Thursday, May 12, 2011

Go Ahead Blame It On......

ME!!!!!! Yep it's true...I did it. I hid the internet card, but WHO

could be mad at THIS face????

Hi Folks, how are you? Well it's true, Eli "took" my internet card and

I had one heck of a time trying to find out exactly where he finally

got tired of playing with it....I finally found it under the t.v. cabinet.

But like he said...with that face "ya gotta love him"!

So, here is the little pie safe that Lee made the other day...

made out of old rough cut poplar. He accented it with ole rusty tin.

There is a new show coming!!!!!!

It will be the same weekend as Simple Goods in Ohio...

Donna has not thought of the name yet, my idea was...

Traditions. She added Country so it may be

Country Traditions!

Will let you know all the info as soon as I know it!!

Well I am back to work...pouring up soap, wax melts and making

stack boxes!!

Loafer Mountain Primitives is BACK!!! WOOOHOOO

Tisha is a riot! The antics of Skippy will leave you in stitches! And what she does

with a snowman are GREAT!!!


Thank you for your phone call...that made my day!

Friends...thank you for your visit to Millstone, please come back!

Have a Blesed day,



  1. Thank You!
    I needed a swift kick in the rear... It was a Hoot talking to you too!
    Be nice to Eli, at least he left it in one piece......
    Tisha and Skippy...(Skippy has a Birthday in 3 weeks!) Party at our place! Whoot Wooo!

  2. I'm sorry, I simply don't believe that of Eli!! ;-)

  3. Poor Eli gets blamed for everything! BUT, glad you found your card and shared the pie safe with us. WONDERFUL - especially the rusty tin accents. Hope you have the best weekend ever!!! Dawn