helpers -- especially when I'm trying to cross-stitch. Two dogs plastered to my side and one bad cat walking back and forth across my lap! Then he'll decide he wants to lay down on my pattern -- makes for an interesting way to relax and sew! Such good friends they are!
    So glad your tests came back in a good way! There is nothing worse than the waiting game....
    Have a happy day!

  6. Hi Robin,
    I love the bench and the dry sinks and the pictures of your babies. I am so sorry to hear that you have been ill but so very, very happy to hear that all is well. I know it was a terrible scare but thank goodness everything is going to be OK.
    Take care,