Sunday, May 22, 2011

Missed Me??

....I have missed you!!! But I have also been a little busy making fences
and banners

Painting and stenciling colonial pantry boxes, covering journals, making door flags 
and covering extra small "pocket" books.

Things have just been a bit crazy the last few days!!
Our weather is still screwy, my mind has been going in a thousand
different directions and I am still very sore from the Chiro.
Are WE sure this is going to help??? 
I just want to feel GOOD again!!
I am not asking to feel like I am 20 again, heck at this point I would
settle on 40!!!!

Well friends... I think I am going to head off to bed...
Tinsley is telling me he is ready to go, Eli is patiently waiting to ambush the
first one to the steps and Lee has started to turn things off....
Yep, it's time!!!

Thank you for your visit...until next time....


  1. Hope your feeling better soon!!!!!

  2. You have been one busy girl! Hope you start feeling good again - I'd settle for 40 TOO! I love your fences, wish I could get tobacco sticks up here. Are you getting hit with bad weather? Stay safe, Dawn