Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick Trip with Lee

Hello Friends...yesterday (wed.) was my day off and Lee
and I hit the road. Not really...we went to Bedford to visit our friends
Rick and Amy...aka Bell's Treasure. Such a nice visit...Lee is doing some work for them
at the shop...think sweets and candy!! Amy is a baker!! and will be adding a sweets
treat shop. O.K. the finds...this small green early child's play chair.

I love this early child's play chair...I see a pattern here with the "child's stuff"...

and then this antique walnut and pine table and chairs. It's hard to tell
but the turned legs are awesome...and with chippy paint to paint!!

That's not all we got...a very early prim tool caddy...a salesman's sample
cast iron 3 legged pot, a great yellow egg basket, a very early box/lap desk...
where are the pics you ask...WELL I forgot to take them!!! The mind id the first
thing to go...right? Since they are making a trip with us I left them in the van
and Lee brought them home and "packed" them up.
What FANTASTIC weather we are having....and tomorrow is....
drum roll please.....
80!!! woohooo. But of course it will not last...
next week is a little cooler, but I know Spring does not arrive until
7:05pm on least Mr. Winter is not in sight!!!
So, Idol is off and I REALLY want to watch
Private Practice and then Off The Map...
so I will talk to you AFTER Date Night!!!

Have a Blessed Day tomorrow


  1. Hi Robin. Great finds!! I love chairs and especially child's chairs. The table is great too.
    Our weather is nice and warm, in fact warm enough for the ac to really sleep good. If the wind would just quit blowing so hard. At least it is not a cold north wind so I should be happy huh?
    Have a great day!!

  2. To work in the garden or to hook....that is the question!! Today, gardening won out. I just love kids' chairs. I think it needs a cute braided chair pad!

  3. Woo Hoo to you! Sure wish you could have come to Columbus. We had Carol's van packed to the ceiling and got the greatest stuff for the shop. Can't wait to do our "redo" for the open house next Saturday. One of these days you've GOT to meet us there! Love the new goodies you got too! Dawn