Monday, March 21, 2011

~~~WHAT THE~~(use your imagination)

Hi...PLEASE excuse my language, but I am beside myself at the moment.
For all those out there that know me you know that I am a pretty
laid back person, takes a lot to get me angry or riled up.....
This is MY Electric Bill!!!! is NOT a misprint!!!! Seems a BIT much to me since last
month my bill was $267. They say that this is the balance left over
after a budget plan.....WHAT??? I never asked for a budget plan...
and even if I did they let this build for 4 years!!!! Still high if you ask me!
Sooooo.....I have been ROUNDS with people...not a machine and the bottom line is
drum roll please.....
I WON!!!!
woooohoooo for the little guy!!!
I do owe 500, but that is a far cry from thousands......
and there will never be a budget plan in this house
Thanks friends for letting me get this off my chest....and if you work
for AEP I am soooo sorry, but can YOU imagine getting this bill????
To top it off..I am already frazzled with tax head hurts!!
O.k. I will talk to you later....much love and thanks again,


  1. OMGosh Robin! We are on a budget plan and I just showed your post to hubby. Uh, he's gonna check into this so we don't get a surprised invoice like this in the mail one day. Thanks for sharing this with us hon. I'm so glad you got it sorted out and didn't have to pay all that money.

  2. OMG!!! Robin, by eye balls popped out with tht one! thankfully you won!!! That is a hell of a mistake! OLM

  3. Hi Robin, I am Angela, and just became a follower of your blog. I just started blogging in Jan, and still have lots to learn. I am visiting blogs and drumming up friends and followers. Would love for you to stop by Thur Nanas Window and follow back. Be sure to check out old post when you visit. WOW! I would have peed in my pants with a bill like that. So glad you won. Have a good evening.

  4. OMG! I think I would have had a panic attack if that had hit my mailbox!

    I too am on a budget plan, but the power company shows me usage each month and carries the balance forward. They reassess my payment every 4-6 months and adjust it accordingly. I've never had a problem. Hopefully I never will.

  5. Last week I received a similiar one for 436.00...
    we phoned and told them we never owed a remainder each each year as our budget sends a bill for any left over ...we would have been "shut off" if we did owe that we were not paying it!!! It was not ours...the lady took my message and said she would take care of it...~~~ we shall see!!!

    Hope you feel better tomorrow and can phone them with their mistake...
    Hugs, Gail

  6. If you were on a budget, your bill should have been the same every month, and on the 12th month, you should get a final bill or a check for any over-payment. It could never build up like that. I would be very careful when paying this bill. Make them give you a copy of the bills and payments for the entire 4 years they claim you owe for. Go over it carefully to see if it matches your records. Perhaps there has been some mistake in their record keeping! I am a utility clerk and mistakes this huge are extremely rare!

  7. Holy Smokes, I would have had a heart-attack for sure... Glad to hear you won the battle!

    Blessings, Traci

  8. You're right! What the ____??? So glad you won this fight. I've never seen anything so ridiculous. Talk to you soon, Dawn

  9. I just became a follower! I would have said What the-----outloud! I am not on a "budget" plan for this reason. Doesn't seem like much of a budget if you ask me. My utility company is ComEd...wish there were something else. It used to be that your heating bill was the biggest bill....the one you didn't want to open after retrieving it from the mailbox....NOW it is the electric bill! Rediculous and outrageous. I couldn't fathom a bill this huge!

  10. Take that bill to your local news station. They have people that look into things like this and fix them. Damn that power company. (My highest winter bill was $99.00 in Utah). Keep fighting it!!!