Sunday, October 31, 2010

Early Work Mercantile Update.....

is November 1...please join us.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Ramblings

Good CHILLY morning to you. It is finally a little cool this morning. The "boys" are at hunt camp and are having a blast. Lee and Justin are hunting together for the first time since Justin was about 5 and he is 26 now. This weekend it is just the two of them at the a few weeks they will have a full house, so they can really enjoy this weekend. Had the whole bed to myself last night...well almost...Tinsley and Eli were there I better re-phrase that...I had a little spot in the bed last night. But I had all the pillows and most of the covers. Tinsley is more that a snuggler, he is attached to your back at night. You move he moves, so by the time I started in the middle of the bed and the hot flashes hit...moved over a did he...and so on...I was on the very edge this morning!!
This is the latest punch needle for the holiday season. I know it is not finished yet, still deciding on how to finish it....any suggestions??!
I really could have slept this morning but my Dad will be here about 8 am to head out for the football game. Love spending time with him and since he is...or will be...75 in December I try and spend a lot of "Football Saturdays" with him. But ya know...he still works out and walks 4-5 miles everyday so he is in pretty good health.
I will be turning the BIG 5-0 on Wed. NOOOOOOOOO. I truly NEVER thought I would ever be this age. Growing up when I thought about the year I would be turning 50, I figured that it was a hundred years away...mind you it was 1969 and I was only 9. Oh time passes by.
Now that I have totally depressed myself, I better go up and find all my blue and orange warm clothes, jump in the shower and get ready for Tailgate Saturday. This weekend it is being catered by The Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville, VA. They will be fixing us THE BEST country ham biscuits and potato salad on earth. Can't wait to go pick it up!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hi Guys...It's Eli....

...and i know how to do it!! HEEEYY...what's been going on. Boy things are exciting around here!! Dad is getting ready for the "Big" hunt and Mom just keeps laughing...something about the great white hunter. And it's a good thing that we do not depend on him for meat for the winter.
Personally....I like the bag stuff myself. Then Mom keeps going around telling all of us we are going on vacation...hey I am getting excited....what's vacation?? She is going with "The Girls" and I am going with "My Buds" to some place called a puppy and kitty hotel, sometimes she calls it the "Vets". What the heck is that?? Guess I'll find out, I guess they will take some photos of me 'cause she says that I'll get some "Shots" while there, I am game, I think I am rather photo friendly!! She didn't say anything about Sassy and Tinsley getting shots...they just aren't cute enough I guess. Welllll, not EVERYBODY can be as cute as ME!
I am getting better at coming down the stairs...but I still need to pay better attention to them...or so SHE says...I think she should have painted the darn things a different color other than black...HELLOOO it's dark. But the bestest thing is to hide on them...they are black, I am black and I crouch in the corner...gets Tinsley every time. I jumped of the steps through the rails a few minutes ago...for that I have to be put up today...guess she did not find ANY humor in that. I am not stupid enough to go to the very top and do that...that would be like suicide...heck of a drop!! She say she puts me up for MY protection...I think it is for her sanity. But when she puts me up it gives me time to plan all my attacks on everybody...she says I bounce off walls when I am let's just all part of the plan!
Well, I am going now, things to do and Tootsie Rolls to find....I know where they are!!
See ya 'round
I'll let you know how MY vacation goes...woohoo!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The New Room

Good morning all!! I promised Lee I would show you the new bad it's not attached to the side of my house. When finished it will have a red cedar stain and the blocks will be an off white.You can barely see the old barn...also used for storage the background. The shed has the roof on now and one of the windows has been added. Yep...I will be painting the french doors. These are the type that one side stays stationary at all times...hey they were free from another job so I really can't complain. I would have preferred a big ole barn style door without a window, but I will hang some curtains at the door and be done with it. Don't get me wrong...I like the french doors...have some in my den...but maybe just not on a shed!! I really did not want people to able to look in.
It's almost the weekend...any big plans? I will be headed with my father to the football game on Saturday, and on Friday night I have date night ALONE!! Doesn't look like that great of an auction so I may just stay home and stitch...and not have to cook or nothin'.
Tonight is MY t.v. night...Greys and Private Practice. These are the only 2 shows that I watch on a regular basis.
Well friends, not much going on today...headed to the shop (Lori will be giving me a sewing lesson today!!), then to go get the hunt camp food for the guys...which will include deli chicken for our dinner, finish up some laundry and stitch a while before my world stops for 2 whole hours!!
Have a great day,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It Just Takes a Phone Call.... change all of your plans!! Yesterday I had high hopes of "doing" everything on my list...
well ya know what happened??? Country Sampler photographers called and wanted more pictures of the home place...WOOHOO!! So I spent the entire day cleaning, picking up and taking pictures. The one below is my kitchen table, peaceful. Lori made the doll, she is so cute.
I'll show you some more another day. So I am waiting for the Schmidt's to call back and set a date for a "real" shoot. I am thinking that it has to be after the first of the year. Just toooo much going on right now. He did want to know was I ready to put up any trees for Christmas yet....NOOOO.
Today I will make up for lost time, after I go to the store for Lee, hunting supplies...a.k.a. FOOD. Men...why can't HE go and get what HE wants? I am not sure when he and Justin are going but you can be sure that I am READY!!!! OMG the whole bed to myself, well kinda I do have Tinsley and Eli ya know. Maybe I should just give them my bed and sleep in another room. It does not matter, what does matter is NO SNORING!!! YEAH, Lee says I snore, well I can't hear it so who cares ,Right!!? I am not thinking that Tinsley and Eli will complain...the floor is hard!! LOL
This is quick today my friends, I really gotta get going and get back home so I can GET TO WORK...I did finish my needle punch last night.
BTW...what is up with DWTS...who is voting and what are they thinking???
Have a blessed day,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If Fall Were A Rainbow... you think these would be it's colors? Love these rich hand dyed wools. I am so looking forward to begin a hooked project with them, but first things first. I am just about finished another Christmas needle punch and a stump doll. Then I will begin to "play" with these.
I almost prefer to just leave them in the bowl and "finger" them every once in a while. They look pretty sitting on the old farm table as a decoration.
Well, I screwed up my lower back again...I had to sleep in the other room....HE was snoring....and the bed is to soft and that really did a number on my back. I have taken some Tylenol but so far it has not touched it. Oh well, maybe it will kick in soon.
So...whatcha working on? I know many of you are sewing, stitching and busy creating for the holiday season, isn't it GREAT!! No pumpkins, no more orange!!! YEAH! Now it is the earthy colors of what I call "Fallcrist". The BEST time of year...between now and Christmas. I do not use the "traditional" colors of Christmas, mine are more like the colors of wools in the bowls. I am so ready... in fact I am already listening to "seasonal" music!! Gotta get inspired to sew up some santas and such.
Well friends, my lower back is killing me from sitting in this chair, so I am off to the home shop and paint for a while I think. Or do something that requires no sitting for a while and see if that helps.
Have a blessed day,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh YES...Size Does Matter.....

when it comes to filling a three and a half foot dough trencher full of gourds that is. I guess you thought I was gonna be dirty...after the nuts I do not blame you. This big ole boy is one of many dough trenchers that I have managed to collect. I just love them. The bigger the better, and actually this is one of my smaller ones. I have about 4 that are bigger than this one and 'prolly about 6 that are a little smaller. I used to have "stack" dough trenchers but they got way to heavy to move, so now I just have them scattered everywhere. Believe it or not I have never paid more than $75.00 for one of these, and after looking at some in some antique stores I feel pretty lucky. Even in the consignment shop I was in they wanted $200.00 for one.
So... my back feels better, still a little sore though. I think I may have over done it a bit today...but you can FINALLY see the sewing table and my counter top in the home shop. WOOHOO!!!! I have started sewing for Christmas and I am having a blast sewing something besides a pumpkin or crow, yeah I know in a few weeks I will be sick and tired of santas and such, but for now I am lovin' it.
Lee started on by building today. I really need another storage shed and he has been so kind to build it for me. Nuttin' big or fancy just a shed with a slope roof, front porch and french . OVER KILL!!! He wanted it to match the rest of the home! But since I do not have to pay for labor I guess all I can say is "build on honey". Really though all I asked for was a small storage shed for furniture and out of season items. The dogs are helping him, I looked down once today to see how he was coming along and Sassy actually had the hammer in her mouth taking it to him...I guess Tinsley was the foreman 'cause he was just laying there. And inside...Eli was helping me play hide and seek. You see I have a trencher full of tootsie rolls and he thinks it's fun to get them out and bat them around on the floor...when he can't find it or it gets lost he goes and gets another and another. Sooo, today it was my turn to find all the tootsie rolls, and believe me they were everywhere. The last one I found was behind the toilet. I have not moved the stove yet...wonder what I will find? Little Kitty loved milk tops, Champ like bread ties and Eli and his tootsie rolls. I am almost afraid to clean it out. I personally think it's a job for a man...Oh sweetie pie!!!
Well my friends, I think I am headed back to the home shop, it's nice now that I can see my way around.
Have a great evening.
Blessings to you and yours

Friday, October 22, 2010

Down and Out

Good evening, just a quick note to say hello and I will be back in a few days. My lower back is OUT and I really can't do anything. It even hurts to needle punch. There is no comfortable position and above that there was NO DATE NIGHT!! You know I am in pain if I miss a date
Hopefully I will be up and going soon as there is much to be done.
Many Blessings,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gone Double Nuts

Hi Friends. So....the girls went shopping yesterday and we had a blast...we always do. Laughter is the best medicine. After my somber last post this one will hopefully have you chuckling. I just want you to know that NO animal was hurt during the filming of this picture.................................
I think this is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
A friend at the Apple Fest brought these over for me to see, thank you a bunch Janice for such a unique and comical item.
Someone asked if they were Lee's...since I have QUIT smoking (yeah me!!) they thought that maybe I had done something drastic...I will repeat myself....
So, here is hoping that maybe this made you smile or chuckle.
Gotta get ready to head to the shop...getting pretty busy getting ready for the Open House, do you know it is only like 60 days till Christmas. Ya know, if I look hard enough I can 'prolly find needles from last years tree, and now it's almost time to do it AGAIN...woooow, where did the year go? My Gram always told me that the older you get the faster time would go so you should not want to wish your life away. Now mind you she was telling that to a seven year old who was wishing she was one of the "Big" I am more than ready to put the brakes on and just sit in park for a's crazy how she was right!!!
Have a blessed day...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saying Good-Bye

Hi..I am Little Kitty and I am here this morning to say good-bye and it has been a hell-of-a-ride. I have had a blast. I have terrorized all new members of the family....yep including Eli. I am just trying to teach him of few just because it crawls or flies DOES not mean you can eat it...think stink bugs and bees. I have been the Queen for 10 years...I came to live with them as a rescue kitten. My Dad found me outside a dump and brought me home when I was about 5 weeks old. For that I am grateful...what a home they have provided. All the food and love and more food I could have asked for. Yes sir...spoiled rotten I was.. I mean I am...I have a few more days. Some things that I have learned over my years....Don't judge people by their looks; I mean just look at my new "DO". You see I can't groom myself anymore and I had to be shaved in some spots but I am still the same loving cat I was a week ago. Love me for who I am, not for how I look. Say what you want, don't assume that everyone knows what you want...example I meow and I get fed, I rub up against you and I get loved and I hiss and I get left alone. Speak up! Give people the benefit of the Eli. He is really not THAT bad. I am just old and don't feel all that great. Sure I wish I was gonna be here to play with him, but I am not. Mom and Dad have told me I am very sick and there is no cure, I think they call it cancer. I am in no pain, but my tongue no longer works. That is where the cancer is. It is almost impossible to eat and drink...although I try. Don't feel sorry for me, I am going to see my old buddy Champ...I really miss him...and as for my owners...they will be fine. We have said our good-byes and all is good. O.K. guys one last thought....just be kind to each other...just think how much nicer the world would be if we could just TRY that thought. I am going to take a nap now and maybe later I will TRY and be nice to that little new guy on the block.I wish you all many, many sunny days and true happiness.
Little Kitty...a.k.a. "Squirrel"...a.k.a. "Gray Bitch" (multiple personalities)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The End of a Season

Good evening, hope your weekend was a good one. Here in Central Virginia it was Apple Harvest Festival time and I really think that between Saturday and Sunday that the entire population of Virginia walked thru the doors of Amherst County High School at some point. I don't think I have seen that large of a crowd. This was our final large festival that we do and the weather was PERFECT for both days. The Amish were there again from Lancaster, PA and the breads and pies that they brought are VERY good...shoo fly pies...this is my first one I have ever had...not bad!! The pumpkin cookies with a cream cheese icing were to die for, not to mention their breakfast bread. Yep, Lee bought some breads!!! Now he has figured out that just because it says bread does not mean you can make a sandwich with had to be here!!! Bologna just does not go on anything...ya know.
I must give him a lot of thanks for his help this weekend, without it the show would not have been as successful as it was...and we did have a great show. I would also like to give a shout out to Linda, Anita and Janice(a.k.a 3 Old Crows) on a very successful first time show, way to go get some rest!!! Hopefully we will see you at Simple Goods in a few weeks.
Well, I am going to sign off here...sorry there was no picture, but like I said I do have a good one coming!!!! It has to do with nuts!!?
Have a great evening and Congrats again "Crows".

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Other Side of the Story

Howdy folks. Let me introduce myself. My name is Tinsley and I am the "Little Brown Dog" of the house. We need to get a few things cleared up from the Eli thing. Us dogs were not the push over he makes us out to be. We gave him the cold shoulder, yes sir we did.
I did not just fall all over myself when HE came in. Heck, I aint ever seen anything like him until just s few weeks ago. He thinks I gave him the bed, shoot I go under the covers, and he's not allowed under there cause we fight. Yeah, so I let him play with my old ball...rolled in pee first!!!! I'm not playin' with that, I hid my good ball. He gets locked up when they leave, I stand outside the bathroom door and bark at him...that'll teach him a thing or two. Sassy and I actually hid most of his toys and he is to stupid to figure that out, he just plays with a stupid piece of how DUMB is that!!!! OH, and my Dad tied a piece of cloth on a stick and he chases about silly. Well, actually I kinda play withem' too. So you see guys, we did not like him at first, but over the past several weeks the little fella has grown on us, but we are still on our peas and cues with him. We have figured out that he is gonna stay even though Mom is allergic to should hear her sneezin' and sometimes saying a few choice words that I am not allowed to repeat. And as for "Little Kitty", she didn't much like me when I came here and we are great buds now. Somehow I just don't think Eli is going to win her over. I heard Mom and Dad talking the other night and they were saying she may have cancer. I know she got a really funny looking hair cut. I think they call it a Mohawk. My friend has not been herself lately and we just kinda leave her alone, although she will let me lick her on the top of the head every morning. I am sure gonna miss her. I think they are still waiting for the phone call to see exactly what she has. But that is another story...we guys are all family here and I call us
The Bad....Eli
The Ugly...."Little Kitty" (only 'cause her haircut)
The Wizard...Sassy...cause she is the oldest and thinks she's knows it all!!
Mom wanted me to show you a picture, but my paws deleted it, so I guess that's that.
It was of her Merrie Days, but she said she would do it another time. Oh yeah...and another thing...I had permission to talk to you...Eli didn't. Dumb cat, I am not now nor will I ever be his horse!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hookin' Halloween

Evening. The hookers gathered today for a Halloween Party. So what exactly do you call a bunch of hookers gathered in one room?? I don't know either, but for today I will call it FUN!Lori about burned her broom way to short for us to fly on. Her socks were tooo cute, black and white striped.
Jane looks all decked out in "Street Corner Attire"

Don't you just love that hat? Now we get into some of the great works of art, and trust me this is really art.

Look at this hooked rug, this was amazing...and big

Here we have wool felt, this little mat was to cute!

Love the trio of pumpkins.

So, this is what I did today. I hung out with hookers, punchers and stitchers. I honestly could not think of a better way to spend my day. We laughed and ate and in between we managed to get a little work done.
Now I am at home in the cook guessed it...pouring up soap and packaging wax dots.
Justin will be here tomorrow night so I am trying to get the kitchen uncluttered enough to cook dinner. Then I will have to de-clutter the dining room table so we will have a place to sit.
This is short, but I really gotta get busy, I have a ton of stuff to do before this weekend.
I will talk to you later,
Many Blessings to you,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Smells Great!!!!

Good morning. I have tried something new...yep something else to try and find time to do. LOL. This is Hot Apple Pie in a Jar. OMG...they smell so good. Right now I have Country Bumpkin "cooking". I made them a beautiful fall reddy color. I am trying to get ready for the Apple Fest this weekend. "Brain" Tarts. Don't ask cause I don't know. How in the world these turned out looking like this I will never know, but they smell good...this I call Vanilla Apple Cinnamon, I have finally figured out a way to use all those bits and pieces of leftover oils...mix'em and hope for the best!! I added a touch of cinnamon to the top for a little decor.
These are Farmhouse "Dots", so called this because they are smaller than the average melt.
I did these in Orange Clove and Apple Cinnamon.
I am still working on some more, mint green "Balsam Fir" and the "Perfect" fall scent which is a secret...only if I can get the oil measurements correct!!!! I know I wrote them down last year, but you know what they say...your mind is the first to go...I just have to find my notes today.
Now ya know what I have been doin'...whatcha been doin'? Are you getting all the fall decorating done, preparing for a Halloween Bash, or just taking a breather and enjoying what life has to offer this time of year?
We have the Rug "Hookers" party tomorrow. I am not dressing up although I think Lori is!!
So we shall be heading to Charlottesville with some green, purple, or orange food in toe...hey I did not make the rules here!!! I am off to the store today to try and find something to take. I have always wanted to make the Cat Literbox Cake, but I don't have time to do that, so hopefully Wally World will have something...anything at this point!.
O.K. friends, the wax is calling and so is my husband. I shall talk to you later then.
Have a beautiful Tuesday and as always...
Wishing you Blessings.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Holy Moly...300 Antique Dealers in 1 Place

Good evening to you. Hope that you had a fantastic weekend!! I did!!! Lee and I went to Fishersville, VA this weekend and there was 300+ antique dealers in one LARGE place!!! Look at that fabric I found. Blue on one side and red on the other. Perfect size olde quilt squares. Here you can see what I picked up. We did not go to shop, just to spend the day together doing what we love...touching the olde painted furniture and gabbing with friends. Yep, we actually new some of the dealers. I was really surprised to see them there. But it was good, kinda like a reunion. Gourds, six total, and some smalls. Cute little child's dress.
But look at this hunk of tobacco I did manage to buy off of Jack and Kathy!!!! This is hanging in my kitchen right now but will make it's way into the den where I have a tobacco basket
hanging from my ceiling....well I had no where else to put it. Yep, I decorate my ceiling. I also have a huge early rake hanging out there along with early baskets, rug beaters, sifters, and the largest apple butter paddle I have ever seen. O.K. I have gotten off track. Back to today...what fun we did have, of course the weather was wonderful...just kinda hot. We had a nice lunch out, and he even took me by Ben Franklin for more...are you ready???....yep, FABRIC!! One can never have to much...right? I truly think I can win this fabric game thing. Remember who ever has the most wins...I will for sure come in a close second then. They had it all 20% off!! And this was the last day for the sale...thanks sweetie for taking me. I know I am beat...walking on those gravels and the concrete has really made my feet hurt, yeah wear better shoes next time!!
This will be a busy week, the last festival is this weekend...YEAH!!! I love doing them but it is also a lot of work, plus hunting season is coming and "The Girls" will be heading for Ohio for the Simple Goods Show. WOOHOO!!!
Lori mentioned on her blog and I will too, if any of you are going and would like to meet, please e-mail us or leave a comment. We would love to hook-up and do lunch. I think she said noon out front of the building.
I am so embarrassed that Eli told all the family secrets, now you know what suckers we are for our fury children. Trust me it's bad. But I think Tinsley has another side to the story...we shall see.
Well, I have kept you long enough and I know it's getting late so I shall say Goodnight.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hi Y'All...It's Eli

Howdy Folks. It's me..Eli..remeber me? The little fellow that received this really nice home as a gift. Just wanted to let you know I am o.k., well actually I am better than o.k...this place rocks.Do you know that they gave ME their bed. Yeppers baby, I sleep in the big bed basket for me anymore. I get carried to bed each night like a king, I must admit though I haven't really learned the steps yet. Last time I tried coming down them I ended up ass over end...WHEW, I was scared to death...thought for sure I was a goner...but she saved me and loved on me.
I pretty much rule the roost...I think it's cause I am so little. The dogs, they were a breeze. That little brown hot dog is my horse..YIPPIE and GETTY UP. Sometimes he does not like it, I think it's my claws. The white dog...well she's just to old to run and chase me. But she does let me climb on her and when I fall out the bed she lets me sleep with her. There is another animal here, I pretty much think I will grow up to look like her..even though I am a guy. I hate her, she is such a jerk. For some unknown reason she hates me. She growls and hisses at me all the time. I LOVE chasing her and sneaking up behind her!! I am faster than her, she won't catch me. As for my owners...well actually I own them...I am a cat ya know. They are great. I meow I get picked up, or fed, or rubbed pretty much whatever I want I get. I even got the little brown dogs ball!!! Yes here is great!
OH NO here she comes...gotta go guys, I will talk at ya later.
Eli....The Great

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Playin' Around

Good afternoon! Yep, it's late I know, but took some killer cold medicine last night and it was lights out. But before I took that I did manage to have some fun with wax. The Santa is suppose to be a soap mold but I altered it a little and made him into a wax Christmas ornament. I have 2 little sheep and the olde child's shoe. Still need to make the mate to it. These are done with 100% beeswax that has been blackened and then grubbied up a bit with my blend of spices. I also poured up some soy tarts...Farmhouse Tarts is what I call them. Yesterdays blend was Apple Harvest...for the Apple Fest coming up and Granny Smith's Tart Apple (even though the tart color is red!) Ya shoulda seen the mess on my stove! Do you know how hard it is to get wax off the stove top!!! I miss the shop, had a stove in the cook room and it did not matter that a little wax spilled on it, but this is the home stove and it's gotta come off. It took me longer to get the wax off then it did to melt the wax and pour it up. I have a REALLY cool 3-D crow mold that I am trying to learn to pour up....SOON. Cause I want one of these for myself!
Lori and I were in the paper again!! YEAH Same article just a different paper. But we will take that any day!
We framed today...Lori's Christmas Sampler...I bet she does not want my help doin' that again. Just because I have a contractor's license does NOT mean I can read a ruler or tape measure. I can paint, lay floors, hang wallpaper, do plumbing and minor electrical...but read a ruler...
But we (she) got her done and it is beautiful!!!!
Well my friends...gotta start Lee's dinner...although leftovers don't take that much thought!
Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From Afar.....

You can almost see the booth. We were in an old schoolhouse and I think hubby went up on the stage to take this picture...and mine were not that great...I was to close. Such is life I guess I WILL take better pictures at the Apple Fest.
Today the window guy is coming to replace the van window. Yep...shattered on Lee yesterday on the way to work. A large something hit it and he said he watched that crack spread across the window and spider off...actually he said it was pretty cool to watch it . Well, I hope I think it is pretty cool when I write the check to pay for the window.
I will spend today in the cook room again. Let's see today I am pouring up wax melts...Blue Ridge Farmhouse and Colonial Tymes are the scents today I think. If I get the chance I will also pour up some Walnut Grove Apple Pie (Little House on the Prairie). I was asked for these to be at the Apple Fest since I did not bring any to the Sorghum...oops I forgot to make any.

I am thinking about having a give-away when I reach 100 followers...whacha think? It will be a bunch of wax goodies and maybe even a wood goodie or really big furniture though.
I so appreciate every follower and every comment. Thank you for allowing me into your home for a visit.
After the last festival is done...I will start showing bits and pieces of my home...and thank you for asking to see it.
Well, the beeswax is hot!!! It's time to start pouring thing up.
Until next time.
Blessings to you.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Little Late

Good afternoon, I guess by now you know that I was not able to talk to you over the weekend. This past weekend was the 35th annual Sorghum Festival in Clifford, VA. The picture below is the stripped sorghum used to make molasses and in the background you see the press and runner.
It was a picture perfect day. You could not have asked for better weather. These
pictures were taken yesterday, I never made it outside on Sat. and I forgot to give the camera to you don't have pictures of apple butter making, the sorghum being cooked or the mill grinding flour. SORRY
O.K. I just deleted the picture of our booth...this is the third time I have done this so you'll
just have to wait until tomorrow to see it cause I am not going through all this again...LOL
It was a great weekend! Ran out of a lot I am in the cookroom today working with hot wax and some new molds...woohoo...can't wait to show you.
Congrats to Jane...Sunflower Stitches...on a very successful show!! O.K. guys, I will show you the picture of the booth tomorrow.
OH YEAH...congrats to my other half...Lori B on her big news...contributor to a nationally published rock girlfriend!
Hope that you have a great tomorrow.