Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hold On...........

to your hat, bloomers,panties or anything else you don't wont
taken off!!! Wooo doggies we are windy here today!!
Nothing special going on so I thought I would show you one of my dream
homes...simple times in a beautiful setting.
Check Spelling After the last few days I could really use that.....sooooo
I want you to know that I have talked with the electric company on SEVERAL occasions...
they tell me that I owe the HUGE amount...can't tell me why, tell me I use
less electricity then what I am paying for, and if I come off the budget plan...
(which I was never on!!) I will only owe $555.91......
make sense to you???? Me neither, so I paid the 555 before they changed
their mind, now I have a zero balance with them....
until next
Old man winter is trying so hard to let us know that he is not fully done
with us folks yet....I am SO done with him!!
OOOPS...the buzzer sounded, gotta go...I am cooking potpourri and "stuff" today
at the shop.
Have a blessed and fulfilling day


  1. I want one too, one of those simple houses.. Love it. We started off windy today, but it has settled down a bit now

    Blessings, Traci

  2. Ohh Robin I feel for you! My hubby has been going rounds with the cable company, so he's already warmed up if you need back up :) So frustrating!! Mother nature is being quite calm here today, sunny but chilly. Wish she would make up her mind. Have a great day!!

  3. Robin, Love the house!!! Hold onto you skirt today!! OLM

  4. Old man winter isn't done with us yet either, it's only in the 20's here today. Only supposed to get up to about 31 for our open house Saturday - DARN!!! Talk to you soon, Dawn PS Love your dream house!

  5. Hope you have a blessed week too and stay warm...Never can tell about that Virginia weather...Love, Laura