Friday, May 6, 2011

Introducing.....A New Door Flag

Good evening...I HATE this new blogger
I just can't figure it out!!!  Anyway...this is my new Door Flag....complete with these "wonderful" grommets.  Just hang with the safety pins and you are all set.  Just saw them here first!!!!!  Hopefully I will be able to get a few more made by Uncle Billy's Day, which is just a few short weeks away!

The shop has been busy, which is a good thing!!  I am trying really hard to get caught up from the two weekends away, do you have problems getting caught up??

On this Mother's Day weekend I want to wish all of the Mom's a very very
Happy Mother's Day!!!!   I asked for a trip to Fishersville and that is where Lee is taking me Sunday...LARGE antique show there this weekend....Hey some good stuff for me...I can't get there till Sunday...unless I close the shop tomorrow....mmmmm....NO I will be open.  

Have a great evening and I will show you what we got at Date Night later this weekend, I tried to spend less and have more for Sunday.

Have a beautiful Saturday....and THANK YOU for your visit to Millstone.



  1. Lovin' your "prim" door flag. That should fly out of the shop. Did you have some fun on date night? Can't wait to hear about the antique show. Have lots of fun and take some pictures!!! Dawn

  2. Great banner, Robin and hope you have a good time at the show..Have a blessed weekend! Laura