Thursday, March 31, 2011

Somethings Missing....

Hello friends...So glad you could stop by for a quick visit!!!

I will not keep you long as I have much to BILLS!!! YUK

I want to let you know that the EWM logo is missing from my side bar,

WHY you may ask.....'cause I am taking a break!!!!

My plate is sooooo full right now that I decided that

if I could not devote 100 percent to it then I needed to let it go.

For all of you that ordered...THANK YOU and if you EVER need

anything...just e-mail me!! I will be happy to replenish your "stuff".

Thanks for understanding....

have you signed up yet for the drawing???

I am so excited to be able to do this and I can't wait to get

MY hands on my copy of this magazine...I just ordered it the day before

I announced the give-a-way...I think that's how I came up with the idea if the truth be known.

My friends,

Have A Blessed Day....

and GOOD LUCK...

remember around 11 tomorrow...unless I have a customer!!!



  1. Oh I'm sorry to see you leave EWM. Maybe things will be better soon & you can come back. I know how busy it can get... am working on my offerings now that must be posted by tonight. :)

  2. Hey busy lady, hope you have a shop full of customers and the drawing can wait a little while longer! I sold quite a bit today (thank goodness), which always makes for a great day. Going to start some stitching tonight - no grandkids for a change! Have a good night, Dawn

  3. Every now and then we need to back off and take a break from what we are doing.
    I am so ready for that!!!