Thursday, September 30, 2010

Please...Won't You Join Me?

Please join me tomorrow (or midnight tonight)as I have my first EVER offering on:
Yeppers!!! I am a little nervous but very proud to have been asked to be part
of such a talented group of artisans.
Hope to see you there.

I will not be on the computer much this weekend...I have a Festival to attend, but will try and do a post on Saturday...maybe from the Festival...yeah that's it, I will show ya where I am and what they are cooking!!!

Blessings my friends, and thank you for all of your support and kind words.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wash Day

Aint she purdy? Yep, I know the gutts are not there, but the wood is awesome.
It says "The Perfect Washer", and I have to agree. This is what will be filled with all the Christmas Greenery, Santa's and make-dos at the shop Open House and then again in Dec. for the Christmas Show in Fishersville. I think it will look great!
After that..well, it is already sold. (thank you for letting me use this for display!)
Lori came by just a while ago and brought the article over from the newspaper. I must say they did a fine job. It was a very good write donkey pictures though. It is weird to see your name in print, scared me to death when she said that they mentioned my name...I was in a frozen position that day cause sometimes when you open your mouth around people you don't know you get all tongue tied...and I really did not want a quote that made nooo sense to anyone!Not even me! But all is good.
I need a professional photographer to take pictures of the offerings that will be on Early Work picture taking ability is terrible. The soaps look good though! And the kitchen smells wonderful, a blend of pumpkin, apple and spice. Lee's gonna think I am baking...NOT! In this home my name is not Betty Crocker...a baker I am not. A very dear friend of mine...
Mrs. a wonderful baker. And I call on her often!!
Well my friends, I am off to see if I can't do something with this camera cause I really need a few good pictures. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Forgot It

I had great hopes of showing you treasures today...or at least the washing machine I bought at the auction. Can you believe I FORGOT to go and pick it up? I am sooo glad that the guys who run the auction house are good friends!! So, I will run up this afternoon and pick it up...tomorrow there will be a picture.
There were no treasures yesterday. Or at least none that I could use. Do you have those days...ya know, your tried and true places hit a cold spell? Even the antique stores have had nothing "earth shattering"...I am STILL looking for a cupboard!! I have come to the conclusion that I will probably have to go north to find what I want...way north...hear that Lou...I may be heading your way!! No time soon tho''s hunting season (in a month) and I would NEVER think of interfering with that...I use that as my "staycation". I get soo much done when he has gone to the cabin...mainly cause I can put ANYTHING where I WANT it. Love him to death but some things are just so much easier when he is not hear. So as much as he looks forward to "his" hunting season...I am probably just as excited to have "my" season. Ahhh...just think junkin', shopping and just playing and I don't have to hear those 5 dreaded words..
"Where ya gonna put it"?
See, I don't need a gun to go hunting..LOL
Have a blessed day.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Small Finds

Good Monday Morning!!! Yuk, right? It's not that bad, although it is a rainy gray day here. It could be worse....SNOW...remember how we all hated that word just a few months ago? Now we hate the word HEAT, seems like we are never satisfied with the weather. I know I am not except in the fall...PERFECT! Love those crisp cool days and chilly nights. Not much on spring...allergies, yellow stuff all over everything...besides our spring is only about 1 day hot fast this year. Can you believe how we are talking about this year...I mean it seems like yesterday we were saying Happy New Year and now we are making Christmas lists, menus for Thanksgiving and all the travel plans....Hey were did it GO. So much has happened this year, but it's ALL GOOD. O.K. time to move on........
This is just a few things I picked up at the auction. Both are real, not repos. Love that big ole grain scoop, even with her crack. It's large and the handle is still there...will look great holding some homespun or vintage feed sack. The other item is a rice bucket...older than dirt. I just love old wood. The rice bucket had a small crack, but we fixed her...good as new.
I also purchased an old washer, gotta go get that this afternoon, will look REAL nice filled with fresh greens, olde fashioned santas, maybe some make-do's and other prims for the Christmas Open House...Nov 27th 10-3. After that it will be for sale at our Dec. 4 sale in Fishersville.
I am starting on Christmas already...neat ideas coming soon!! Merrie Days is almost finished and with Lori's help will be turned into a pocket...I have never made a pocket but can't wait to learn. I have started a new wool rug punch for Christmas also...maybe another pocket??? We shall see!!
Well, I am off to go get the orders packed up....
Then it will be off to the P.O. and maybe run by Goodwill, then I will have to get back to punching and playing with Eli. He is sooo sweet and cute, but I wish he would stop trying to climb my legs...with no long pants on!!!

Blessings my friends...Until tomorrow

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How Sweet Is This??!

O.K., how sweet is this? Ya gotta love it. Eli is sitting in a bread cock. I know it really
does look like he is in a coffee cup.This is were he hides to jump out at the dogs and let them know he's here.
Scares the snot out of them!! Little Kitty is still walking around with here usual attitude. Poor little Eli just runs real fast past her. He is adjusting well and he even sleeps by himself, well kinda he is snuggled up next to Jack Russel, but he is not in the bed with us. Tinsley wants NOOO part of having him in HIS (Our) bed. He shares well but that is one thing he has put his foot down about.
It's a gray, cooler (yeah!!), rainy day here in VA. I am so glad. Went out this morning to get hubby all ready for hunting season, he really doesn't hunt that much...he just likes being with the guys at the cabin and cooking on the open fire. Of course we still have a month before his opening day..."But all the good stuff will be gone" he said. Men.
I have been asked to join Early Work Mercantile, so I would be honored to have your company on October 1st at the web site
as I will be having needful goods and smalls available for sale.
I will show you tomorrow what was at the auction, they did not have that much this week that I wanted...but we still got some neat stuff anyway.
Have a Blessed Day,

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bug "Gitter"

Hello to all. Do you have stink bugs where you are? We have thousands...just on the screen porch, guess because it's in the sun and the heat. Well, the other day when I went out to the den, they were everywhere!! I hate those things, they sound like jets when they fly by you.So, I called Lee and told him to stop by Lowe's and get a special vacuum cleaner...this is the OFFICIAL Bug Gitter...hey, it works.
However, I did not tell him to go outside and get as many as he could. Yepper, he cleaned his "air space". All he needed was a cape and he woulda looked like some super hero dude. We have ducked tape around the top of all the sliding glass doors...they are old and do not fit as well as they should. He has sprayed, caulked, vacuumed, swept up and cussed. All is well right? Heck no, he found a couple in the den later last night and ritual began all over again...welcome to MY world...the wife of a super hero dude.
Going to the shop today...10-3...Lori and I will be there. I am punching "Merrie Days" and this will be used as a Christmas Card holder, with some of Lori's help. Her interview went very well yesterday, I think they liked the donkeys the best. They will be here in a few weeks to do part two of the interview, the soap making, wax melting and furniture building with all of it being tied back to Notforgotten Farm. This means two newspapers will have a story of the shop!! Woohoo! It is great advertisement and we are very excited about this.
Tonight is date night, maybe tomorrow I can show you those treasure that I just "couldn't live without". Yeah, right, I do not need anything and the shop in Bedford is full. Speaking of Bedford...if you are from this area tomorrow is Bedford Centerfest. This is a great day trip if you aren't to far. They close the streets and set up for vendors and crafts. It really is fun and the food and entertainment are great. This year they are having an artisan section...where all of the craft vendors and artist will be. I know there will a lot of talent there!!
Wishing you a great Friday Night...and if it's Football Friday, I hope you win!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Couple Gathering Photos

Good morning to you, what a beautiful day here in Virginia. Just a couple of photos from the show this past Saturday...I know a little late, but I have gone crazy!!
A fantastic turn out and some talented people. I really wish I knew how to sew like some of the ladies.

Pickin' and grinnin'. Corbin on the left is amazing...and young. He is still in high school and already has released a cd.

I really want to thank everyone for coming out for the show. It was a beautiful day all around!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support...I said earlier I have gone crazy, well I have...I fully believe that. But I have a reason...I quit smoking!!! Yeah!! But the cravings and nuttiness have really gotten the best of me. Please bear with me through this...I want sooo much to continue not to smoke (it's been a month) but I really don't think my "be nice" pills are working. I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be sooooo hard.
Poor Lee can not do ANYTHING right, to put it attitude sucks!! I really felt better when I was smoking!!!! I am wearing the patch and taking 2 pills a day, hopefully this will be a turning day!!! Because I really do not like the person I see in the mirror. The cravings for food are enormous, how do you get over them? If anyone out there has quit smoking with success, PLEASE give me some pointers and tips. I truly want to be a healthier non smoking person.
Thank you for your continued support.
Many many blessings to you,

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our New Addition

Friends...please meet Eli Harrison. He came to live with us on Saturday. He is such a sweetie. And of course men TRY and be so big and act like they are just so gruff in front of people, but let me tell ya...get him home and they melt.

The Gathering this past weekend was WONDERFUL. Lori and I ordered the weather about a week ago...hope you liked it! It was PERFECT!!. I know I said I would have pictures...and I do, but my program this morning went wonky and this was all it would give me. But trust me, there was a very large crowd and some of the best vendors out there. We had a lot of fun Friday setting up and of doing some early shopping...that's the fun part. The sneak peaks are great! Plus it is really nice to visit with everyone before we all get so busy...and by the time it is over you are just plum worn out!!
Lori and Family are coming for dinner tonight...I gotta get going and start some cleaning.
I tried real hard yesterday but I just could not seem to get off the sofa.
For everyone that has ordered pumpkin soap...I sold out at the show but I WILL be pouring some up this afternoon. All order will be going out by Thursday, if nothing goes wrong.
Please check back...or check Lori's blog to see pictures of the show. I will try to have mine up tomorrow.
Have a great day.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Under Pressure

Yes It's early I know...but I still have stuff to do. I guess I work better under pressure. Below are a couple of the "Dirty" Linen pieces I am working on. Olde Crow is done, Prim Collector is almost finished. These are BIG...use as a center for your table or a table cloth on a smaller table.And this is my Day Laborer's Bed that I made. I always wanted one in front of the fire place or
on the screened in porch, but my porch is full...and so is in front of the fire place...just no room. The mattress is stuffed with fresh straw and cedar chips. I will be heading out soon to go set up and help with the rest of the "To Do" List. Although we pretty much have it all together!
Oh yeah..the chair planters and cider press planter were made yesterday also. They will look good on someones front porch.
Well, this is sort but I really must run, still stuff to stencil and pack.
I will talk to you all on Sunday, I will be to tired tomorrow night...but ya just never know, be sure to check back for show pictures and all the gossip from the Gathering.
Have a Blessed's FRIDAY!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Professional Job.... Thanks Lori

Look....Lori did this the other day for me....and what a fantastic job she did!! She is really good at this y'all. I don't think I have ever seen anyone navigate a program as fast as she did on this. Sooo, she did this...and well then the hard part came!!

She was asking me colors and the directions...I had NO idea that doing a pattern was so much work...draw it, punch it, done right? WRONG! Sooo, this is a very limited pattern...not only is it full size (I like to punch large designs) it take a lot of skeins!! I was told to think smaller! Ya'll should see the pattern on the's huge compared to most. Tried to shrink it...didn't work. So it is folded very nicely...several times!! I admire you designers A LOT, you have all the patience in the world. I WAS working on one for Christmas, but I think I will just sell the finished product instead. It will be so much easier.
Thank you for all the kind comments and e-mails yesterday inquiring about the handmade soap, and the dinner I was fixin'. It was really good. For those of you that wanted the recipe I sent you an e-mail last night. I hope that you will enjoy it. I am headed to Michael's...they have those little foam brushes on sale 20/1.00. So since I use about a bazillion of them I figure I would buy some today! A.C. more is also offering them for the same price. I have hired my husband and step son to work for me on Thursday, good thing they will work for food. They will be the little elves in the home shop... finishing, cleaning, pricing and loading "Little Bit". Maybe that will help my nerves some. We will be heading to the shop also that afternoon to start setting up parking, pumpkins, hay bales and doing the last minute "things". It's almost time Lou!! Looking forward to seeing you...and all of your goodies I have heard about!!
Well, ya'll have a great day and I will talk at ya later.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Makin' Soap Today

Here is the first batch of soap made this morning. The loaf is the famous pumpkin house smells sooo good!!! You can actually smell it on the front porch. The bars are Olde Tyme Fresh Apple. I will be cutting the pumpkin soap here shortly, just making sure it is set firmly. Hopefully this batch will make it to the show this weekend. I am so looking forward to this weekends show....The Gathering at Notforgotten Farm...
aka Lori's home place. The shop looks great, I don't think we can fit anything else in it.
Although you know what they say...there is always room for one more!(thing)
I am working on candles, wax stuff, fall potpourri, dried bowl fillers and much much more. Hopefully by "show time" the paint will be dry!!! I still may be stuffing though.

The weather here is cooler and with Justin coming for dinner I have made Beef Stroganoff, fresh tomato mozzarella salad and some steamed veggies and hot rolls. Sounds good...I am hungry and Lee says he is starving. I know I have enough since I tripled the stroganoff. Just like my German great-grandma used to make. For dessert we have a chocolate pound cake drizzled with chocolate cream frosting and french vanilla ice cream. So, did I make you hungry too?
Well, I better go. Not real sure what time Justin will be here and I need to finish our dinner and set the table. Have a wonderful evening and I will talk to you tomorrow.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Day Remembered

Yesterday as most of you know was the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. This day shall live in our hearts forever, but before the attacks I remember (and always will remember) that day as the birth day of my son. He would have 26 years old yesterday. You see, he was killed 11 years ago, just a month shy of his 15 birthday. Below are the traditional flowers that my parents place in church on his birthday. Aren't they pretty? They try really hard to make them red, white and blue, but as you can see it's more of a purple. They always bring them to me after the service. They really look nice on the table...especially since I have straightened it up!!
Had a great dinner last night with Peter and Lori at Vito's. Love that Italian food, and you know they take out ALL the calories before serving it to you!!! Wishful thinking.
Today is just a slow paced Sunday, Lee is in the woods building a tree take pictures from not hunt. I am kinda just wondering from room to room piddlin'. There is much I should be doing, but for some strange reason I just don't feel like it. I did make some planters this morning and stuffed a mattress and ran the vacuum, did a load of laundry, went to the store and visited with my parents a few minutes. that I think about it I have done a lot. Maybe it's not as slow paced as I thought.
Well, I am going to the front porch to rock and read, there is always a good breeze out there and I do enjoy looking at the mountains.
Have a blessed Sunday...enjoy the afternoon.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Auction Treasures

Good evening...two posts today!! Lookie what I got!! This is a big ole primitive medicine cabinet. It's huge!!

And this red buggy bench. Think what this will look like all decorated for Christmas...fresh greens and a big ole santa.
I also bought a beautiful Kinnier and Son Lynchburg crock but for some insane reason it just did not want to load...again. I accidentally deleted it the first time. These will be coming with me next weekend...well all but the buggy bench. I will prolly put that at the shop for sale at Christmas. Unless that is someone wants it before hand or I am asked to bring it next weekend. Will be going to the shop tomorrow, Christmas books in hand...I am sooo ready to make something else besides a pumpkin!!!! or witch or crow. Not that I am by no means ready for Christmas, just wanta make something different.
Well, it's late and I am auction can really wear a person out!!
Talk to you on Sunday. Have a great Saturday.

Just a Few

Hope you are enjoying the weather...ours is wonderful, could be a little cooler but I am not going to complain. Just a few finishes. A "dirty" pumpkin, shoo fly cover and a grubby witch.Sooo, whatcha doin' this weekend? Is it high school football Friday? Dinner and
a movie? Or just trying to catch your breath? Here it is Date Night, yep dinner
and an auction. I guess...I really do not need anything, but I do enjoy seeing everyone and it gets me out of the home shop for a while. But in just one SHORT week we will all be setting
up for the that Lou...not long now. Since I put it like that...maybe I should stay home and work!!! I am getting very shop is a disaster. Everything got dumped in it when we moved, and there is TOTALLY no order what so ever. I just can't seem to get it together this fall. I am ready to move onto Christmas...or at least start making stuff for the Dec. show!!
Well friends, whatever your doin' this Friday night...have fun!!
Until next time,

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Good evening, hope your day was an enjoyable one. It is FINALLY a little cooler here. It feels great...not so sticky. These are my little stumpies. Sorry 'bout the mess around them.
I am not that neat while working!! Just wanted to pop in on your computer and say
I am back to the home shop, have a great Friday.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No Shortage Here!!

Thank you all for the positive thoughts sent yesterday...I am o.k. I have no hernia or anything else and as long as I take Prilosec I am fine...doesn't make sense to me either. Of course if you take that everyday...which by the way you can can cause stomach cancer. It removes all the acid from your stomach...good or bad. So, I still feel like I am at square one. But I am not going to worry about it any longer...maybe it will just "go away". I am being very careful of what I eat and I do not lift any more....speaking of lifting, this is what I got yesterday.
This is what 40 pounds of soap base looks like. I have enough to add to this:
6 pounds of pumpkin. Yes sir...there is no shortage here!! Keep in mind I only need 4 tbs. full of pumpkin for each batch of soap. I think I have enough pumpkin for the next few YEARS!!! Good thing it freezes well. Going to make another batch today, the other batch is all sold...

I got nothing done yesterday, well if you count napping then I did accomplish something. So today must be a productive day...right after I go to the grocery store. There is soap to be made, things to be tagged, priced and packed. more soap to be made and let's not forget to play in some wax. I REALLY like that, although it does not clean up off the counter as well as soap!!

Thank you again for all of your positive thoughts, I greatly appreciated it!!
Many Blessings to You,


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Halloween Cone Complete

Happy Tuesday!! The weather sure has gotten the a.m. anyway. By this afternoon it will be near 90...again. I am sooo done with hot. Below is my cone...whatcha think?Yesterday turned out to be pretty productive. Poor Lori...she had 2 husbands all day yesterday...hers and mine. But to hear Lee talk, they got right much done. I did stay in the home shop for the most part...although there were several breaks to see the sunshine and spend some time rocking on the porch...peace and quiet until the dogs decided they wanted NO birds in the yard or their air space. Tinsley HATES crows. I am still trying to explain to him that they are bigger than he is so leave 'em alone!!
This is short, I am off to have the endoscopy done this morning, and yep I will admit I am a little nervous. Hopefully (with much praying) all will be o.k.
Have a blessed day, and I will let you know the outcome later.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Just A Couple Finishes

Happy Labor Day. I hope you are enjoying your day off!! So I guess then it is official...the summer heat is gone!!? Not hardly. Thought I would show you a quick peak at a few items finished and ready to go. Pumpkin wizard on a rusty tin door pocket with sunflowers and a crow and a couple of the thousand or so books I have covered. Nooo, it's really not a thousand but it sure feels like it.
Everyone...and YOU know who YOU are...keeps reminding me that the Gathering is only 2 weeks away...and I am not ready. Soooo, today I will become the mad troll in the basement. I shall work like a feign getting much accomplished. Lee will be helping Peter...I can go work in peace and quiet. Much will get done today (hopefully). But then the age old question pops up...where do I start? I think I should start by having another cup of coffee and enjoying this (finally) cool morning on my back porch, and just relax for a few minutes. Yes sir...I am on a roll now...I see much (???) getting done today. WELL..IT IS A HOLIDAY!! LOL
Enjoy your day.
P.S. Tisha over at is trying to name her new kitty, can you give her a hand...this is a nice blog and she is a riot, great stories!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I am the self proclaimed BIGGEST Virginia football fan EVER! What fun we had yesterday at the game. I live for fall and college football. There is nothing better that to sit
together along with 60,000 of your "closest friends" and cheer on your team. We had the car all decorated and of course we sported all the orange and blue we could possibly wear (and still
look somewhat fashionable) and we headed for Charlottesville, VA...home of the Virginia Cavaliers...Go Wahoos
You could not have asked for more perfect game day weather...this is my part of
"Heaven on Earth"...Scott Stadium. I have been going to the home games since I was 12 years old...and as am about to turn 50, I have many many memories of some not to great and some fantastic seasons of football. We have followed them thru thick and thin, to Bowl Games and away games...and we never wavered from being "TRUE FANS". As my father is going to be 75 in Dec. I know he will not be able to go many more years and I really want this time with him,
Singing the "Old Virginia Fight Song" linked arm in arm. So here's to you Dad and a wonderful football season. I Love You.

Have a Blessed Sunday...and enjoy your day off tomorrow.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Finds

Good evening...yep it's late, but I thought I would show you some eye candy before you go to bed. Look at this blue make-do corner shelf....LOVE IT!! Can't you see it in the bathroom with some of the pumpkin soap and an olde cloth hanging from that peg. It sits on the counter to great.
Trust me...I tried it on mine!!

Next we have this great vintage child's dress made from feed sack, a great olde white box and a sweet enamel scoop.

Now look at what I have....this awesome child's make do chair. It is covered in an olde coverlette of blue and cream. This will (would) look soooo good on my hearth.

So, whatcha think of our shopping trip. There are a lot of other goodies but they just did not make it into the pictures. Go see what Lori got, hope she posts a picture. She bought a beautiful big ole dough trencher...NICE find girlfriend.

We will be starting to bring fall into the shop...even if it is 100 degrees outside!! The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy...but FUN!!. Well friends, it's late and I am pooped. I will try and talk to ya tomorrow night...if not it will be before game time on Saturday. Until then, have a GREAT Friday.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Worth It's Weight In Gold

Fresh pumpkin soap...just cut and curing. I never thought I would be making this...pumpkin shortage.In this area pumpkin can't be found. They say that there was a freeze last year and stores
ran out of canned pumpkin. Sooo, I spent yesterday lookin' for some...and the good people
of Anderson's Market sold me part of a can. Oh they have some for sale alright...but it is
in a ten pound can...I only need 4tbs per batch. This soap is FALL..the smell of fresh
cooked pumpkin pie...but better!! My home smells wonderful. Don't ya just love t he prim
chunky cut? This will be wrapped in aged cheese cloth and then a sprig of Sweet Annie will be added. Last year I made roughly 20lbs. of this...2lbs at a time. I still have mine at my kitchen sink, this is s good soap to get rid of "kitchen" smells from your hands.
Today I am running around. When I ordered my oils for my soap bars I forgot to order the base, so I am headed to a few places to see if they have some. Hopefully they will. Then it is back home to play in soap and wax and I will prolly throw in some sewing on top of that.
Maybe even some painting since my wonderful husband has got ALL of the noodle boards painted along with some benches and cupboards.
Lori and I are still planning on playing tomorrow...we both need a break!!
I will let you know how much trouble we got into tomorrow afternoon....until then...