Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Finally Got IT!!!! "NEW" screen door at my pantry opening.We looked for a long time for a "plain ole door" and finally found one that we liked...Lee put this up for me today while I was at the shop...of course I HAD to make the banner for it.

Excuse the mess, I was soooo excited to get it I quickly took the picture before cleaning.

So, how was your Saturday? Anything exciting happen? Other than the door not much has happened around here either.

Tomorrow we are heading out to Lori and Peter's for a nice relaxing dinner.....
Can Not Wait!!!!!!
Maybe by then the traffic will be all gone...4 colleges had graduation this weekend and that put an estimated 10+thousand people in our town this weekend! Great for restaurant owners, bad for us drivers!!

Have a blessed Sunday and thank you kindly for stopping by, please do come back.



  1. Oh, I love the door, Robin! It is a perfect fit. I know how the traffic can be - we live by Michigan State University! SUE

  2. Neat screen door! I've always thought about putting one at my pantry.

  3. Robin, Love the screen door and the banner on it. I use to have a screen door going into our bedroom. Had a cat and didn't want him in the bedroom. Looked neat and I got many comments on it. After my cat died took it down. At times wish I had left it. Love yours and I am sure you will enjoy it. Have fun tomorrow.

  4. Hi Robin, love the door!! I have an old screen door that I just love but cannot find a place to put it. I keep hanging on to it though.
    Have a nice Sunday!!

  5. Wow Robin, it is so awesome:) love it

    Happy Sunday to you and omgosh, another dinner with Lori and family, cool:)


  6. Hi Robin, Love the door idea for your buttery. Always wanted a buttery, no place for one. Thought about doing a hanging one over my window in the kitchen, I have seen that done before. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Vicky

  7. Awesome old screen door Robin! A really neat idea.