Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pumpkin Pins

How do you like my little guys? I designed these pins last years and have decide to bring them back for year #2. Also making a return this year will be my snowmen head pins. I will show them to ya later...when it gets a little cooler.As of now I am not taking orders for them do to the fact I am trying to get enough together
for several shows. If something changes...I will let you know. I will be adding the flicker cone and votive lights on etsy along with the angel. All of which are hand poured when order is received.
I went to the Gasto. doctor yesterday and have to have an endoscopy done on Tuesday.
Bummer!!! But they want to make sure it is a hiatal hernia. I don't mind the procedure, it's the needle in the hand that I don't want. Has anyone had one of these before. If so please let me know what I can expect. Thanks!!
Lori and I will be heading out on Thursday...play date!! We will be scouring the roads
for treasure to be found...and a good lunch!!
Tis football season....Saturday I am headed to Charlottesville to the Univ. of Va. game.
I am a big college football fan!! We shall tailgate with country ham biscuits,
ham and potato quiche, and chicken tender biscuits and some kinda salad and desert.
And of course the traditional "football" drinks. (you don't want to know) Let's just say I only
need one of 'em!
Well my friends, I am off to the home shop, much still needs to be done...and Lori keeps reminding me that it's only 2 weeks until show time....but I am NOT ready yet!
Until next time...wishing you much happiness and many

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Before and After

Hi...how are you? Just some wax stuff waiting to be de-molded. I love working with wax.This is what it looks like afterwards...nice huh?
I will add rusty wire to the angel for hanging. I have also poured her up in plaster, but wax is so much easier.
Nothin' much goin on here. Pretty much just the same thing just a different day!!
I think Lee is filling the hot tub back up today...YEAH! Maybe we can sit in it tonight.
Justin and Lee made a shooting range here yesterday so he will prolly come over to shoot...
and eat.
We got the big garden bench and wagon to the shop yesterday...finally. Both are pretty heavy but they really look nice at Lori's. Do ya think I took a picture....NOOO! But I will.
Well my dear friends, I really don't have a lot to gab about today...OH...
There is another show...
Saturday Dec 4, 2010
Theme: Christmas
Preview Friday Night $10 admission
Saturdays admission I think will be the usual $5

Please don't forget:
The Gathering of Primitive Friends
at Notforgotten Farm
Sept. 18, 2010
$3 admission
You don't want to miss this one!!!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Still Waiting....

To be painted that is. These are the little stump dolls and witch...all waiting patiently
to be painted. I usually make several and then pick a day to paintem' all up.
The little emery pin keeps...are done. The cloth on top is from a quilt
that dates from the early 1900's. They have that good ole heavy feel to them.
So...that's what I have been working on. That picture looks like it should be titled
"It's a Marshmallow World."
It's Friday...and no date night. There is no auction this weekend...or next. What in the
world am I gonna do??? I know you are thinking I should paint my stumpies..right. Well maybe I will. But tonight I have to start pouring up soaps and some wax things. I have been puttin' that off and the time has come that it must be done. I have an order for some willow tree soaps and some wax colonial flicker lights. The wax flickers are going to Texas..woohoo!!! I really shoulda put a picture of them up...I forgot, another day then....O.K.
Going to the shop today. I will be working on some kettle rags. We know them as pot holders.
But back then they were kettle rags, used to take kettles of the fire. They were made using whatever scraps were left from sewing...and I have LOTS of scraps. When finished I will show you what they look like.
Well my friends, I must go. Hubby needs help gathering up all the trash. I really just don't understand how two people can make such a mess!! and soo much trash! To let you know...all of my aches and pains have mysteriously disappeared. But I guess that is a good thing!! Maybe the doctor is right after all...I am Normal?! Maybe I just need a new mattress!
Have a great Friday...It's The WEEKEND!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So...I went for my physical this morning. I mean a complete from head to toe thing. Now they start off with the usual weight...I am wanting to shed about 25 pounds, and height...I am vertically challenged. Next we move onto the ekg...mind you I have been having chest pains
for about a year or so...some of which I get really hot and sweaty with. I am dieing right? Or so I think. Then they do the chest x-ray...I am a smoker..but I am trying with ALL my might
to quit. Then I see the doctor, which by the way actually stayed in there for about 45 min....I was impressed with her!! I am telling her EVERYTHING...every pain, stupid thought even some of the more personal stuff (menopause ya know) and she leaves for about 3 minutes...She comes back in and she tells me...I AM PERFECTLY HEALTHY!! She tells me that all of my tests are great..my ekg was perfect, my chest x-ray was perfect...even for a smoker...my last stress
test was perfect (chest pains..remember) all is well except we need the results of the blood work. If all is PERFECT...then why in the heck I am having the pains in my chest???? They keep saying a pulled muscle or hernia...which by the way I go and see the gastro. guy on Monday.
I hate getting older...this sucks!!! I have never had the aches and pains before...much less go to a doctor for anything. So...if I drop over...just remember that I WAS healthy!!
Below are some of the boxes I covered yesterday...
These are the little Halloween candy boxes..I have since tied them with grubby cheese cloth and added a cute Halloween tag.
These I covered in reproduction fabric and only lightly stained them.
I still have a large set to do...soon.
I hope you all are having a good day and that you are getting lots accomplished...
and to Lou (Lori's sister)...it won't be long now!!! Looking forward to seeing you again and just hanging out!!(See the cock box in the background don't ya..LOL).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Introducing Zendora

This is Zendora and her pet crow. After making this one have decided to alterher a bit. She needs to have a pointed chin and a wee bit smaller nose. This is an original
pattern by me...tolda I can't draw!! But I promised to show her and here she is.
My weather here is yucky! It's just sooo cloudy and dark lookin'. I actually slept this morning until 6:30. On days like today I just wanta stay in bed with a good movie and a book...and of course my little pup Tinsley. But from the home shop I hear my little stump dolls calling out
my name...and they are saying Finish Me"! I have 2 more to do and then it's onto the painting
and grubbing them up a bit.
I really think my maid must have quit...she is just NOT doin' her job!!!
She has let laundry pile up, dust critters have decided to move back in and the home office
is a disaster! It's so hard to find good help!! LOL When the maid left I think she took the cook with her 'cause cookin' just aint happenin'! (I really should cook a meal that consist of more than 1 pan!!) But ya know...I get busy doin' other "stuff" and I forget that we have to eat!
Well, I am ending here...I am gonna go and put a load of clothes in...hopefully I will remember that I have put them in and I don't have to wash them twice...I am bad. And then it's off to the home shop for some alterations on Zendora and work on the stumpies.
Have a blessed day,

Monday, August 23, 2010

What Inspires You...

What is it that makes you sew, stitch, hook or punch?
What makes you create?
Is it books, old magazines, tv or just the "need" to to do?
For me...I get my inspiration from...don't laugh...
from the old Little House on the Prairie re-runs.
I really like that period.
Lee gets his inspiration for furniture from watching Bonanza..go figure!
However, we both will grab the old issues of Country Living. These are the
really old issues...ya know when it was more than just hanging a picture
of a cow on a wall and calling that country/primitive.
I find myself pouring over Jill Peterson's and Judy Condon's books also.
Is it the season that inspires you? We all know how much fun it is to start the
decorating season!! For me that runs from Sept-Dec. I love the old corn
stalks, pumpkins, mums and witches! And then we run into Christmas!
Do you create from a pattern or from you heart? I do a little of each. For me it's
a lot easier with a pattern...remember I can't draw!!
I was just wondering what it is that makes you create what you do?
Have a blessed day...and keep creating.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Color of FALL

Look at the color of fall...it won't be long now....I hope!!I am soooo tired of feeling like a marshmallow that has been left outside with the bag opened. Ya know..all gooey and sticky!
Around these parts you can break a sweat just breathing!! Hubby started cutting grass at
7:20 this morning trying to beat the heat...I am sure the neighbors just LOVE him!! We will be heading to the old shop later...almost have it all cleared out! Most of what is left is in the cook room, and a lot of that can be trashed. Of course there is NO a.c. up there...I am going to turn into that marshmallow again!!
Lori and I had our Open House yesterday, ya shoulda come! We had a very nice time
sittin' and stitchn'. And of course we NEVER talk about the husbands...no not us! We have come to the conclusion that they are all pretty much the same....kids in grown up clothing.
Whatcha workin' on today...or are you taking a break? I will be heading down to the home shop later...have designed a witch. If she turns out I will show ya later, if she doesn't she will go in the trash bin!! A lotta stuff ends up in that ole trash bin let me tell ya! It is not really a trash bin, it is a to be used as stuffing bin.
I hear the lawn mower has cut off so I guess he is ready to unload the van from our haul of last night...so I better sign off here.
Have a great day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Early Date Night...with Few Finds

Good evening all, I hope you had a fantastic Friday and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Our date night was short and sweet. Actually, we did not go to the auction, we stopped by and left some absentee bids. Look at the old child's chair below. I think this is such a great chair. This will be at the show next month or if you are interested in it, just e-mail me.
Next we have a real stage coach trunk. This is the real deal...no replica. There are a few small little dings in it, but what do you expect for being that age...Right?
In this picture we have my wonderful, strange and nutty husband. He says that this will be his hunting suitcase. He is holding his new camo burlap he found at Wal-Mart...I don't mean

to be rude or dumb or anything....but what the heck do you do with camo burlap? It must be a guy thing 'cause we HAD to have it. Well, he is now the proud owner (and prolly the only one) of camo burlap. Men...
I saw this on a blog...don't remember which one and it went something like this...
I don't mean to boast or brag...or make you jealous or anything...
But I can STILL wear the earrings I wore in high school.
Come on ladies...that is cute!!!
From my point of view...that is about ALL I can wear from high school.
Tomorrow is the Re-Grand Opening of Notforgotten Farm. And I am not fibbing when I tell you it is packed with all kinda goodies.
If you are out and about Lori and I would love to have you stop by...we have COOKIES!!!
(hey a bribe never hurt anyone).
Have a great night.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Small Tribute...and Shop Happenings

Last night I watched my husband and his son...his son that was out of his
life for 13 years. He missed all of the ball games he played in, his first prom, his
graduation from high school, seeing him skate board in competition and I saw no anger for
missing that. What I did see was complete joy at having him here. He is so very thankful
at having him back in his life, no matter how much time had separated them.
He has taken him under his wing...he has given him a job, reconnected him with family
and now they are planning the big hunting season. He is like a kid again and is truly happy.
I am so very proud of the way he has adjusted to being called Dad. The first time he heard it ...
He had tears in his eyes.
Yes, he carries packages, sets up booths at shows, takes 'em down and he never complains how
heavy a piece of furniture is...and he even stopped asking
"Where are you going to put it"?
I know you are thinking were am I going with this and the answer is no where...
I just wanted to pay tribute to a fine man.....
My husband.
O.K. I am done with that...Lori and I will NOT be at the shop today...stuff came up
However WE WILL BE THERE on Friday and Saturday.
Remember on Saturday is sweets and cool drinks...please plan on coming over and saying
"Hi Y'all".
I think we will be doing another show the first of December...watch for date and details.
We are planning on being at Saunder's Orchard on Sept. 25 for a small festival also.
Busy, Busy, Busy...keeps us outa trouble!!!
O.K. ...gotta go pack up some furniture...heading to Bedford this afternoon to restock
the booth.
Have a very blessed day.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do You Know....

What this is? I love the Folk Art on this piece. This was hand made and painted...It is a "Cock Box"...yeah I don't like the name much either. But anyhow, this is what they would carry their fighting roosters in to a cock fight. On the back at the bottom it is slatted so air could get in. This was made between 1920-1940, but had a reinforcement lock added about 1950(?). I thought it was pretty cool. I know I will never use it for anything except to just sit in the kitchen or whatever room I decide to move it to next.
So, yesterday I worked my butt off but somehow managed to accomplish NOTHING!!
By the end of the night nothing in the home shop was complete. What happened?? Beats me! I did manage to get it a little organized...somewhat. At least I can see the floor now!
I did get rid of all my little friends...you know the little things on the floor that chase you when you walk by...better know as dust critters. They are all happily contained in the vacuum.
Sooo, whatcha workin on?
Don't ask me...'cause I am working on so much at one time that I really
don't know WHAT I am working on!! Today's motto...I WILL complete at least ONE project before thinking of something else to start!!! LOL
Justin will be coming for dinner so I will have to do a little cleaning in the bathroom...please don't think I ONLY clean it when company comes...'cause I DO clean it...I swears! But you know what I mean. However, that does mean I will have to leave the home shop early and cook, so if I want to get anything accomplished I better get moving.
Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Glass Butter Mold!?

Today I have decide to show you a picture of a find from the other week...a glass butter mold.I have never seen one before. I know it's not new as there are a few little chips and the handle is much darker and worn looking then in the picture.
It has a cow design all around it and the press in the middle has one as well.
Antique or repo, I thought this was pretty neat. Has anyone out there seen one or know anything about them?
Hubby got me up this morning...we need to put those shelves up in the basement...mind you the time is 6:30 a.m....Good grief...at least let me have my FIRST cuppa coffee. Men can get so bent outa shape over the littlest of things. O.K. I must admit, the home shop is more than a little mess...but what do you expect when you are moving from one shop into another? It ALL has to come here first...then it goes to either Bedford or the shop at Notforgotten Farm. I am only one person..of which I have to remind him of that DAILY!!! Thank goodness he left for work...I prolly woulda killed him!
Whew! I feel better already. Thanks for listening.
Lori and I have our opening this Saturday...sweets and a cool beverage await your arrival.
If you are in the Amherst/Nelson County area, please visit, we would love to have you.
Heck, even if you are not from this area we would still love to have ya!!
Sooo, I better sign off here, and get busy doin' "things".

Monday, August 16, 2010

Found Treasures

Good morning...hope your weekend was a good one. Below is some of the found treasures from Date Night. Love the table/bench. It's about 65-75 years young.

Look at this olde dough bowl, she really shows her wear.
The olde step back is nice. We found the mustardy yellow paint hidden under painted over contact paper. Some one had put some hideous white screen on her bottom panel doors, so I removed them and am going to replace them with feed sacks or tea stained linen.
I have a thing for olde baskets, and this one looks great considering her age.

I did get some other stuff, a great shaker large barrel, 6 seltzer bottles in their case and some smaller items.
Had Lee's reunion Saturday night. Even though I did not know a soul there...besides Lee, it was nice. I felt so young...he graduated 5 years ahead of me!! It was really fun to see how much everyone had changed...they had all of the senior pictures on a big screen.
Heard a lot of stories...they did a lot a partying back then...Oh to be young again! I think they
had about half of their class there, which after 35 years I guess is pretty good. I have never gone to any of my class reunions, maybe after going to his I will.
He did a lot of name tag reading!! Which by the way I think should be mandatory we wear everyday 'cause I am sooo bad with names!! But all in all it was a nice evening.
Sunday we did nothing. I think all that had gone on the last couple of weeks finally caught up with me, we laid around and watched stupid t.v. ya know the kind of shows that you don't have to think about while watching! I did go into the home shop later and piddle a bit.
Today is errand day...and yes I am sure that there will be a Goodwill somewhere near where I am going!!
Well friends, it is that time...
Have a great day.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to Normal

I am back to normal...whatever that is. Below is a few finishes, pocket tea towels with drieds, couple of prim cats...and the little jar has a label that says "Prim Fixins'" and the smell of it is awesome...buttons, homespun and some other needfuls fill the jar, with a secret scent of course.
Below is the dough riser I purchased at our last Friday Night Date Night outing. The cotton stem on top was a gift from Lori...lovin' that cotton stem.
For any new followers, Friday is date night. We have dinner out and then we go to the auction, if there is one. We have been doing this for about 3 years. We used to go on Friday and Saturday night but they stopped having them on a regular basis on Saturday night. Oh well, we do enjoy our Friday night auction. It's a great way to see our friends and what else ya got to do...right?
Lori and I will be at the shop today...please come on out and visit for a spell. We will be putsin' round about somewheres in there.
Before I let you go I just want to say Thank You ONE MORE TIME! Your kind words and thoughts mean so much...and to all of my new friends....WELCOME!
Have a great Friday.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

TA-DAH...The NEW Shop at Notforgotten Farm

O.K. ladies, Lori and I have pretty much finished weaving Millstone and Notforgotten Farm together. It was very easy to do, we both like the same things and have the same ideas as far as what we want it to look like. Just don't mind the ladder in the picture below. The check out counter...made in America!!!!Looking back thru the shop..as you can see...we LOVE benches!!!
The "kitchen" area...lots of goodies in there. Love the old dish drainer and that large metal
dough riser...full of red handle ware.

Just a few eye candy pieces stuck about.

I love that table top desk and dough bowl. Look at them bonnets on that ladder.
Love it!!

Another view of the shop, walnut garland, dolls, crows, cupboards and benches and stools...and more benches and stools.
There is pretty much NO empty space...just filled to the brim with all the fixins' of a great shop.

The a.c. came in very handy yesterday as it was much hotter and a lot more humid.
We still need to finish the front porch...more BIG benches, prim tables, wool, olde granite ware and a tobacco basket await.....
Please visit soon.
(our official day of opening together is Sat. 21...I can't be there this Sat.
as Lee has his 35 year class reunion...but come visit anyway!!! and come BACK on the 21st)
Thank you to everyone for all of the kind words and positive thoughts,
we greatly appreciate it.
Blessings to you...and thank you again,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day One Of Remodel

Does this cabinet look light to you? It didn't to me either. Lori said it was...but she quickly found out it WAS NOT. Remember the class room picture from yesterday? Below is how it looks today...
Pretty good...huh? The rest of the pictures on here are of our progress yesterday...

Love this desk with the little spice holder on top. We put the mantel in yesterday also.

This is part of the back wall...Love that chair hanging from the peg rack.
Actually we love the whole arrangement! How do you like it? Lovin' that red box filled with primitives. The whole shop is looking GREAT! Peter and Lee were there late yesterday to hang all of the cabinets, shelves....and the A.C. went in yesterday!! Woohoo, it was starting to get cooler in there...when we were finished.
Today it's down to the final stuff, ya know decorating, rearranging and such.
Not bad for one day, huh?
Well... am off to start day 2...this is sooo much fun!
Talk to ya tomorrow.
Blessings from Virginia,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh, What A Mess We Weave....

When we just dump stuff in a pile. No organization here I tell ya.That beautiful shop has been COMPLETELY turned upside down.
Told ya we messed it up a wee little bit!! But at least this way you can get the true effect of before and after...if we EVER get to after!!!
This (above) was formerly known as the "Classroom". I am not thinking there will be a class held in this area today...and probably not tomorrow either! We go today to pick up the "fabric cabinet"...ya know the JUST HAD to have purchase we made Sunday...just another "little" something to add to our already cluster mess. But at least the fabric will have a new home!!

But the cabinet looks good...well sorta. What you can see of it anyway. I think we are going to cover the outside of it with old feedsack or maybe some ticking or homespun. We want it to look old and she really doesn't. The only thing we know for sure is that we LIKE it.
Well friends, gotta go get ready...as you can see...we have our work pretty much planned for the next several days!! (personally I think it will take us at LEAST 4 days...to find the bathroom again!!) Oh yeah...Lee will be bringing the a.c. to us this afternoon!!!! Hopefully we won't melt in the 95 degree heat...I am sure that by 4p.m. we will be just BEAUTIFUL, so if you stop by....please do not get to close!! LOL
Wish us luck...and a lot of it.
Blessings from Virginia,

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Making Of A Heman

Well, here she goes, out the door and down the steps. Lori was supervisor.(sorry I cut your head off) They estimated this cabinet at about 400-450 pounds.

That's Lee loading her up into Little Bit...notice the dolly help.

YEAHHHH...they (Peter and Lee) did it!! They finally got her loaded. Look at those strong, strappin' young fellas, notice those fine muscles!

The end result...her new home. Don't they look happy to have it in place? I wonder how long it will stay there? I am pretty much thinking that if we (Lori and I) EVER want it moved it will be up to us to move it!!
Remember how nice Lori's shop was...you should see it now! What a mess we have, I accidentally deleted that picture from the post...maybe she will post it later, if not I will.
But of COURSE, before we got out to the shop we HAD to go by Lou's antique...
just HAD to have a cupboard for fabric!! We will be picking that rather LARGE cabinet
up tomorrow. Then we had to go by the store...do you think we have given the guys enough time to unload the counter yet!!!? For their effort, strong backs and patience they had steak for dinner...of course they cooked it. Wellll, WE were tired!
All kiddin' aside, we all worked hard yesterday and it was not a cool day either. Much thanks to Lori, Peter and Lee for helping to move Millstone...for the last time!
Now, it is on to getting the shop in some order...we will post pictures this week of the fun(?) we will have trying to figure out where it all goes.
Keep checkin' back...who knows what you might see.
Blessings from Virginia,

Friday, August 6, 2010

What A Mess

Good day...look at my mess...this is just part of what I have to take to Lori'sshop and show. Stacks and stacks of things....olde and handmade.
Love that red bench, that would actually look good on my front porch.

The old white child's wicker rocker is very cute, 'specially with a few handmade dolls in it! In this pile are old store scales...great for holding potpourri, antique baskets, tables, a metal dough riser, bucket benches and sooo much more. I only will show you a bit, the rest of the stuff is in my home shop still waiting to be inventoried.
It is Friday Night Date Night and tonight Justin is coming with us. This will be his first
auction, I am really excited to see his reaction. He loves the old stuff and history... hopefully tonight he will get his fill of both.
Well, going back outside, must be 200 degrees out there, but Lee is cutting and every few minutes I go check on him and take him some fresh ice cold tea.
Tomorrow, hopefully, I will be heading out to Lori's in the morning for a while, hookin' and stitchn' time.
Talk later.
Blessings from Virginia,

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finally...A White Pumpkin

Good afternoon, how are ya? Lookie...it's white. I didn't think I was going to get a white pumpkin this year, but as you can see I did!! I wish I could pick it now before any critters get to it. But Lee says I have to wait.
We had a heck of a storm here last night and it took my giant sunflower down.
I am holding it up...it was sooo tall and beautiful and I went out to take a picture and it was GONE....just laying there. The winds were strong and we had over 2 inches of rain...much needed...in an hour. Before I went down to the yard I yelled out to Lee that someone stole my sunflower...duh, check the ground dummy. (he did not say that but I thought that).
Took another large load to Bedford today, why we do this in 100 degree heat I will never know. It did nooo good to take a shower before I left 'cause the sweat was drippin'. But again I forgot to take a picture...but at least this time I did take the camera, just forgot to use it. I will be going back next week and I will take a picture of my little corner.
Well, we went by the shop before coming home and you know what that means...logging in inventory. The van was full and now so is my basement...will I ever see daylight?
Hopefully Sunday we will get the counter out to Lori's...yep the 400+ lb. giant thing. I will bring her to the home shop to start going through some of the inventory her so we can decide what goes in the shop and what will be on the outside for her show. I am so looking forward to her show, it is always so much FUN...I hope you can All join us.
Well, another storm is coming in FAST so I am headed down to the home shop so I can not see it, yep, I am a chicken.
Blessings from Virginia

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Now I have picrtures!!!

Now I have pictures that I wanted for yesterdays post!! What do they say...

A day late and a dollar short? Something like that anyway. My pumpkin patch. With
no rain, we do not have as many this year as last year, but they look pretty cute growing around the dinner bell. Somewhere in all that vine is the bittersweet, a transplant gift from Lori. You guys should see her bittersweet....it's huge!!! And oh so pretty growing on her porch.

Not much happening here today...first of the month, time to pay bills!! YUUUKKK! Then back into the home shop to log in more inventory. Tonight we are headed to the store for more for more inventory...just what I need!!?

Well my friends, I shall not keep you any longer, the bill man waits! Now if I could just find my checkbook in that black hole I call my pocketbook!

Blessings from Virginia,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Camera Battery Dead...But Think FALL

As I write this I am watching the battery on my camera charge...
DEAD it was, would not EVEN take one more picture.
But let's continue anyway...close your eyes...o.k. leave one open to read.
Think pumpkins and gourds and the changing color on the leaves...see 'em?
The smell of mulled cider on the stove and the warmth that the olde home gives.
Think cozy sweaters and blue jeans...that beautiful wonder lust blue sky that always
steals my heart and makes me want to travel. Soups and stews and chicken and dumplings...
The comfort foods of fall.
And I can't forget college football and tailgating, a favorite Saturday past time.
(Big Univ. of Virginia fan!!)
Why I am thinking like this you may wonder...well I will tell ya...
I just got home from Lori's and the shop looks amazing! It just reminded me of fall
already...plus the cool books we were looking at filled to the brim with fall and halloween
helped a bit too I suppose.
I am just so honored that she asked ME to come in with her that I am still at a loss for words.
For me, I take this as a VERY BIG compliment...Thank you again Lori...we're gonna have sooo
much fun!!
The shop at Bell's Treasures is doing great...in fact we have to take up another load on Thursday to replace what's been sold..WOOHOO...thanks Amy for your support and asking me to come back.
Well friends, I am burnin' daylight as they used to say...and still much needs to be done before I can even see my cuttin' and sewing table.
So the troll is off to the home shop.
Blessings from Virginia,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sweet Potatoes and Fabric!!?

Sweet potatoes...just dug from the garden??? Nope...these are actually wax

tart melts. They make great bowl fillers and can be cut and put in wax warmers. They smell
wonderful, kinda a combination of sweet potatoes and cinnamon. They will be available
for the Gathering Of Primitive Friends Show in Sept. at Not Forgotten Farm....that is providing Lee does not try and eat them before hand!!

Speaking of Notforgotten Farm...Lori, Peter, Lee and I headed for Waynesboro
yesterday afternoon...Ben Franklin trip!! And ya know me....NEW FABRIC!! I can't wait to start using it...but first I will need to finish working on the inventory. Friday we did get a load taken up to Bell's in Bedford. That was a JOB!! I still have a lot more to take up there, but at least there are a few things in the booth. Hopefully soon it will really take shape.
Lori and I have our heads together for the shop...you will most definitely want to visit when it is all together...I don't think you will be disappointed, but we are not telling the secrets just yet!!
Well my friends...the troll is off to the home shop to hopefully complete the inventory that is down there, straighten up a bit and then get BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! Maybe with the new fabric!!?
Blessings from Virginia!!