Friday, March 11, 2011

Hi Folks...

...we just got home from Date Night...boy they had a crowd there tonight!
This is the old tool box I got....large and really cool...see inside...the date in there is 1910 and is signed by Pat.
Here is the inside of the pie safe...old tin and cutlery box. Look at that old wood..
want to see the outside?????
Here she is in all her glory. Don't you just love that color?
This will head on our road trip next month to Kentucky.
Lee and I will both be at the shop tomorrow and if you are in the area...
please stop by and say hello....
and a big THANK YOU for making our first week such a
Have a Blessed weekend my friends,


  1. WOO HOO! Looks like date night was a big success. That pie safe is great and will fly out of your booth in KY. Wish I could stop in tomorrow to say "hello". Have a great ($$$) Saturday at the shop, Dawn

  2. Love the pie safe..... not sure I *LOVE* the color! hehe!

  3. Robin, Love it all!!! That pie safe!!! OLM

  4. Great blog! Hope to see you soon! Laura