Sunday, November 27, 2011

Glad To Be HOME........

But I sure do miss this!!  We all had such a wonderful time,
You just can not beat spending time with family!

We shopped and ate wonderful food and shopped,
walked on the beach and did I mention that we shopped?!!

Now Lee and I are getting ready for Mrs. Donna's show!
WOO HOOO, we ALL know Donna really knows how to put
on a wonderful show.  Thanks to everyone who called checking
to be sure we would be at the Christmas Show...
You bet your boots with bells on that we will be there!!

Dec.2 PARTY!! and Preview from 6-8
Dec 3 Show runs from 9-3
We will have treasures from Ohio-South Carolina
old, older, new and everything in between!!!
(Hope you like BURLAP!!)

Well, the pups are home and Eli is in my face!! Such a moocher
when we get home...this is his longest time being by himself,
her survived and played in all the lower cabinets!!  all the doors were open.

Have a great evening
and to my local gals...don't forget Millstone will be
(make sure you come to the show for your prim Christmas wares)


Thursday, November 24, 2011


What a beautiful start to this day...

We...Lee, Dad, Mom Virginia and I are at the beach
for Thanksgiving. 

Please have a blessed day with Family and Friends
and enjoy the leftovers!!!!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just A Thought....

But I really think FOLK says it best...

If you have not seen this magazine you are really missing out!!
Ben does a fantastic job!!

Millstone is actually featured in the Christmas issue....
Pumpkin Soap.
SOLD OUT at Simple Goods
and Ben just placed an order for some Christmas Soap
for the Folk Store.
I am honored to say the least!!

This has been such an exciting and growing year for
It's hard to believe that the shop has been up and running for almost
a year...where did the time go??
But the best part and the most exciting part of the year was
We have truly met some of the most amazing friends along our journey.

It's getting a little mushy in here, so I will let you go.

Have a great night and a Fantastic tomorrow!!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Just Some Pics....

...from around the shop..
this piece is actually from my home,
it is from the old high school in Lynchburg
square nails and heavy!!

This is my wall of apple crates
that hold all of the Cross Roads Candles...
Butter Maple Syrup

Love this old door less pantry,
great place for the Family Heirloom Weavers!!

And last...we have the beginning of Christmas.

I am glad to be home this weekend, although we have nothing
planned, not EVEN Date Night!!
To cold and Lee wants to hunt in the morning.
When it turns cold I become even more of a home body.
There is just nothing like the fire, covers and my little loving....
Seriously...YOU thought I would say Eli???

Friends, have a cozy evening with your special someone..
and say  thank you a Veteran!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Home Again...

What an AMAZING show.
My hat goes off to Donna for putting together

From the set-up to packing it all up...
this show was perfect.  The line of people waiting to get in
was awesome, they actually ran inside the building.

Thank you again Donna for letting Millstone be a part of this

Now for some more news...
Millstone's Pumpkin Soap made it's
debut at the Simple Goods Show under
the private label of FOLK Magazine.
I am honored...Thanks Ben!

AND last Thursday was my 51st birthday and do you know
what Lee gave me....besides getting me to Ohio safely?
A box of Morning Glory Stuffing! woohoooo!!!
Cathy and I went Hobby Lobby Thursday Night after dinner
and I found it there. It will be used in moderation cause I can not find
it here local.  He really gave me tomorrow
I will go shopping...for what I do not know but I WILL go. 

I got to finally go to Linda Miller's...
Miller House Antiques...
WOOOOOW!  I have never seen anything like that.
The house and the shop are both beautiful!  I want to say to Linda
Thank You for my birthday gifts!!!

Friends, I am heading to play with Eli...he is the sweetest thing when
we get home...but it wears off quick!

Thank you again Donna for letting me be part of
"American Traditions".
You rocked it this weekend!!!!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One More Thing To Pack....

And isn't it a "purtty" thing??
We picked this up on the way back from Maryland
last weekend.

Now we are almost packed and ready to leave for Lancaster Ohio
in the morning. Really looking forward to this show...
all the santas, candy canes, and snowmen are all packed up
and hoping for new homes.

The blue blanket box pictured secretly told me that it hopes
to end up in my house!!! lol  NOT
It's gotta go also.

Friends, I still have a few last minute things to get
stuff pillows
sew pillows
wash a few things
pack clothes

Yeh, I better get my behind in gear...
meeting Donna and Don in the morning in Lexington
hooking up with Kathy there also and I

Have a Fantasic weekend...I will take pics and post just as soon as I can.

Blessings to you all,