Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hi folks....how are you today? O.k. here we go...below is my crow pin...

whatcha think? It almost looks stenciled on the card, but I have made

Crow Pins...all packed and ready to travel. I am thinking maybe I should

make some more!!!?

I have these 2 things done FOREVER!!! I even put the house

on the blog as a free pattern...well I just to finishing mine

and I made them into magnets. These are on the frig at the shop.

And finally....I made these 2 shoo-fly covers These are on the smaller side, perfect for the smaller pantry cake!!! This was my day at the shop...other than starting a new needle punch, which by the way I have not done since LAST spring...kinda had to teach myself again, but I think you will like the end result. Before I let you go, do not forget to sign up for the give-away!!! Have a blessed evening, Robin


  1. Lovin' those crow pins and sho flies! They will FLY out of the shop. How are you doing anyway??? Dawn

  2. Robin, Love the crow pins! Oh the shoo flies, wonderful! I am so addicted to shoo flys! OLM

  3. Love the crow pin! I need one to go with my sunflower.