Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hi Friends....

...just a few pics of the shop. I will be glad when it's finished.
I love big ole tobacco baskets...
and crows. Jane aka Sunflower Stitches made the rug hook
wall hanging. She has put some really nice pieces in the shop.

This is the front room...complete with touches
of spring.

And LOOK AT THESE!!!! Great 100% handmade in the USA
Olde Feedsack Eggs. I fell in love with them...sooo of course
I had to have them for the shop!!!

AND....I have moved to the BEACH!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!
These little friends were in the markets parking lot!!! A sure sign of
spring coming!! Guys, I live 4 hours away from the ocean!! But they
are here every year for the season...WHAT??? Do they not realize
that there are no fish in that parking lot??
But I so enjoy looking at them, they are a reminder of my
love for the ocean and the cool sand between my toes....sigh.
Wishing you all a GREAT week ahead and I will talk to you soon.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Formal Invite...

Robin and Lee Harrison would be honored to have you attend the
from 10-5
along with Millstone please join vendors:
Cindy Baker: Mountain Hollow Primitives
Kathy Miller: Kings Island Primitives
Jane Umstead: Sunflower Stitches
Sheri Ruff: Bittersweet Findings
I am at the shop today...ironing...yeh I know, just don't ask!!
Still have a few tweaks to do, but it will be ready for next weekend.
Have a few more picks to show you....after Date Night!! woohoooo!
Have a Blessed Day

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Date

Some quick shots of the shop....Bunny by Kathy aka King's Island Primitives.
New Primitive Place has arrived STILL waiting on the others.

The Teddy was made by Kathy also...along with the chair. I REALLY like this
Teddy, he just looks soooo old.

My soap, room mist and potpourri, just got back from the shop a few
minutes ago boxing up MORE soap.

Oh YEAH!!!! Date night was Friday night....lookie what I got.
This will travel with me to Kentucky in April....maybe
I really like this piece. Would look great in the shop as extra counter space.
But I am pretty sure it will be making the journey with us. We had a beautiful weekend,
even with the 999 miles an hour gusts of wind on Saturday. O.K. so it was not THAT strong
but I seriously thought my head was going to blow off at one point! I think it was even a little
to strong for kites...the birds loved it. You could just watch them glide through the one
point it looked like one of them kinda "lost his balance"...I swear he did a flip in mid air.
Taking a break today...much needed housework!!!!!
Have a great day
OH YEAH....I almost forgot...
Robin and Lee Harrison would love to have the honor of your presence
at the Grand Re-Opening of
Millstone Mercantile
on Saturday MARCH 5, 2011
from 10-3
3936 South Amherst Highway
Madison Heights, VA 24572

Saturday, February 19, 2011

hello...are we speaking????

Hello friends, I can still call you that...right? It's been a VERY long week.
O.K. this greets you as you walk in the shop....I have added a lot to it since
this pic was taken.
This is my front I change this almost daily!

This hooked bunny was made by Cindy and I just think he has the bestest

One small corner of the back it's not finished either.

And just some more stenciling of the walls!

My Opening Day will be.........
not yet!!!!
I still have a few more things to get squared away!
Soon though, or at least I hope soon 'cause this is killing me!!!! lol
Just kidding...It's ALL GOOD!
Lee and I are having a blast doing this...I think we are anyway....
we have been to tired to really know if we are having fun yet!
Bed has come very early this past week!
Well I am off to go and make my list of things I do not want
to forget to take with me tomorrow!
Thank goodness for the LIST!!
Have a Blessed evening,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Extremely Small Sneak Peak....

...of one room that is no where near finished!!! But since this was
taken there has been a lot more added. I will go tomorrow afternoon for
flowers for the shop....a little color. I am SLOWLY getting used to white walls
and white trim. I will admit that I have put some stencils on walls...
I will show you that another day...soon.
So, whatcha been up to? You all know what I have been doing!! I am looking
forward to Date Night Friday...I NEED a break. Lee and Justin have been
amazing!!! They have tugged, pulled, slid and moved more furniture...
and sometimes it has been the same piece more than once...for days.
AND they have NEVER complained, fussed or cussed!!!!
I sure wish I could say the same for myself!!!! lol
My friends...I will talk to you later.
Have a Blessed Day and enjoy the Spring Like weather...
we're having some nice temps!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Morning...Happy Valentine's Day!!

I said I would show you what I bought at the show and here it is...I LOVE IT!!!!! This is going to look great in the shop...
until it sells anyway!!

I love my old white farm table. She did not sell at the show, but that's o.k.
I have a place for her!!!

And this is my baby...Sassy. She is 12 years old and unfortunately is not
doing all that great. She had 3 seizures last night. We have upped her meds
in hopes that will help.

She is such a sweetheart.
I am heading up to the shop today to finish up painting, scrubbing floors
and putting stuff away in the cook room. If you are out and about stop in and
say "Hello"...someone will be there!!!!
Tomorrow we are headed out to Lori's to gather up and load up 2 of the
heaviest counters that were EVER made!!! Wish us LUCK!!
Have a Blessed day and I will talk to you later...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Is It??.... is the inside of my van on Thursday Night!! You could not have fit a small
piece of paper in there!!!! Sooo...we are loaded and ready to go!
This is what is left of my small little corner....this is before the show
started!!! I was grabbing ANYTHING and hanging it!!!

My Sellar's cabinet...
She found a wonderful new home to go to!!
The table with dough favorite thing!!!
I LOVE dough bowls!! The table was sold to the same loving home as the Sellars went to!
And a few of my dough bowls found wonderful new homes also!!

The best I could do...the overall booth

The show was a huge success and to EVERYONE who came.....
Without you all I could not do what I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
A very big congrats to Donna Smith form Southern Star and
Linda Miller from Miller House....
I truly think that this was
THE BEST SHOW YET!!!!!!!!!!!
You two do a FANTASTIC job promoting the show!!!
Now it is on to working at the shop. Mr Lee has already headed up there...not me.
I am still sooo tired!!!! But excited also....
I have not picked an exact Grand Opening date as of yet... hopefully soon I will
be able to narrow down a date.
My friends....I am going to dress and head to the shop...wooohoooo!!!
I will talk with you tomorrow...and show you
what I bought at the show!!!!!

Have a Blessed day...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome Back...

....and excuse the orbs(circles) in the picture...I don't know WHAT that is about.Well as you can see the first coat of paint is on the trim.
This is my "Cook Room"...the heart of Millstone.
Going under the peg board will be a counter...then drop down to a sitting
counter top where sewing machine will go. This is a really big room...and I have a SINK!!
That means I have running water!! The last shop did NOT!!
Look at the Folk Arty mantel. This is in the main room.
Excuse the coffee...we were up there until 9:00 the other night.
Close up of the mantel. Now keep in mind that today the black was re-painted...
there is no white showing

All this and we have still found the time to COMPLETELY pack the new van
for the first show of the year!!! WOOHOOO!!!
Let me tell you...when I say it is full...
well let's just say the sides are bulging a bit!!!
There are 3 tables and a Sellar's cabinet
10-13 Apple Crates
2 Trunks
Lord only knows how many stools/benches....cause one can NEVER have to many
of these wonderful little items!!!!
And I will just have to take a picture BEFORE we begin to unpack it!!
It's late, Private Practice is on and I still need to pack up the last
of the flicker lights that I just finished painting a little while ago.
Then I think I can FINALLY go to bed.

I will keep in touch MAYBE tomorrow night...if not then
how 'bout Sunday...Good for you?
Have a Blessed Weekend,

Monday, February 7, 2011


...won't you come in?? This is the "new" Millstone...come on, let's go inside
Follow Me... and pardon the mess...
SHOOT this is outa place. This is one of the after!! It is not suppose
to be in this group yet!! This is as you come in the front door to your left.
And it is all primed...not painted yet though.

But this IS NOT!!! A tad bit on the BRIGHT side !! This is the big main room.
Across from those double windows is a faux fireplace with mantel.

Look at that ceiling....
I have NO explination!!!
and this room...words can't describe
O.K. honestly I thought about keeping this meadow room
but in the really is just NOT me!!! This is now the first picture you saw!!

This is the beginning of my little shop. I will show you the rest of
the shop tomorrow, there are a few more rooms.
I am still tired from yesterday, I have not worked like this in a while!!

This is kinda short, but I am so glad that I got to show you the pics of "HOME"...

I do so hope that yo will come back and follow us on this journey.
Have a Blessed Day,

Another Saturday Night....

and now I aint got no money!!! But I have "Stuff" LOL
this is not all the stuff I got but it is a the bucket,
early frogs and enamel coffee pot!!

I am LOVIN' the patina on these candle sticks!!!

This OLDE dish drainer...has the scoop front! Hard to find one of these!
and this wonderful square oak table....LOVE IT!!!
and of course ....we ALL know Eli....he says he is going to the
new home with me....I think he means Millstone's new home...wooohooo!!!!
But it truly looks like he is packed and ready to go!!
So, first a BIG "THANK YOU" for all of your kind words
and all of the wonderful e-mails of congrats and encouragement!!
They may not seem like a big deal to some, but your words to me are
HUGE!!! and I Thank You again!!!!!!
We have possession of "our new home" and are starting the work in there today. I
truly do not know how many gallons of paint it will take to cover up dark orange walls
and a mural painted on one entire room!!!! That is a bit much for me!!!!
But right now as I sit at my desk and look out at the mountains and our
lower forty...I really want to just stay put...where it is warm by the fire
and my fur babies are snuggled down.....somewhere in the distance I hear
Mr. Lee...calling for tp...LOL....gotta run my friends.
Will keep you updated on our progress with the NEW Millstone!!!!
Have a Blessed,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Date Night....BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!

Hi folks!!!! Hope that you are enjoying your weekend. LOOK at what I got at
"Date Night"!!!! That is an oak Sellar's cabinet...along with one of
the original Sellar's jars. NICE! The 2 child's sand pailsare toooo cute! And I love the child's play iron and board.
I am in LOVE with this Sellars!!! Look at the utensil drawers and that speckle enamel...
be still my heart!!!! AND it has the slide out shelves behing the big door....and the floor bin is
there with all working parts! And a great buy at that!!!
NOW....for my BREAKING news......
Millstone Mercantile
3936 S. Amherst Highway
Amherst, VA 24572
Do you notice anything????
Millstone has an address...
YEP....I am going to open the shop back up around the middle part of March!
We are VERY excited and a little nervous about this new adventure but in my heart
I know Millstone will be a success.
Before I go I do want to say "Thank You" to Lori....
I could not have done it without YOU!!!! get busy on those curtains!!!!
Have a FANTASTIC weekend....I am off to another auction!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just Stuff...

cool rake I dug out of a bin last Saturday, yeah there are a few rungs
missing....but the wood is great.and this SWEET doll cradle, well played with...look at that wood
and this make-do corner light that we made...complete with repair.
It's not finished yet, still needs some "aging" done to it.
If you look close down in the corner you can see the repair. The wood
is definitely not new! It has 2 holes at the top so it can be hung to the left
or right.

Nothing much going on around here, we are on count down until next week...
Show Time!!!! woohooooo!
Just trying to get ALL the ends tied up, make sure everything has been
tagged and priced....and pouring up soap....
LOTS of soap.
I will making room spray ...
and possibly some carpet fresh...
and paint some more door boards...
and stenciling "dirty linen"
and running to Wal-Mart...
and cooking dinner.
Gosh when you put it like THAT.... it kinda seems like a full day!

I hope your day is full of creative endeavors and ALL the things you love.
Have a GOOD one,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do You Remember.... much fun it used to be to receive a note in the mail???To receive something OTHER than a bill or junk? I know with the age
of computers that sending that quick e-mail is soooo much faster and
yep...even a bit cheaper but don't you remember how much
it was to find a little card in the mail...something you could hold and
read over and over if you wanted to?
I can remember that it was "proper" to send out the
"Thank You" cards for all the birthday gifts received
and even Christmas gifts. I hated writing them but had no choice in the matter....
"Proper Etiquette" is what my mother called it.
Somewhere along the way I stopped sending little notes to family and I
decided to make it fun again.
As you can see from the above pic I have made some hand stenciled
cards, and even stenciled a big ole star on the back of the envelope.
I am bringing these to the show in a few weeks...however if you wish to have a set(6) for
yourself...just shoot me an e-mail...LOL!!!
Have a blessed Tuesday and if your are in the "Snow Belt"....
Be safe and stay warm.
Blessings to You and Yours,