Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hi Folks...

I hope your weekend is going swell for you all. It has been a nice one in Virginia...
although SOMETHING is getting ready to bloom. My eyes are itching sooo bad.
O.K. I know you came for the "stuff" so here goes....note that this is NOT from Date Night...
This is soooo cool. It is an OLD child's doll bed...maybe...made into a foot
stool covered in BURLAP. Nice piece.
These are paddles and a hand forged 2 prong fork....

LOTS of tobacco sticks...white oak!! and this is not all of them

Old tobacco basket in perfect shape marked South Boston, VA, old berry baskets and carrier
and look at that OLD green washboard

and last is this early hand made tool box.

Lee had fun yesterday...I sent him out while I worked the shop.
All in all I think he did pretty good!
How is the weekend going for you guys?? Weather cooperating for you?
Mine is NOT ...cooler today by about 20 degrees!!!
By next weekend it is suppose to WINTER again. No snow just a lot COLDER...
I am so done with that.
We are off to go to the shop and OPEN today..surprise!! We will not
do this every Sunday but we have some things to do up there
so we figured to have the flags flyin' while we are there.
SOOOO...stop on in if you are out and about!
Until next time my friends....
Thank you for your visit to Millstone,


  1. WOWEEEEE! He did great!!! Love everything! Sun is shining here, but BRRRR.....cold again! Happy Spring!

  2. Oh wow! Yep, he done good! So whatcha gonna do with the tobacco sticks? I've still got a small bundle out in the garage I need to get worked. Just not enough hours some days!
    Enjoy your day!

  3. Lee did GREAT! Sure wish I could get my hands on some tobacco sticks - not much chance here in Michigan! Our temps are supposed to get cold again too - also more snow!!! I'm SOOOO over it - especially for our open house. Oh well, can't fool Mother Nature. Hope you have a great Sunday. Dawn

  4. Enjoyed visiting your shop yesterday. My sister made me a neat quilt rack out of tobacco sticks. Let me know if you want me to email you a pic of it.

  5. Hi Robin, Thank you for joining my blog. I think we are going to have alot in common, I can tell you love the old things, can't get enough of them myself, the older the better, scatches, dents, falling apart makes it better. Love the old stuff, gets in your blood. Will enjoy getting to know you. Love the old things pictured on your blog. Vicky