Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Almost Too Late...

 To show off my flowers...bushes.  They were so pretty when they first bloomed.

I am getting the shop in some kind of order and working on banners today!
The new ones will be Sweet Annie, Buttery, Wool and Crow Gathering....
Hopefully I will show some pics by the end of the week.

So my friends what are you doing this fine day....
wish I had more sun than clouds out my window
But it is WARM!!!!
Hopefully we will not get any strong storms this evening,
our weather is not looking all that great!! I guess we will have to batten down the hatches again!

Hope you are safe and well.
Thanks for your visit and please come sit a spell any time.



  1. Robin, your shrubs look beautiful!! I'm working on signs myself. Just cut wood for the new stencils I got yesterday. I got Wool as well. Guess it's a popular one :) Have a great day!


  2. Wow Robin your flowers are beautiful...if only they would come out here it would feel a bit like Spring...we just have buds and it's cold.

    Have a wonderful day...hubby went golfing so it's just me and my self.


  3. Your flowers are so pretty! I can't wait until we get some up here!!! Almost time to start digging in the dirt - if it ever warms up. Have fun with your new projects, Dawn

  4. Beautiful bushes! The colors are wonderful. It is still Yucky Gloomy here in Michigan and it's still cold to boot. The leaves are starting to come out but the tulips aren't even doing well - Uhg! Can't wait to see the shop! SUE

  5. Haven't the azaleas been gorgeous, this year? I just finished getting my veggie garden planted and mulched. I don't know whether to hoe or hook!!
    I still have a few more garden projects to finish. I just love this time of year!

  6. Hi Robin, Beautiful!! Stay safe!!