Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's NEW!!!...........

......The KEEPING CLOTH is HERE!!!!
I just LOVE this!  Swags, table topper, home accent...
just about anything you want!
I have chosen to carry the black and red stars for now.
I will probably carry the brown star at a later date.
This stuff is FUN! Kinda a cross between cheese cloth and tobacco cloth...
that has already been aged!!

So...whatcha doin?  I am SICK of rain!!!!  It teases me with 2 seconds
of sun...and then a down pour hits. I am beginning to mildew!
I am working on inventory for the next festival in a few weeks.
Today I will be playing in wax and glue!!

Tomorrow I go to the Chiropractor....have NEVER been before, kinda scared.
Pinched nerve, stiff neck and general pain in the arms....
Have ANYONE out there been before.....whats it like????
Will he hurt me???
Lee is making me the Guinna pig...he says if I survive he will go....

Thank you for your visit to Millstone and please come back.
Have a Blessed Day


  1. Love the Keeping Cloth! You will be fine - with all the pain your in, seems anything could help - good luck! SUE

  2. Love the cloth! Just relax just before you are
    adjusted, it makes it easier. You will be
    fixed up in no time.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. Robin, Love keeping cloth! Have a couple in the home already....

    Now on teh bone crusher, as I csll him... relax, I go once a month until lately. A good one should not hurt you and will give you relief. I had a pinched nerve in my neck several years ago, it takes a bit, but it will help! good luck! OLM

  4. Love the cloth! and the chiro will feel wonderful just make sure you relax not a thing to worry about I have went for years I find it relieving and comforting! I too am beginning to Mildew as you put it , am so ready for nice weather! enjoy your day , happy crafting!hugs
    lil raggedyangie

  5. Love the cloth! I love going to our chiro. so do my kids and they have been going since very little. They tell me when the need to get adjusted now and I take em in. Everyone is right just relax and you'll be fine :0)

  6. The cloth is great, but your new screen door on the pantry is fantastic!!! I've only had an adjustment once, but Dick goes every time his back gives him a hard time and loves it. We are having crummy weather here too - again! Last week it was in the 80's, now down to 50!!! What's up with this? Have a great week, Dawn

  7. Love the new curtain material. You will feel much better after you go to the chiropractor. Been going for over 20 years, always putting my rib back in when I pull it out, don't know how people live without them. Vicky

  8. Hi Robin, love the cloth!! And you will love the chiro!! I couldn't survive without massage therapy and chiropractor visits.8-)

  9. Hope you feel better after your visit to the chiropractor!