Thursday, April 29, 2010

Doodle Pattern

Good morning to you. I have included a free doodle pattern to be completed as you see fit. I am punching mine and will finish it in an old frame I found, as you can tell the frame is oval.
All you gotta do is enlarge it as you would like. Hope you enjoy it and I will finish mine in
the next day or so and will post a picture. So far it is cute.
Yesterday...let me tell ya, Lori(Notforgotten Farm), Felicia and I hit the streets of downtown, our antique district. What fun we had. We scavenged like true experts!! I think we may be ready for our OWN t.v. show. We took to the streets and shops like true pros. And between all the hysterical laughing we managed to find some buried treasures. I felt so refreshed by the time I got home, all that laughing and smiling is sooo good for the soul. When I returned home I went to the home shop to find that no magical person had been there to finish up any projects. Don't you wish that just for one night when you went to bed that a bunch of little elves would come out and finish up what you left? I sure do. What a treat that would be!! But anyhow, yesterday was a blast, thank you Lori and Felicia, hope to do that again soon...but we will have to wait awhile as we got ALL the treasures yesterday!!
I am headed to the shop today with little quilt squares in hand for another small project. So when I get tired of punching I can work on another little candle mat. I so love making those little quilt mats.
I hope that whatever goal you set for yourself today you reach.
Many blessings,
(P.S. the hair turned our good)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Day Well Spent

I stayed in the home shop yesterday...and I actually accomplished right darn much! I got the box above covered. This is with some of the civil war fabric I purchased at Ben Franklin Crafts. That is one great store. If you ever get the chance you really ought to go! Their fabric selection is really, really good. I made the little repo needle keep out of card stock, pretty cute huh? I have put old needles on the inside with still a bit of thread attached to them. I also managed to get my rag stuffed crow done and my eagle( for 4th of July), cut some more quilt squares, cleaned up one big mess and cut some templates out for some more needlepunch. No wonder I was so tired last night during Idol!! They were all good last night. But I was surprised when no one sang her song From This Moment. That is one awesome song, which by the way is the song that I used to walk down the isle when I married Lee. I did not use the traditional bridal song. I got a very good friend of mine to sing it, and she sounded just like Shaniwa(?). Oh well, that was a few years ago, but I still like to think about it!!
Today is going to be a lot less productive day as I am going to get my hair cut, either by my stylist or with sheep shears!!LOL I can't stand it any more.
I will be offering a free pattern in the next few for needlepunch. Please feel free to copy it and punch the design or really enlarge it and hook it or use it for any type of needle work.
Have a blessed day...and remember to smile!! It really helps the soul.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love makin' Mats

Goodmorning to you. What a beautiful day we have here. Everything looks sooo green and plush after the rain. I have made another small mat. I like the square corners 'cause to me it makes it look older and more handmade. I had the nice neat points and pulled them out. Sorry Felicia!!
Whatcha workin' on today? I know there are quilters, hookers, punchers and cross stitchers out there!! Today I am (hopefully) going to be finishing up some small projects that have been going on WAAAYYY to long. They just sit there "looking" at me and this is the day that they WILL get finished!!LOL I have got so many projects going on and I really need to get them to the shop along with a stock pile of furniture. I never did any inventory yesterday so I might try and work on some of that today also...maybe during the "tea drying" time.
Tonight will be a loss as Idol comes on...yes I am a "junkie". However, when I am watching t.v. I am also needlepunching. I have drawn up some new designs and I will keep one eye on the punch and the other on the show. Who do you think will go home this week? They are all good in my book as I really can not sing!! I hate to speak in front of a crowd much less try and do it on national t.v. I give them a lot of credit!!
Well my friends, I am off to the home shop to start all those projects, wish me luck on getting some finished up today!!
Have a sunny day and many blessings to you,

Monday, April 26, 2010

Snippet Holder

Hello!! My glass jar that holds my thread ends and wool "butts" was just not
holding enough, sooo I made this. It is a larger wooden box that I placed a great
label on...and the saying is perfect. No second guessing what's in it. I have dumped all
of my little "trash keepers" into one container. When this gets full I will dump it in the yard
for our feathered friends to help in their nest building. I am thinking that this will hold a whole lotta pieces of thread and wool.
So, how is your Monday going? Mine is typical. I had to go by a new phone today. I dropped mine yesterday not once but three times...and it died. Since we have handsets on three floors
I had to find one with multiple handsets...boy have they gone up in price since four years ago.
When I bought my old one I think I got it at Lowe's...they do not even sell them anymore. Today
I have not broken anything but I did manage to drop an entire bag of open rice. My little dog thought it was treat time!! It was a fight to see who could get it cleaned up faster...him or me!
I don't think he was really trying to eat it just scatter it about for me a little more, like it
was not already ALL over the pantry. But I guess I needed to clean up in there anyway, and so
I have managed to rearrange a bit in there. Do you ever start one thing and end up doing something else completely? Like when I dust, I end up rearranging the furniture in an entire room...I guess that is why it takes me forever to clean!!LOL
I went to Jo-Ann's today, bought more fabric and some quilting stuff, I am hooked on those
little covers that we made Saturday, I have made a couple more since then. They will look really cute tucked in a cupboard or used as a candle mat.
Well friends, I am off to the basement to do some inventory, cut some more squares and
tea stain some items...hopefully I will not drop the entire jug off tea!
Have a Blessed day.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quilt Class

Good evening to you. What a fun day the ladies of the hand quilting class
of 2010 had at Lori's...Notforgotten Farm. There were 5 very "newbie" ladies wanting to learn the fine art of hand quilting. After much laughter, a lot a 'fussin about the SMALL eye
of the needle and a few drops of blood I did manage to create the little
mat above. This is my first attempt at hand sewing...other than sewing up a doll
or sewing on a button. I was not sure what I would have by the end of the session, but
I am rather pleased with it.
Of course, I did not think I had my camera with me, I found it in my pocketbook
AFTER the class was over. Go over to Lori's page if you would like to see the
talent these ladies had. We each ended up with a very nice mat or small doll cover.
And of course our hostess was amazing as always. She always makes you feel
like there is nothing that you can not accomplish...even if you do not have a clue
as to what you are doing. Lori is a great teacher!! If you ever get the chance to come
to one of her classes please do so, I promise you will not be sorry. I must say that
Felicia started us out on the right foot, she is one smart lady when it comes to quilting
and has designed many quilting projects. Unfortunately, she had to leave class a little early.
But I think she would be proud of what we ended up with.
Well ladies, I am headed to the basement...maybe to cut some more squares for
another small quilt project!!?
Have a blessed evening

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hang Tags...?

Good cloudy morning to you. I made the hang tags above to go on some baskets that I found, but now I do not like them on the baskets...what do I do with them?? I hate when this happens, it looked cute in my head, but after making all of them and doing the finish work on them
I do not like them on the baskets!! Soooo, maybe someone can give me some ideas as what I should do with the "hang Tags".
Tonight is Friday Night Date Night...with no where to go!! There is no auction for a couple of weeks, what's an old couple to do? It will seem funny not doing anything tonight, but I guess we will survive. Maybe it will make go go into the home shop and work a little. I have sooo many projects going on down there...I sewed my crow wings on the eagle and the eagle wings on the crow and could not figure out why they looked sooo funny; I put them aside for a while and finally figured out what was wrong. Took forever to correct my mistake, cutting all those little stitches and not cutting the fabric. But they have been separated and hopefully I have the right pair for each now!! I could finish those, or the tree lanterns, or the kettle rags and the list goes on and on.
Today is soap pouring day at the shop. It will smell so good in there. Have not decided what "flavor" to use yet though. but you can bet that the smell will come out the front door!! to the bank and then to go open up for another day..I feel very blessed to be able to do that!
Have a great TGIF

Thursday, April 22, 2010


What fun we (Lori..Not Forgotten Farm and I) had!! It is so much fun to go exploring with a friend. You just never know what you will find. The haul above has old feed sacks and a clothespin bag, the coverlet in the hoop is really cool and even the repo spoon holder is nice. And the big ole hunk of lye soap looks good sitting on the kitchen sink. On top of the enamel ware is an old corn husker, I just love the look of the old wood and worn leather, and yes I will use it...someday!! The two small baby doll pillows will be turned into pin cushions atop a box, and the old feed sacks will probably be thrown into a dough bowl at the shop, I can't bring myself to cut them up, I will let the new owner of them do that.
It was a great day, the sun even came out and we ran into no rain..YEAH! Today I am headed to the shop, gotta get painting some prairie boards, finish some needle punch and start working on door boards...I am tired before I even get started, but what fun stuff to work on! I will show you my needlepunch tomorrow...smalls with an Americana theme.
To my friends...have a Blessed day.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And This To Shall Pass....

For old that is. This is what I worked on yesterday. The fabric covered box and book. They will look great in the old pie safe or in the cupboard in the lavatory. I have used repo civil war fabric for both of these, I can't wait to use them in decorating.
Post is short today as I am waiting for Lori(NotForgottenFarm) to arrive so that we may head out to seek treasures. Today we are taking a day trip to Roanoke and Vinton and all points in between. But then again you may never know where we will end up!! I will post this evening and let you know about all the goodies we found, and maybe all the trouble that we somehow got into!!LOL I just wish it was a sunny bright day instead of rainy, but they say by lunch it will be clearing...we shall see.
Have a sunny matter what the weather is.
Until later...
Blessings to you

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I admit...I collect

OK. I admit I collect...not just one thing but a variety of things. I love sheep, as on the mantel, I love crocks, they are everywhere and old boxes. I have a love of old rockers and chairs, it is my belief that everything needs a home!!LOL I am soooo thankful that my husband feels the same way. What we do not keep we re-make and re-do and sometimes it ends up being something totally different than what it was intended for. We have turned old tables into cupboards, old boxes into shelves and old dressers into buffets and t.v. stands. You are only limited by your imagination...although mine does get a little carried away at times. I have taken just the top of a Hoosier cabinet and hung it on the wall for display...the old ball jars look great in it, I have a tobacco basket hanging from my ceiling along with a very large rake...who says you can't decorate your ceiling. There are also baskets and old rug beaters hanging in my den. I think that is why I love the primitive, country, colonial style. (You call it what you want). There are so many choices to be made. They hung their baskets from the ceiling and so do I, although mine are not used. My barrels in the pantry hold my dry goods as did theirs, I use crocks to hold potatoes and onions and boxes hold spices. I use what I collect, or a lot of it anyway.Yes, they show ware and tear, but so do I. I know to some people it is just "stuff" or some even call it "junk", but for me it is heritage and home. I feel comfort being surrounded by these things of olde and feel very blessed to be their "keepers" for a while.
On that note, what do you collect?
Have a blessed day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!

Happy Dance..I am doin' the Happy Dance!! The chair pads are done, the chair pads done. If
you have not seen them, these are all 4 of the set. This is what I call the star set, designed by me and wool punched by me. I will begin another set in a few days(of a different theme). These are backed with no slip grippin' stuff, kinda like shelf liner or the stuff you put under your rugs to keep your feet from flyin' out from under ya!! Hopefully these will go to the show with me in July, I really like 'em and they would look REAL good in my chairs...mmm, maybe I will keep these for myself, no I really would like them to go to a good "owner". Sorry for the table in the picture...that is my hubby's work table and I guess he got a little spray paint on it.
Sooo, how was your Sunday? Good I hope! Kinda chilly here and now they are
calling for a light frost tonight. What's up with this's blazing hot one day and then the next your freezin' your patooties off. I guess it's a good thing I have not turned any of the pilot lights off on the gas logs.
Tomorrow is errand day...and probably a quick trip through the Goodwill...well I HAVE to go right by it so I MUST go in. Then it will be off to the store, bank and the usual run around stuff us women must do.(Bless a man that would pick up what HE needs at the drug store!!) Send 'em to Lowe's and their fine, send 'em out of the comfort zone and they are totally, totally lost! Well my friends, I better go and start some dinner, I know he will be hungry from all the grass cuttin' he did today, and rakin' and he even painted the garage. He has been a busy beaver today!!!
Have a peaceful and blessed evening.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Auction Stash

I had date night last night!! Notice I did not say "we", Lee is hunting.
He has gone to the mountains to hunt turkey...that's the pot calling the kettle black!! He left yesterday afternoon and will be back today after lunch. All that getting stuff together, packing food, gun, ammo, beverage of choice and whatever else he took for less than 24 hours seems like a whole lotta work to me! So I had date night by myself..and had fun. I just love the old laundry basket...picture it with old aprons, vintage linens and textiles piled high. Have not decided yet if I am going to sell it or just use it as display. Don't you just love the old red rocker? The seat has been replaced with some awesome repo fabric. The little green "soap box" has guest soaps in it from the 40's and 50's. Whoever had it dated all the little soap bars and put their room number on it also. How neat is that!!! The frames will hold needlepunch or a sampler and the rest is from past date nights...a lot of boxes to be used as display!
I have finished the wool chair pads, well kinda...just gotta put the no skid back on them and they will be done!! Yeah...then I can make some more! This morning I am cleaning floors, seem like that is all I do! But everything here is soooo yellow! It's bad this year. I do have the windows open, guess if I shut them it would not be as bad...ya think? But I so love the breeze and fresh air coming in that I guess I will deal with it.
Hope you all have a great weekend.
Many Blessings to you,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good evening to you all, I hope everyone had a great day. I spent my day starting to put
the finishing touches on my chair pads, thanks Lori (Not Forgotten Farm) for your
help yesterday in showing me a better way!! I finished up some needle punch and started another...been busy but I am just not quite finished so you will just have to wait to see the finished product. I was asked for some more pictures of the inside of the olde house,sooo I am showing you part of the upsatirs foyer. I have not had a chance to paint the hardwood floor yet but one day I will. I am always changing the furniture in this room. The black sette was in
our bedroom the other day and an old sewing machine was in it's place, but I switched them, and yes I love crocks. The quilt is "Trip Around The World" and was given to me about 30 years ago as a gift. We put the window in and I wanted extra wide trim and then Lee stenciled it for's really tall and I could not reach it, even on the big ladder. We hung a lot of large things on the wall to take up the really big stairwell...tobacco basket, old rakes and there are also old paddles, an apple butter paddle and other smalls.
We feel very blessed to be the keepers of this house and try very hard to keep her "happy". I hope you enjoyed one small part of our home, and I will show you more another day. I am off to do some more punching, and sewing.
I had to send mine in this morning :(
Have a blessed evening.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Hookers

Look at the beautiful w.i.p. This is one BIG runner. This is Pat's rug...beautiful. The colors are amazing! (Love Lori's shoe!!)

And these are the happy hookers. The group was smaller today, but we had such a nice time. These are some very talented ladies...and all of the rugs are truly wonderful. I hook candle mats, they hook real rugs. We cut up and laugh and really enjoy the day and the company. And in between we manage to get a little hookin' done, or punchn' and today even some knitting.
And of course after we finished we had to go across the way to Goodwill for new treasures. No day trip is complete without a thrift store jaunt. I have been working really hard to get it all together for summer and show items, it's coming along...I do see some progress being made. Tomorrow the shop will be open so I may just start to pour up some beeswax shoes and such, make some tags for the sugar cones and of course I will be stitchn'. Have a blessed evening.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome. Come on in, or sit a spell on the porch. This is Millstone, my heart and soul.
If I could figure out how to reduce and resize, my header would look better!! The computer is NOT my friend!!LOL. Inside you will find all kinds of things...from brand new.. to a table from the 1700s. Hopefully she will be going through yet another transformation soon...a woman can never leave "stuff" alone...gotta be movin' it around. I almost have enough boxes for a "wall", she is just not prim enough for me yet, but ya gotta start somewhere...right? I have had so much fun with her and hopefully soon will be going to gather some treasures to bring to the shop.
I am working on the chair pads, my new tags for baskets, lanterns for your porch..these
can also be used to illuminate your trees and hopefully today I will get something drawn up to take "hookin" with me tomorrow. I will be heading out in the morning with
Lori (Not Forgotten Farm) to go to Charlottesville for a hookin' get together. I had so much fun the last time, and was in awe of some of the projects that the women were working on. They are some very talented ladies!! And today I try and finish my name tag...that just might not happen. Hey Lori, I have a "My Name Is" tag, can I just wear that!!? Well, with all I seem to have to do, I better go get started...but first it's off to Wally World. A woman's chores are never done!!
Try and take a moment out of your busy day just for yourself, even if you
only get one stitch least you have done something you enjoy!
Have a blessed day.
Much Happiness

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gathering Room

Happy Monday! What a beautiful morning...I hear our feathered friends out and about, and the squirrels are scampering up the tree base to feast on the food I have for them, Lee has left for work and the house is quiet...a wonderful morning!! Thought I would show you part of our Gathering Room and what you can do with the old corn holds some of my collection of dough bowls!! Lee thought I was crazy for wanting it in the house and not in the yard somewhere, but I just loved the blue paint on it and since it was in great shape I decided that I wanted to keep it safe. He does admit now that he likes it inside. This room is also our dining room, but since we gather there a lot to sit and drink coffee in the morning and look at the mountains I call it the Gathering Room. Every house has that one room where people seem to gravitate to. For some it's the kitchen or the den. In our old house it was my teeny tiny kitchen and in the summer it was my "outside room"..aka the deck. When I am here alone my favorite gathering spot is my back porch. I love to go out there in sit in the big ole rocker and stitch the day away all while listening to the fountain. It is just so relaxing and peaceful, until a stray bee finds it's way in!! Then it's kaity bare the door until it's caught either by me, the cat or one of the dogs. Somehow all the peace and quiet vanish while they "play" with it. But at least I had a few moments to ponder my thought and stitch....
Here is hoping that you find your "Gathering Spot" today and get to enjoy a little something for yourself.
Have a beautiful day and many Blessings to you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Calming Effect

Good morning to is such a beautiful day here. This is my fountain...but
unfortunately not of youth!! I have always wanted one, so we made it using "finds"
that we had around the house. I love the pings and pongs that the water makes running
over the enamel ware pots, dippers and plates. We did have to go on a scavenger hunt for
a few enamel pieces...just did not want to use all of what I had hanging about. I sat outside
last night by the fire and listened for a long while to the rhythm of her music. Such a calming
effect after a busy day...but you know what happens when you listen to the sound of running water now don'tcha..yep..many trips up the steps to the bathroom. I do put Clorox in the water so it does not get funky during the summer. The olde rocker in the mulch bed was a local find and yes I do sit and rock...and get covered in chipping paint, but that does not bother me!! Today is yard day at the shop..hubby has already left with his "play toys" to get a head start and then it's cleaning day on the inside...where do cob webs come from? I have no spiders or other critters living about in there. I had the doors open last week so now I get to clean the pollen off. OMG it's bad here, I had all the windows open at our olde home and now I have to dust everything...and for those that know me you know that I have a LOT of dustin' to do!!LOL. I figure if I start now I should be finished by the Christmas Open House...any volunteers want to help?!! Just kiddin', hubby will help...maybe. Well folks...I am off to the shop to try and get her cleaned up before we open...and maybe help hubby a little in the yard.
Enjoy what life has to offer and have a Blessed Day.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Final 4...4th chair pad that is

Howdy folks! This is the final chair pad in the "star" series of chair pads.
Now we just have to trim, stitch and put the backing on and they will be done!!
These will be going with me to the show in July, if they do not sell before that. All
four of these are my design...I will not be making anymore like these!
Last night was "date night". We brought home a few things...I am all boxed out.
I think I have enough boxes to last for a while. I just love old boxes with lids, they can
hide everything!! Most of these will be making the trip with me to Fishersville, some will
go in the shop and some will stay with me. Today, I sold every box in my shop to
a golf pro shop. They want them to display their t-shirts in, they also bought every berry basket
I hold golf balls. I am sooo glad I have a reserve of old apple boxes, crates and berry baskets!! The home shop is starting to fill up again, she was alookin' bare for a while. Now I almost need a storage shed!! There is a Hoosier Cabinet, tobacco baskets, tables, old antique linen...which is a weakness of mine...and of course a boat load of boxes. This stuff does not include what's down there on a daily basis. I really hope July comes quick or I am not going to be able to get around down there!!
My outside fountain is up and running's a dry sink with enamel ware and a spiket. I will post a picture of that tomorrow. Lee is outside starting a fire in our fire pit and he has the cover off the hot tub...think I will sign off now and go outside and spend some by the fire...maybe with a glass of wine!! Tomorrow is another day at the shop...but at least I have a sewing machine up there also, and I figured out how to thread it all by myself!! No DVD help this time..LOL.
Please have a blessed evening, will talk to you later and I promise tomorrows post will be better, I am just really tired tonight.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pounds of Fabric!!

One of my "mostest" favorite past times is to collect fabric. Pay dirt was hit today!!
I have above REAL Homespun, Civil War Repo fabric, and Honey & Me fabric. I can't wait
to start and create with these awesome colors. I am just pondering what to
make out of these beautiful pieces of fabric. I have a few things in mind, but
we shall see.
I had so much fun with Lori today, we laugh more than anything...and
that is so good for the soul...we never did find that peacock in the store
but we looked for it....we kept hearing a peacock I am not going crazy
'cause we BOTH heard it!!
Will finish the last chair pad tonight and then it is on to do the finishing
work on them...the hard part. I am still undecided whether or not to do
a table runner to match these. In the next couple of days I will start hang tags
for some small baskets that I found at Goodwill. But of course they have to be
painted first....And my hang tags will be made from my design needle punch. Hopefully it will work.(it works in my head anyway!!)

I hope everyone has a great's just starting to rain here. I love sitting on the screen porch and listen to the rain on the tin roof...think that's where I will go and punch.
See Ya...



Just a really short post to let you know that I have not forgot about you. I am working on the last chair pad...will finish it today...but for right now I am heading out to Lori's, going to do a little fabric shopping today and pick up some other needful "stuff". Will post my treasures when I return...until then have a blessed morning and I will talk to you later.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Star Is Born

This is the latest chair pad...finished yesterday. This is number 3 of the set
of 4. One more to go!!! So how was everyone's Easter Monday? Here at this
olde home it was picture perfect, the floors were cleaned, the laundry hung
out to dry and the rocker on the front porch called my name for stitchn'. And then
without warning...HE came home. Don't get me wrong, I was very glad
to see him. He wanted to work in the yard...well that's great!! I'll start dinner,
threw some chops on the grill and called him for is it that a man
can miss every outside and inside a door...can miss them?? He used
one of his favorite toys...the weed eater...and came bounding up for dinner
like a happy puppy. Do ya think he even thought about getting all of the grass
and dirt off?.....Noooo, you yell food and he comes a 'runnin! Soooo, the three
hours worth of mopping floors, and that's just downstairs, went out the window! I did not notice it until after we I kindly gave him the broom and you know what he said?
"Did I do that"?..... You gotta love 'em!!
I have my final dentist visit today...all and all this has not been nearly as bad
as I thought it would be. I am going to buy a sewing machine for the shop
today, that way I can get more done...yeah right!!
Here is hoping your day is full of sunshine and smiles!!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Picture This...

Close your eyes and picture this...a beautiful farmhouse with the sounds of nature all around. Keep your eyes closed...handmade curtains gently blowing, the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen and the laughter of good friends. Doesn't that sound fun? Well, it was. THE perfect day. What fun we had at the Brechlin Farm. I had such a nice and relaxing time that I forget to take any pictures!!LOL....Let's see what happened...lost a peacock...found a peacock...ate good food...went exploring...ate good food...found the front porch rocker...ate good food...found out what cheese pie was (good)...Peter can juggle...ate good food...Lee learned how to read a book...ate good food. The animals were great as usual...they are all so cute. Did you know that guineas, to me, look like little armadillos running around...and when they roost at night in the trees they remind me of vultures. Buddy and Lazy did there thing...Buddy hung out with the guys and did the "guy thing"...he took a nap...come to think of it so did Lazy. Such sweet dogs, although Buddy being the size he is it's kinda hard to call him "sweet". I guess gentle would be a better phrase. Did I mention that we ate some wonderful food??
Thank you Lori for opening up your home and heart to Lee and I, we truly had The Perfect Day!

I am just about finished with the third chair pad in this set, and hopefully by this evening I will have started the last one for this set...and then it's on to something else...just do not know what.

It is another beautiful day here and I am off to start cleaning the floors...Yuk...but it's gotta be done. Hopefully it will not take tooo long and I can get outside to sit and stitch!!

Thank you again Lori for the wonderful company and great food.

Have a blessed day,

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hi Y'all. Another late in the evening post. Well, I was busy today,
and dinner, and the "always" have to go to Lowe's for something
trip, some quick flower planting and I am. Yesterday
I finished #2 chair pad. I am doing a series of 4 and I started #3 today
but just did not punch as fast today for some reason. Maybe 'cause I had such
a hard time staying in the shop. These chair pads are an original design, by
me, and are made using the wool rug hook. I am hoping to make a matching
table runner to go with this set, we shall see. I just needed a break from the
sewing machine for a while.
I know that most of you will be gathering with family and friends for
a traditional Easter buffet. We shall gather with Lori and family for a wonderful
Easter Dinner. I am so looking forward to spending a relaxing day at the farm
with her and all the animals. I can't wait to see her newest addition.."Indy"...a beautiful
Peacock. I shall be taking treats for the donkeys and sheep...what do Peacock's eat??
and of course a chocolate cake with chocolate icing..mmmmm! Sounds good to me!!
Well friends, I am hoping that each of you have a very blessed Easter and enjoy the time
that you will be spending with family and friends. I will "talk" to you
Monday with some pictures of Lori's "critters" Until then....
Many Many Blessings.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

2 Finishes

Good evening. Late post I know, I was running late this morning
and I did not have time and then came home and cooked dinner...and ladies you know
the rest. Anyway...the above is the chair pad that I did today. It is a wool rug punch.
I love using the rug punch, it goes soooo fast. I have a few stitches to re-arrange
and finish it off. Hopefully I will get 3 more made for a complete set!!
Below is Scrappy, I finished him yesterday. He will be made into an
old fashioned throw pillow. Do not look to close at him, the excess fabric
is just tucked up under him for his debut picture.

Tomorrow is Friday....Date Night!! I'm lovin' that. I am still on
my hunt for a cupboard...maybe this will be the week I find one!!?
The weather was gorgeous today and is suppose to be that way all week!
I know all the kids that will be on Spring Break are gonna love it!! I will
"talk" to you on Saturday and let you know what treasures I found
at the auction.
Have a very blessed evening.