Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FOR SALE: Small Sewing Drawer..NOW SOLD

Good evening...I have decided to offer this sweet, small sewing drawer up for sale.
It is 4 inches high and 2 1/4 inches high. It includes a "mended" hat pin, wooden
Coates and Clark spool with thread and a replica needle card...made by me.
On top of this little box is an antique strawberry with a rusty safety pin. I am offering it for
$23.00 plus travel fees. If anyone is interested, please e-mail me at and in the subject line please put Sewing Drawer.
I will be on the computer for awhile yet, after that it will be some time tomorrow before
I am back checking e-mails. Thanks for your interest, this in the ONLY one I have
as of right now.
P.S. The drawer itself is not antique, it is one have painted
and antiqued


I have LOST It

Before I begin let me introduce my little man...Tinsley.He stole our heart from day one. But ya gotta admit, he has the right idea...just curl up
and take a nap.
O.K., I have finally lost my the home shop. I am not afraid to say that I am nuts. Actually I am rather proud of's gotta be a rather small group of us who will admit to being crazy. I did find my frame...was it hidden, covered over with something or down so low I couldn't see it. NOOOOO. It was right in front of me in my sewing chair!!! I know your asking "how could she not see that? Well, I am using the excuse that because the chair was actually pushed up under the sewing table, and not sticking out in the middle of the floor where it usually is, that I just did not see it. Whew! I found it!! (Doin' the happy dance) So, with that I am on the hunt for some wooden frames that will hold some needle punch finishes. Any idea on where to start to look? I know that they have been painted barn red and they were in a bag. There are only a thousand bags down there to hunt through. Sooo, I figure that when I do find them, I will have lost the punch work that goes on them...and so the cycle continues!!
I did find some things I was looking for though...some more new a bag, some needle a bag and even some a bag. See, I told you "I am the bag lady". Today my goal is to actually look in all the bags and put stuff away!!
Thought for the day...there are 13 steps going down to the home shop, and I go up and down those steps at least 20 times a day,why then do I not have "buns of steel"? LOL
Have a great day!
Many Blessings from Me to You.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Burlap Pocket

Good morning to you. Hope that all is well. Here is the star burlap pocket,complete with sunflowers and a crow. Excuse the mess around it, I have furniture piled
up everywhere!! Not to mention that this is my husbands side of the basement, my side actually looks worse!! I cleaned out part of the "cook room" at the shop and brought all of it to the home where to put it. I have wax and soap molds everywhere!! Not to mention all the oils, stencils and paint. Will I EVER be organized...probably not...just want to be able to move around a little...that's not to much to wish for. I think I will make that my winter project, get the home shop back in shape...I need a bigger basement!!! Or less fabric, wool. paint, and the list goes on and on. O.K., O.K. I admit, I am a hoarder when it comes to "stuff" I might use (one day). I collect it and store it...mind you I can never remember where I stored it at, but I KNOW it must be in here somewhere. I want to start a rug hook, but for the life of me I can't find my frame, I know I have one, but where in the **** is it? I guess something has been placed on top of it and I am just not seeing it!!LOL Today I shall find it, or find something else that I have been looking for!! I hope I am not in this "boat" by myself. Do you have a problem keeping your creative space nice and neat. I look at magazines of other people's "space" and there's is sooo organized, how in the world do they do that? I wish they could teach me their trick! But I guess this is one of those things I shall have to figure out for myself. Maybe I will post about my personal journey of trying to get it all by day. Today being day 1...The Quest to Find My Frame, the story will continue tomorrow.
Have a great day.
Blessings from Me to You,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Bloomer...What Is It?

What is this LARGE thing that is growing? We were told it was a Mole Bean Plant, someone
else said it was not, sooo what is it? You can see the gourds are growing and the decorator corn is comin along...but we NEED rain. This large whole in the ground is where the previous owners
had a pool, we decided to take it out. Now we use it for fun stuff...corn to dry, gourds to
use in the fall and tomatoes...which are pretty dead!
This is my flower "bed" The old bed was a gift from a friend. These tomatoes look great and the morning glory just started to grow one day, it's looking good. In here we have several tomato plants, our dolphin statue some ferns and lambs ear.
I hope that someone can tell me what that large free bloomer is in the first picture.
Thanks in advance!!
Blessings from the olde home.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Picking Treasures

Howdy!! Hope your Saturday was enjoyable. Lee and I went out for a while this afternoon
and this is what we found. Above...Lee likes bottles, so he found one he liked, a sweet enamel cup, 2 neat rakes...and of course a couple yards of fabric. No shopping is complete without some new fabric.
Look at the churn!! Love 'em. All the "guts" are inside and all works. This will go to the show with me in July. The little wooden item on top is a cottage cheese maker. I love it. This is being added to my collection. I have it over a crock, just like they used them.

Then I found this cool floor cloth...for $2.00. I had a picture of the bottom of the cottage cheese maker...neat screen on the bottom, but I deleted it by mistake...sorry. We went for ice cream, by the orchard...the BEST peaches at Saunder's Orchard. And then we went for a Fried Chicken Salad Sandwich at Mountainview Market. These are truly THE best sandwiches. Had a lot of fun spending some quality time together.
Last night was date night, but the auction was light. Not much there. But we still had fun. It's always good to see friends.
Hey Lori..if you read this please know that we have left a couple messages for Peter. I know he is busy outside and I am on the computer, but we will catch up with him. Lee wants to talk to him about a sheep...go figure!!! LOL
Blessings from Millstone.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Too Hot

Good evening friends. I had my camera this morning, but for the life of me at this moment I can not find it. OH MY GOSH it's hot here. It was not this hot while we were on vacation, add the humidity on top of that...and do you know what that does to naturally curly hair??? I look like Fifi the poodle...or some crazed maniac. Still moving pretty slow, trying my best to get back into the swing of things....not fun!! I keep telling myself that tomorrow will be better, but somehow it just isn't. I think that I may have a touch of the Lazy's, caught it while laying on the beach I guess. Cousin Lynnette called from West VA. and said she is still hearing drums from all the music they played. And to top that off her aerobic instructor leaves Saturday for the Dominican, SHE WAS NOT HAPPY to hear that. Not that she enjoys working out, but she really wants to go on another trip.
I am in the process of packing up some of the store, will be working out of the home shop full time. I did not realize how much stuff I have up wonder I can never find what I am looking for at home! The house that Millstone calls home is on the market to be sold, so I am devoting my time now to the shows and moving. I have a very good and dear friend that has been after me to come back "home" where I started, and after much soul searching I have decided that I would. Maybe one day I will have another shop of my own, but for now I am not looking to. Ginger has been after me since I left to come back "home" and so hopefully by the first of September I will be back in Bedford, Va. This will free up my weekends so that Lee and I can can spend some time together and hopefully will enable me to create more. I will also be on the lookout for space closer to home, as it takes me about 1 hour to get to Bedford. And, we will start building our shop in the backyard...that will be REAL close. Hopefully in 6-12 months it will be finished. Millstone will have a permanent place to call HOME. YEAH!!
Well, I hear the wonderful (?) sound of the lawn mower so I better go help...or at least take Lee something cold to drink.
Have a blessed evening...stay cool

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Gift

Hello...remember me?? It feels pretty good to be back home, although I must admit I do miss those "blue" drinks!! and the beach and the sun...o.k. so maybe I am not totally glad to be home but one thing is for sure...I have my puppies home with me now and all is right with the world. I so miss them when I leave. They have slept pretty much since we got them home and Tinsley was so glad to assume his spot in our bed...he sleeps in the middle ya know.
What a suprise when I returned...I was gifted the above items from a wonderful lady...
Donna from Sweet Prairie Dwellings. I just love everything she has HAND MADE! She has such talent. Thank you again Donna for the wonderful that night light.
O.K. what am I going to do today? Not really sure at the moment, but I sure have a list of things that need to be done...laundry out the wazoo, some errands, general picking up, and some inventory for the shop and get ready for the first show. I need a vacation!!!!!! Oh yeah and unpack the suitcase. I HATE to usually takes me about a month before it is done. I just kinda unpack as I need it!!LOL.
Hello to all of my new friends that are still enjoying their vacation. Most of the couples that we met were staying at the resort...Occidental Grand Punta Cana...for 2 weeks as they have traveled from a long way...Switzerland, Russia and different spots in Europe. Must be nice to be able to do that, but most were on their honeymoon. Very nice people and such a variety of cultures but we were all the same in one way or another.
Enjoy your day...whatever it is that you have to do.
Many Blessings,

Monday, June 21, 2010

Back in the USA

This is our resort...or part of it. It was beautiful!!
And as promised...Blue Drinks...and a Red-Eye for Lee
These were awesome drinks!!

This is Lynnette and I swimming in the Caribbean Sea at a private beach. We had just finished a safari up into the jungle...AMAZING!!

This was actually very early in the morning at our resort...Don't you just LOVE that view? Oh, how I wish I was still there.

Another view of our beach at the resort. If you ever want a place to go and totally relax, please visit Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. We had the MOST amazing time. From the safari to the catamaran trip to the most amazing island...where by the way we renewed our wedding vows....island style...which means a bath in beer!! I was sooo glad the ocean was close! I have 200 plus pictures...but with these chosen few, you get the idea of our week in paradise.
Now, it's back to the drawing board and the real world.
Hope you all had a blessed week.
Many Blessings,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Few Finishes Before I go

The latest little dolls and one cat were finished before I head out. They are just little make-do sock dolls. I have stuffed them with clean rags and fabric scraps. I finished the horse needle punch, will post that when I get home.
I am headed to finish packing and do a few last minute things.
I wish you all a very happy week!
I will have a great week as long as my nerves calm down...I am NOT the best flyer
there ever was.
Again, have a safe and happy week and I shall talk to you in a little over a week.
Many Blessings,

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Happy Thursday...quick post before going out to eat. You will not believe what happened...I broke a tooth..o.k. chipped a tooth right before vacation!! I did get into the dentist this morning to have it fixed...WHEW!!! I was sweating bullets. It was not very large, just a corner of a front tooth, but still I wanted it fixed. Why do these things happen right before you get ready to go somewhere? Well, I said it would be quick, hubby is ready to go get some Chinese food. Will talk to you later. Probably Saturday, and that will be my last post for a while. night tomorrow night. And after about 4 p.m. tomorrow, I officially start my vavcation...Lee started his today at lunch...the dog!
Many Blessings....the blog background went wonky on me...I had to delete it, will fix it later.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Official...I am Packed

O.K. well maybe not all the way. I still have the last minute "stuff" to include. But I have the important things packed...a book, flip flops, lotion, drawing pad and of course a deck of cards. Yeah, I got some clothes included also. Seems like this year is my brown or black year. It's like everything I own is either brown/black or a combination of the two. I have opted for casual resort wear, not to dressy but not the beach bum either. I did buy a new game to take with us, Bananagram...has anyone played this before? I thought it looked pretty cool. Kinda like a crossword puzzle. Don't know what the t.v. will be like so I thought we may need a game. Although they have bands on the beach at night so I am thinking that's where I will be!! Along with a "blue" drink in one hand, or maybe in both..who knows.
No...I did not include a picture of the packed suitcase, the room is still a mess. I had to unpack the thing before I could pack it. Seems like that is where I stored some winter stuff, no wonder I could not find that jacket!!lol It's pretty sad when you have to resort to packing an unused suitcase to store stuff thinks I need to go through my clothes and get rid of a LOT of clothes. Maybe that will be the first thing I do when I return from our right. I know me, I will re-load the thing and tell myself I will do it later. I know! I can use the clothes as stuffing for dolls, etc. Yeah, that's it! Now I do not have to get rid of them!! Whew..I am so glad I solved that problem before I left, now I won't have to worry my whole trip about the clothes that are laying around and what to do with them....RECYCLE them!!
So glad I have that under control. Well friends, I must go hold down a tanning bed and do just a little running around and then I will come home and get the house straight...again.
Have a blessed day.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Green Horse?

Yep he is green. And I ran out of thread on his butt!! Gotta go get more. He has been at a stand still for a few days as I have been busy doin' other stuff! I am still debating on the background I WILL decide.
It is run-around day for I still have not packed...Lee packed in five minutes yesterday.
Now he is running around bragging that HE is ready to go. I'll get around to it...but I am so enjoying working with all the new make-do wood items that I have designed. I will give my husband a lot of credit...I design it, he builds it and then returns it back to me to "finish", without him and his power "toys" it would not get done. I love playing with the brad nailer, but the big saws...that is another story...I kinda like my fingers where they are!!!LOL
Hopefully this week Lori(Not Forgotten Farm) and I will get a day trip in as our vacations are back to back...when I return she will be leaving. And 2 weeks without shopping just 'aint gonna happen!!! We so enjoy scavenging for finds. We always manage to "get into" something. But most of the time we don't talk about that!!! Let's just say that my wonderful husband REALLY loves me...although most of the time he looks at me like I am crazy anyway!! But like I have said before...what works in my head doesn't always work on paper...or wood.
Have a fantastic Monday filled with smiles and sunshine.
Blessings to you all.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Little Boxes

They are finally dry and not tacky!! I guess it was the humidity. They have been tied with jute and have some dried sweet annie on top. I used a black stain on the inside. We have been in the home shoppe all morning...sanding, painting, staining and now I am in the clean up stage! You would not believe the mess I have, at one point I couldn't find my paint brush...complete with paint on it...found it upstairs in the pantry...but that is another story!!lol
Hope your Sunday is blessed,
I am back to the home shoppe.
Until tomorrow,

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Good evening to you. I am high as a kite!! I guess I should ventilate my shop a little better before I use the spray texture paint...huh? Now ya tell me. Yippie...I got a set of small pantry boxes painted, sanded and finished. They are still a little tacky, I will show 'em to ya tomorrow. My gosh it was hot here today, and they keep calling for some rain, but we still have not received any. My poor tomato plants, they were lookin' a bit wilted and the fountain was almost dry. Took forever to water everything. I have designed a few more wood items and as soon as I get them built and finished...hopefully by show time...I will post them. I really enjoy working with the wood and have missed it. The door boards have been painted, just need to stencil them and the fabric has been cut for the boxes...they are ready for glue. Lee isn't feeling to good this evening, he has a headache and his stomach hurts...he can't get sick!! We fly out next Sunday...I hate the thought of taking this trip without him..LOL!!! That would never happen. Still haven't packed...maybe tomorrow or Monday. I did go and get my hair shaved off! No really I did. It is just VERY short and spikey on top and the sides are shaved down. The perfect tropical doo! I will not be taking a hair dryer!! or iron!!

Well my friends, Lee's headache is contagious...or it's the paint, but I am off to find some Tylenol and then relax for a while before it all starts all over again!

Have a blessed evening (what's left of it)


Friday, June 4, 2010

New Furniture

Good evening. Sooo, how was your Friday? Mine was HOT. The past couple of days have been really really hot. This is one of my new cabinets, just needs a little sanding. Hopefully she will be ready for sale or display by the end of Aug.
I am getting really excited about our upcoming trip. We (Lee and I) are on count down now. When I booked this trip last August, I did not think that June would ever get here and now that it is, I am NOT ready. I have a pile of clothes in one of the guest rooms...waiting to be sorted as to what gets packed and what stays home. I just keep piling clothes up knowing full well that I will not be taking half of what's on that bed. I am definitely only taking ONE suitcase...I can't afford to have 2 lost much less pay for both of them. And my funny?? husband suggested we take only one and split it...aint' no way!!! The way he packs he could use a Wal-Mart bag...but you know us women...we take A LOT of stuff, whether or not we wear it is another story!! But you can never be to prepared...that what I am thinking when I pack.
Tonight was date night...and we actually went out for dinner and then to the antique mall. Gosh they are high!! I try to find the 50 percent off booths or at least 30 percent off. I did not find anything that I could not live without on this trip. Oh well, maybe next time.
On a sadder note, I have lost my business partner and sister-in-law Jan. She has decided to return to the "real" world of working. I wish her much success in all that she does. Sooo, I am busy making wares for the shows and the shop and for the future shop/booth coming up in late Aug to early Sept. Maybe one day I will get caught!!!
Well my friends, have a blessed evening.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Do You Like?

I was asked yesterday by Donna (Sweet Prairie Dwellings) what I liked...I almost could not answer her. I love anything that is old and was "used" back then. I call my house primitive...MY style of primitive...with stuff everywhere. Some people call it country and yet some call it a mess, but it's my mess!! I read the post on Jen's blog (Taylor's Farmhouse Attic) and really was amazed at what a person would say about someone's home. True, I do not have the off white walls...I LOVE COLOR. True again that my house is NOT sparsley furnished as it was way back when...not all houses were, but it is my love of things of olde that tug at my heart and make me want to all!! How could you leave something behind that you truly loved just because it will mean that there will be "too much"? My home is full, but that does not mean that I will not find"the perfect piece" to add to my collection. Will I pass it up? Not on your life, it will come home with me and be displayed with pride. Almost every piece that I have I can tell you where it was from and what it was used for...and I feel very honored to have history in my home. So with my mix of primitive, colonial and country I am happy and you can tell that my home is full of love. Your home is beautiful Jen, keep collecting!
O.K. The post title...What do you like? I have already said I have a mixture of prim and colonial with a lot of collecting going on...what's your home like? Do you have that one thing that no matter how many you have you still need more of ( still my heart).
I am working in the home shoppe today...lots of painting still needs to be done and I will also be working on the horse pull toy needlepunch.
Here's to finding the perfect piece and happy collecting what's in your heart.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1851 Pull Toy

Greetings to you all. On the hoop...a horse pull toy. Just don't mind the little check coming through, don't know what that's about!! I think it may have been an area that I was going to shade but have since changed my mind. (go figure) Soooo, how was your Memorial Day? We had the pleasure of having the Brechlin's for a cookout. I so enjoyed their company, nothin' fancy just plain folk here. And let me tell ya, Hannah can make THE best brownies I have EVER eaten.
Lee talked about them until we went to bed!! Honey, you can bake brownies ANY time you want!! You may not know it, but Lee is now your best friend. You have his heart!!!
I love having a gathering where you really don't have to do anything but enjoy the company.
You know the kind...where you don't have to play "hostess" and wait on people. At this homestead friends are family.
This week will be spent finishing up some projects that are screaming to be done and cleaning up the home shop is always a disaster. I can keep the house relatively (lol) clean but when it comes to my shop...forget it. I will be getting all the finished goods separated and priced and maybe even boxed up for the show...hey Lori it's only 8 weeks away!! Yikes, I am not ready. There is so much I still want to do and you don't EVEN want to be in my head!! There are so many things running around in there that I can't even figure out what to do!!
Well my friends, I am off to go and start my day, I think I have had enough coffee now that I can function relatively sanely.
Have a blessed day,