Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Here Ya Go....

...I am getting ready for the fall shows and this is what I have done so far...
a scare crow head in an old store scale pan
2 BIG crows on pitch forks
smaller crow on an old funnel.

So...there you have you can see all of my
"non sewing" abilities!!!  I am not that great a sewer.

My crows are drawn up by Lee and I and I can not remember
the maker of the scare crow pattern.

My updates will be coming in the early would be amazed
at how much I can get done during the day by LEAVING the
computer at HOME!!!!  and with the shows coming up I really
need to be working at work...imagine that?!!

Thank you for your visit to Millstone and have a good night.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Behind The Scene...

 Lee does not like the limelight nor does he
ever want to take the credit for what he does,
but heck...
I can not build this table
(yeah you have seen it but I took it out of my kitchen and put
it in the Keeping Room)
And just look at this pie safe...this is the "after" and I am sure that you will remember... 

the "before"

Seems like I was the only one that liked the color of that pie safe.
It is walnut and old and now sits in my foyer.
I feel truly blessed to have such a husband that really loves to do the
same things as I do.
When we get in the home shop together...
watch out!!!!
You just never know what will come out.

Soooo, I am "stuffed" out....
my nails are forever stained brown
and I truly think there is cinnamon in every nook and cranny
in my kitchen...and have you ever smelled burning
Will show you what I have been up to in the next few days.

Thank you for your visit and have a great evening.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's FALL!!!!!!

O.K.   so it's not,
but LOOK! I have  "A" pumpkin!

I hope that everyone is o.k. with the hurricane, I do not think
it was as bad as they thought, but for those that lived through it I
am sure it was truly bad enough!!

I wanted to show you pics of a pie safe that Lee just refinished and some of my
crows that I have finished up but for some dumb stupid reason
my computer program kept deleting the pictures, instead of rotating the pics it was deleting instead you got the pumpkin...

Had date night this past Friday,
how I love date night...yep; no pics...
quick draw mcgraw had it all put up before I could
snap a picture.

Cooking today...Justin coming for dinner.
Painting ...
Stuffing...crows and pumpkins, not our bellies!
Do YOU want to come and PLAY?

the shop will be CLOSED this FRIDAY as I am going to
for their HUGE FLEA MARKET/ANTIQUE 4 day weekend. 
I will only be there on Friday though.
Aubrey says we are leaving at 4 a.m.
Is that REALLY a time?

Enjoy your day...
thank you for your visit to Millstone.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not Normal.....but

What do you mean...
Not Normal????
In this house THIS is normal...
for under my pillow that is!!!
Eli and HIS toys...
under MY pillow.
Let me explain...
The time is 12:30 am and he wants to play
"mouse" and it really squeeks just like a mouse
under my pillow it goes.

He leaves

The time is 2:38
Eli wants to play "paper"
under my pillow the paper ball goes.

He leaves, but not before being rubbed on for what seems like forever.

The time is 4:34
Eli wants to play "cat"...but wait that really is MINE...
he must have gotten that out of a bowl full of old toys...
anyway by now you know the routine...
under my pillow it too goes,
and he is rubbed
and he leaves.

Now yo know why I have dark circles under my eyes and why I
feel it necessary to take a nap!

I hope everyone survived the earthquake yesterday!!
Lori and I had the "deer in the headlight" look I am sure!!
Barnes and Noble will never be viewed the same again!!

Ya'll have a great day.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Date Night Update...

I LOVE date night!!!
We had a blast last night...the auction house was packed...
guns for the boys...brings 'em in every time.
I am not much one for for guns and coins at the auction...
I like the "good" stuff!
Wanna see???
Early wall pocket
Great funnel...perhaps a crow perched on it
early creamer

I love this early carrier/tray
and a great hide stretcher
an old keg...Lee will fix it up with an old rusty band
or perhaps some rusty wire

And last...
this is 2 large Farm tables, handmade
an early metal brush
and a great tin square syrup holder

So, there you have it.
Date night.

AND....we got up at the crack of dawn...4 am
to go to a couple yard sales this morning.
Found an OLD PAINTED dough bowl for 7.00
an early glove box for 4.00
daisy churn for 10.00
 and some "stuff".

Now you have pretty much been caught up on my life.
Told ya we do not do a whole lot...
plain and simple!!!

Have a great Sunday and
 Thank You for your visit.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The "AFTER"...

Maybe one day I will be smart enough to remember to take
a "before" picture of something...
but alas it was not the other day.
This WAS a 6 foot 1950's forest green
double door pantry.  The doors were the cheesy
water damage was all around the bottom,
so I got to lookin' and thinkin' and this is what I
came up with, with Lee's masterful help....

Whatcha' think????
A great mustard and screen doors.
I have since put a burlap patch on the one of the doors.
Looks old to me.
It is now about 4 foot tall, maybe a little more.
We had so much fun doing this latest project.

Now it is back to the shop to do some much needed sewing!!
I just can't seem to get it done at the home shop...
MAYBE it's because for some strange reason 
I can't find the sewing machine for all the #*@#
piled on top of the

Thank you for your visit to Millstone!
Have a great day...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Am Not MIA....

...but we have been in the basement working on some of
the recent finds.

I am lovin' this green cabinet...
would look great in the upstairs foyer...
but hubby says
"It must go to a show"

and then comes one of the buckets...
look at the red paint still on the inside...
it is dark on the outside,
hanging on the side is an early braided mat...
so soft!!

and last we have this great old doll blanket...
Imagine it in the center of a table with a candle
or wooden bowl.

So, I forgot to mention one little thing...
my anniversary..
Nope not with Lee...
but it was a little over ONE year ago
that I QUIT SMOKING!!!!!
I am rather proud of myself...
and no Lee and Justin did not quit with me.

I did visit Lori yesterday with Stacy...
that is one talented lady.
Her work is amazing,
if you ever get the chance to attend a class
I really think you should.

Thank you for your visit to Millstone
and have a blessed evening.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Am Doing The Happy Dance.... results came this morning at 8:44...
I had to return their call cause I did not hear my cell phone ring...
I was shaking and had sweaty palms when I dialed the number
but to hear the words....


was music to my ears.
I am so thankful for all of you and my family for the most
wonderful support system anyone could ask for.

I was so excited I forgot my camera...
Ya know Lori and I went shopping....

Had a blast!! Bought LOTS of goodies
and a table...that's another story all together!!!
(Forgive me PLEASE Lori!!!!!)

Crows and pumpkins and witches!!!!
they were everywhere!
and somehow they all ended up in the back of my car!!!

I love to decorate for fall...
and the little table is perfect to hold it all!!
I promise a picture when it's all done.

Today is a "banner" day...making fall banners
for the gates and wreaths...
all the shows will be here before I know it...
and I just seem to work better under pressure I guess 'cause
I am sooooo far behind.  So with that being said

Thank you for your visit....
Have a blessed day,

Monday, August 8, 2011


Just a quick note to let you all know that I
am o.k. and did survive the biopsy this morning.
Actually, it was not bad at all,
I never felt a thing.
And the good news is that she thinks that it was
a cluster of small cells but we are checking just
to make sure.

To celebrate me being "good" for the doc, Lee took me shopping!
Nothing major...
I am saving that for my outing with Lori tomorrow...
yep we will be 
On The Road Again!!!!

I will talk to you all on Wed. morning and show you the 
treasures I find on our hunt!

Thank you again for ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!
I truly feel blessed.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

A FINE JOB......

 Lee has done it again!!
He brought this up to the shop yesterday...
Notice "his" fabric...
Yep...all by himself he picked that out
took it to the counter, had it measured...
AND THEN you would have thought that he
KNEW everything about sewing there was to know!!!

All kidding aside, his work is great.
I will not take any credit for this piece at all!

I am trying to play catch up today...some one has been wearing our
clothes cause I swear I do not know how 2 people can have so much
dang laundry!!

And do not get me started about the tumbleweed dust bunnies!!

Well my dear friends, I am off to go stir the meatballs and sauce that are cooking in the slow
cooker....smells wonderful!!
Simple dinner and relaxing afternoon.

Tomorrow is the day and I will keep you all posted!!
Thanks again for all the positive energy,
and words of comfort.


ps..that is an antique sewing cabinet that was found in a barn...all
original axcept 4 handles and material on top.  This was brought home in pieces and Lee restored it

Friday, August 5, 2011

PSSST....I Have A Secret....

...come closer...

closer yet...

lookie what I won...
From Homespun Primitives
a doll by Lori Rippey...
and I LOVE HER!!!!!

Folks meet Sophronia

I do not know where to start or what to say except
from the bottom of my heart for the words of encouragement and all of the
e-mails with kind thoughts...
I know now that with all of you guys that no matter what happens
I have "PEOPLE".  I truly love you all and greatly appreciate you.

O.K. let's see what Mr. Lee has been up to...

He is working on this spool cabinet....
not bad.
He has the drawers to stain,
hinge the top,
and replace the leather (fabric) on top.
(pay no attention to the old drawer's his work bench)

It's date night!!! woohooo
We are going to Jo-Ann's Fabric store... DO NOT expect ME to go buy HIS fabric now do you?
OMG...if I got the wrong thing for his cabinet the world would
come to an end...SOOO
we all know that sometimes it is better to let them do some stuff for
their self!! 

Friends, please have a Blessed and safe day.
Thank you for your visit.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not What I had Planned

Good morning friends...
this is not what I had planned for today.
I wanted to show you the awesome spool cabinet that Lee is
refinishing....but I forgot to bring the camera with me this morning..

But the last few days I have not been in my right mind...
Now I need YOUR help.
I need all the positive energy, prayers whatever it is that you do
sent this way please.
I go in on Monday morning for a breast biopsy.
I am trying with all my might to think that all will be o.k. and that this
"thing" in my body is just a complicated cyst,
but I will not know without it being tested.

I greatly appreciate all of your help.

Thanks to everyone who just loved Lee's table...
I feel like "Mama Walton" with that table in my kitchen.

Please friends, have a Blessed day.