Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Up To My Ears In.....

Yeah it's that time of year again (finally)
when the fresh pumpkin soap is made.
And just a few minutes ago I poured up
pound #12.  Yep 12 pounds of soap.

And I made a mistake in the last post...
This is Jerrie"s shop...the other photo
in the last post was the back of her home...
Still, I love it and the inside...like I said AMAZING!

I have a local show this weekend...
The Annual Sorghum Festival.
I am so looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Please come join us if you can.

Well, I thought I was going to do some dying this morning...
HECK...it's raining...again!

Plan B will be put into action...
run the vacuum
clean the bathroom
mop some floors
do "real" laundry...

Have a great day.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dear Santa....

This is what I want for Christmas!!!
This is PERFECT!

Howdy Folks...we are still in Kentucky 
and after an amazing day in the KY SUNSHINE
I don't want to come home.
Perfect weather and friends old and new!
Enjoy the few pictures I chose for the post.

Good stuff!

The second picture is of Jerrie's shop, both inside and outside
were just awesome.

I will be back here next year and if you want a nice trip
this is one to take.

I will be home Sunday
at the shop on Wed.

This weekend coming up is the Sorghum Festival...
shop will be

New Judy Condon Books are now in and
available at the shop!!!

Have a great day

Monday, September 19, 2011

I Have Been So Bad.....

as a Blogger that is! 
Hello to you all and please forgive my absence.
Just been a weeeeee bit busy!!

Well, we finished the show at Notforgotten.
Here is a small sampling of out humble booth.

Thank you to all of our wonderful friends that came out!
We were a little frantic with some light drizzle, but all turned
out well!!  The sun even came out for a bit.

Say hello to our hostess for the day...
Thanks Lori for a wonderful day and show.

We are now ready to head to Kentucky this weekend.
Believe it or not, I am actually ready for the show...
Imagine that!

The weather here has finally decided to cool down a bit, could even be cooler for me,
but I am sure over the next several moths I will have my share of cool weather.

Well, I have kept you long enough...
Thank You for your visit.
Have a great evening.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


DO NOT attempt to adjust your computer...
what you are about to view is real
no one was harmed in the making of these pictures!!

Can you BELIEVE this?  This is my Eli...big boy...
Monkey Butt..(do not ask)

And THIS is how he prefers to be groomed

with a BROOM!! Yes you heard me right.
He hates the little brush and he loves the broom,
so you can imagine how hard it is for me to sweep the floors.

Now, comes Sassy...my Jack.
Also know as "Girlfriend"
You thought Eli was weird...
Just look at this.....

Yes.. you see it right. SHE wants to be vacuumed!
You can't turn the thing on without her laying in the way.

Soooo, between Eli and Sassy, it's really hard to clean...

uhmmm....that may explain the excess dust critters laying around!

Good night friends and have a great day tomorrow.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Stephens City Show....

What a wonderful time we had in Stephen's City, which
is near Winchester, VA.
Brenda and Marlene are excellent hosts for the show!!
They really made us feel welcome and completely at home.
Here is "part" of our wares..

And here is Mrs. Donna
aka...Southern Star Antiques
She had THE MOST amazing bittersweet box!!!!

and next we have Cecilia
aka Hen House Primitives.
LOVED her little red table! But I do not think
I got it in the picture, was good trust me.

Eli was so glad to see us...He WAS a big old love muffin...
until this morning...now he is back to Mr. Touch Me Not!!

Playing catch-up today...you know the drill
chasing dust bunnies
running the sweeper
it's a NEVER ending cycle.

This weekend is the Gathering of Primitive Friends Show at:
Notforgotten Farm
3530 Tye River Rd.
Amherst, VA
Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!
The shop will be closed FRIDAY AND SATURDAY...

Have a blessed day.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Hillsville Experience...

Mornin' folks!!!
Last we talked I was headed to Hillsville, VA for the
annual Labor Day 4 day GIANT flea market....
What a blast!!!  I will be a regular there from now on.
There are roughly 5 huge fields and wall to wall vendors of

This is the van all loaded for home...
I actually shopped the wheels of one of those metal shopping
carts and had to buy another.

This is the grain bin that I found and I LOVE it!
But I did not buy anything for the homeplace...it will go
to a show. 

                                          This is the coolest cabinet...it is
a beautiful Robin's Egg Blue
Kinda on the Folk Art side...
but look at the drawers...they are made from old
cheese boxes!!!

And the last pic is of the majority of
great items we found. What you can't see are the old
carriers, boxes, cutters and some misc. stuff that we still
need to go through.

Yep, the mister and I had a blast...
we literally

The SHOP will be CLOSED this THURSDAY!
and this is the weekend that the shows will start for us
please join us at:

A Harvest Gathering
5960 Valley Pike..Miller House Furnishings
Stephens City, VA

Have a great day!!
until later...