Friday, April 27, 2012

Home Again!!!

and you probably did not even know I was gone!!
Cathy, Lee and I went on a MAJOR shopping trip...
see the back of the van below..

and here is Cathy TRYING to squeeze one more
thing in the van..

AND THIS is my new home...NOT
but I love it.  VERY OLD with many new updates

and I am in love with the barn that goes with this home
what character!!

We have been shopping in PA. for the last 3 days and have
 been all over the place up there..
HI LINDA!!! it was good to see you..
and Cecilia, Connie, Christina, Darlene and Lori. Hope you all had 
a fantastic show and I will see you Darlene
at Independent Folk in May!

Please come on out to the shop tomorrow for 
"Unpacking Day" at the shop!!!

Have a Blessed evening


Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Woman's Work

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NEVER done!!!

 I started my day by cleaning the floors...
fast and furious is my way of doing it..

Hey...GET OFF MY clean floors...
who do they think they are.
Sometime they act like THEY live here!!!

Now it's on to doing dishes...
ya think a man could put a paper plate holder
in the dishwasher...
HECK NO!!! not in THIS house.

FINALLY!!! Loaded. 
Waiting for Mom to drop one of those secret tabs
in this little holder...
I would do it myself but only Eli knows how to get those darn
cabinet doors open.

Yeh i's time to RELAX!!!
Ax Men come on later...
Dad says he is gonna take an ax to my muffin if I 
don't start to use the newspaper...
with this face...
Right dad!!!   lol

I hope that you all had a great weekend
and are ready to start the week!!
~~COLD~~ has come back to Virginia...
what's THAT about..
news's almost
MAY Mother Nature...
get with the picture!!!

Thank you for your visit to Millstone and have a blessed evening


Friday, April 20, 2012

Thrilled BEYOND Words.....


to have been asked by the wonderful people at
FOLK to be one of only
"20" vendors in the first annual
However...this year I will NOT be able
to attend (sad face)....BUT...
friends I WILL see you next year.(happy face)

I have some new pictures of Miss Kaity
that I will show you tomorrow...
she is one busy little lady!!!

Enjoy your day
and have a fantastic weekend!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Cecelia has done it again!!!
This was an awesome way to spend a Saturday...
in a room full of old, grubby, primitives and antiques
oozing with the MOST amazing style. 
The people were amazing also!!
It is always a pleasure to hang out with our
friends up here...we so enjoy your company!
So friends here is a very very small sampling of

We always have a great time doing this show
from the wonderful dinner that is prepared for us
to packing up...yes I said even pack up is fun here...
the weather was perfect!!
I know the outside dealers were happy! 

Thank You "C" for allowing Millstone to be 
a part of your show schedule...
Ladies...see you in November!!!
(christmas shopping time...just thought
I would remind you what we will be bringing!)

Have a blessed weekend friends!!!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Don't Forget...

that Millstone will be 
we have have the honor of being a vendor at
Henhouse Primitives Show
Elkton, MD

See you on Wednesday at the shop!!

Have a Fantastic weekend


Monday, April 9, 2012


from books and journals
to key chains and banners..
they are DONE.

Good-morning to you and 
Happy Easter Monday and
Spring Break.

the pictures are not that great..
but it's hard to take them with a puppy
in your arms!!

YES, I have spoiled her rotten...
actually past rotten.
She stinks, but what was I suppose to do!?

Gosh after seeing the pictures...
they really so look bad, guess I will
have to take some more.
Heck, I'll just show them in the booth this weekend!!
WOOHOO!! Maryland here we come ready or not!!

Henhhouse show is this weekend, please stop
by and say Hello!!
Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Have a great day and thank you for your visit...


Thursday, April 5, 2012

PLEASE...Can We?

..Go for a walk?  
Katie Scarlet just loves the outdoors and 
is really trying her best to take Tinsley for a walk.'d you get in front??

Great friends

See how he LOVES me...
or ummm chokes me.

But then again...
I 'prolly start it!

So there you have it...
"The Babies"
of our lives.
Trust me...never a dull moment around here.

Will show you pics of new works maybe by this weekend...
key chains
books banners
oh my!!

Next show is NEXT weekend.
Hen House Primitives
Looking forward to seeing our friends in

It's Grey's Anatomy time!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sorry I Am Late...

...I know I said I would post on Saturday night...
but ya just had to be there. 
O.K., I decorated with
Hope you enjoy the pics.

The last picture is the new burlap that I
have started stenciling...LOVE IT!!
and it sold like hot did the banners and dirty linens.
Tomorrow it is back to stenciling and fabric dying.
We had a blast and it was such a pleasure to meet all of our
"new friends".
Good to talk with you Linda!!
and I want to say a big
THANK YOU ANITA!!!! for watching the store.
Friends...thank you for your visit
I know this is short, but the letters and words
are becoming blurry, gotta rest the tired eyes.