Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gifts from Tisha

Good morning friends, how are you? Well, I am feeling better...
for a while any way. I invited our Chiro. Doc over for some food on Monday
'cause I feel like by then Lee and I will be in so much pain we will need him!!
Of course he just laughed and said take it easy....does he know Lee???
He gets those wild hairs and it is Katey bar the door and watch out!! AND he has
a long weekend....guess he will me and the animals swinging from the
chandelier by the time it's all over with.

Take a look at what Tish...Loafer Mtn. Primitives...sent me yesterday!!!!

What a beautiful gift and friend!!  That is a hand made pillow
"The Hands of Friendship"
a cute sign to hang
awesome basket
and some wonderful scented potpourri
I LOVE it ALL....Thank You Tisha.
If you scoot over and read some of Tisha's older post you will be in stitches...
Skippy has GOT to be Eli's twin!
What she does with a snowman will have you in stitches!!!
Come on now Tish....I miss you!!!!

Friends, have a blessed day and thank you for your visit...


  1. Robin, that is a wonderful box of goodies!!!! OLM

  2. Just thought I'd brighten your day a little!
    and let you know that I really Treasure you Friendship.

    Hugs to you,
    Tisha and Skippy!

  3. Great new goodies Robin! Just wanted to tell you how much I always enjoy our chats and can't wait until we can really meet one of these days. Have a fun and safe 4th! Dawn