Thursday, May 19, 2011


....with HELP!! Good Morning. Yes sir I did survive my visit yesterday...
can't move today but at least I am alive to talk about it.
These little gems have been a life saver for me!!!! But I have to admit
I am just sooooo sore, and he said I would be...
I actually have a rib out of place, trust me it hurts just like you think it would.
But, he said he would have me all fixed up in about a week.
AND....last night was the FIRST time I did not use more than one pillow...
My neck feels soooooo much better! woohoooo!!!!

I am going to live....I think.  I go back tomorrow if I can stand it.

Thank you all for the orders of the Keeping Cloth Swags...I thought you would like them.
I will be placing another order for them the first of next week!!

The shop HAS FINALLY received all the new Prim Magazines!!!!
Do Not Forget to stop by and get yours before they are all GONE!!

My friends...THANK YOU for your time and your visit to Millstone
Please do come back and sit a spell when you have the chance.

Have a BLESSED Day,

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  1. So glad you survived! Dick has been going every day this week, his back is out - again! Have a great day, Dawn PS The shorts in the previous posts were short-lived. It is now back to the 50's and rainy. Darn!!!