Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gifts from Tisha

Good morning friends, how are you? Well, I am feeling better...
for a while any way. I invited our Chiro. Doc over for some food on Monday
'cause I feel like by then Lee and I will be in so much pain we will need him!!
Of course he just laughed and said take it easy....does he know Lee???
He gets those wild hairs and it is Katey bar the door and watch out!! AND he has
a long weekend....guess he will me and the animals swinging from the
chandelier by the time it's all over with.

Take a look at what Tish...Loafer Mtn. Primitives...sent me yesterday!!!!

What a beautiful gift and friend!!  That is a hand made pillow
"The Hands of Friendship"
a cute sign to hang
awesome basket
and some wonderful scented potpourri
I LOVE it ALL....Thank You Tisha.
If you scoot over and read some of Tisha's older post you will be in stitches...
Skippy has GOT to be Eli's twin!
What she does with a snowman will have you in stitches!!!
Come on now Tish....I miss you!!!!

Friends, have a blessed day and thank you for your visit...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Wednesday

This little lady pretty much sums up how I feel.....

I think between pulling weeds like a mad woman,
moving furniture like a twenty year old
and just doing other things like I have no sense about me it
has done a number on the pinched nerve...
a.k.a. rib out of place.
Monday morning I RAN to the docs for an adjustment...
I am going back in the morning and I CAN'T wait!!!

I sure do wish Lee knew how to do whatever it is he does.
Even my ankles hurt!!!!

I want to say HELLO Lorraine and Robin from Maryland...
I sooo enjoyed your visit today...sure do wish I could
have gone with you guys to Gettysburg!!!  Hope you found lots of goodies
and thank you a bunch for the kind comments about the shop! you have your fireworks yet??? Me neither.
My girlfriend got burned pretty bad several years ago
and since them I am a spectator!!

Have a Blessed day and.....the mail just came
THANK YOU TISH for the beautiful gifts.
pics tomorrow I promise!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Something To Me..... gift to me...
I love old wood and put Blue Cobalt with it and I am in heaven!!!!
AND include an old zinc top....
  Yeh, I know the roll top is gone, but the cubbies are great!

It WAS bought as a flip.....
Decided it would look really good in the den for now, maybe later I
will take it to the shop!?

Have you had a good weekend so far?  Been a little on the
warm side here, but at least the humidity has gone for a day or so.
I just wish I could remember to water my plants!!

Ohhhh!!  Last night I was helping Lee weed the flower beds...yes I do weed!! lol I was saying...weeding....and we were pulling the sage and talking
and all of a sudden they were there....BEES!!!!  Yellow jackets...
AND I think we pissed 'em off just a wee bit!!!
They got him....I ran..he cussed...and the bees won!  still a bit of sage to pull
but we have to find their nest first and kill them.

Soooo, that's my weekend so far...hope yours is going o.k.
Thank you kindly for stopping by Millstone...
have a blessed day.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Tidbits....

         we have a few pics...gosh technical drives me crazy!!!
Just to old for this mess I
Locker Hookers 101 group. If you ever get the chance to take this class
you should do' very fun.

I just love this rug!!!!  Lois has done a wonderful job! 

and now you come to my little mat...
...the first Locker Hook completed.   My arthur in my wrists
and the carpel tunnel has REALLY flared up so needless to say I will be taking
a break from "hookin".
I want to thank Lori again for that's Licorice, it's black and smells

I am going to share now some of what I  think is exciting news....
Faye from Mercantile Gathering has asked Millstone to make the
new Mercantile Gatherings Magazine holders!  These are bought by shop
owners and used to display the magazines in.  Looking forward to seeing the
proto-type!! Hopefully it will be here soon and we (Lee) can get started.

Thanks for stopping by Millstone and please have a safwe and blessed day!!
See you soon!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hot Ham and Cheese and Hookers....

...first let me say that I have tried 6 times to upload pics...
needless to say Blogger is trying my nerves!!!
so with that said ...let me tell you a little story.

Things I learned yesterday....
lemonade makes you pucker and have a really glassy eyed look...
when 2 hungry ladies sit down to eat...DO NOT get in their way...
hot ham and cheese and french fries GONE in oh lets say about
one minute....we were HUNGRY!!!! 
Lori's (Notforgotten Farm) arms are NOT as long as I thought they were,
Tables hurt your toes
DO NOT go on a walking hike when it is 100 degrees outside...
trust me YOUR clothes WILL stick to you!!!!!!

I was so hoping to show you pics of the Locker Hookers 101 group!!
Gosh that was fun.
Lessons learned: you have to have the strength of steel AND
know how to growl!!!! Those corners are tough...but WE mastered them.
Thanks Lois for such an interesting class and we know where you are when we need
help with the corners!!!!!

Maybe I will be able to show some pics later or tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and please have a GREAT day!!!!!


Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Beginning.....

...a little life just starting.
I am pleased to have you meet Clara Lee,
proud parents are Megan and Kevin Lee.

I love her pose...I actually can not get my arm in that position.
She is very comfortable in her Uncle Lee's arms.
This little angel was prayed for VERY hard and for 5 years
and well, we think she was worth the wait.

Running around usual and headed out tomorrow
with Lori doing some picking and tomorrow night I will
be taking a Locker Hooking class with my friend Anita....
so I will show you treasures and tell you tales on Wed.

Have a safe and Blessed day and Thank You for your visit!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Come Sit A Spell...Won't You....

...we call her home..
but her real name is Simple Pleasures
and she will be celebrating her 100th birthday in just 5 short years.

These 2 guard our old homestead...yeah right!!
Come me they would lick you to death

Let's sit a spell and catch up

or we can sit on this side, which ever you prefer.
While we sit and chat we can.....

watch the sunset.
Perhaps enjoy a glass of good 'ole Southern Sweet Tea?
or just a nice cup of coffee.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend,
we took Lee's Dad and Mom out for dinner last night for
both Father's and Mother's Day, tomorrow I will go
and visit my Dad and Mom and maybe even take a dip in the pool.

Have a safe and Blessed day...
Thank you for visiting Millstone Mercantile and please come back


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Come On In For A Visit....

...and don't mind the flowers! I know they are a LITTLE tall
or my sign is a little short but I just can not cut them down. The town says my sign
can not be any higher...and you just can't fight local rules!!!

Come on up....
Lee made me the banner hanger and I think it works very well...

 Step inside and take a look around
 Some more stuff
I hope you enjoyed your visit today.

Thank you for stopping by Millstone and have a safe and blessed day......


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Around The Home....

...this is what I look at every night.
A beautiful sunset...
Sure do wish those power lines were underground though.
Peaceful, calming...the perfect ending to my day.

This is the beginning of what will some day be my
bittersweet forest 

And this is the next Southern Kudzu. DO NOT plant this stuff
unless you want EVERYWHERE!!! It started out a small single stalk
and LOOK!!!!  This is after taking it ALL up and mowing
it down. UGHHHHH!!! This stuff is all over the mulch beds,
up under this stuff I have little azalea bushes screaming for light and air.
It is now growing up through the drive way pavement.  I hate using weed killer
on it because of all the plant life under it...oh yeah...
this is white sage/Russian sage or something like that.

It was an absolutely fine day today...fall temps and I was 'lovin it!
I spent today running around with wonderful company...ME!!! I so enjoyed
doing some picking and shopping and not rushing.
Headed to the shop tomorrow thru Saturday
Father's Day is Sunday...are you ready??? 
Monday I am heading out of town for a little while...
wonder what I will find?

Have a Blessed evening,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Sneak Peak

....into my "new" kitchen.  Lee and I have been busy changing
out furniture....again!!  The red piece has now been put in the
sitting room, keeping room or whatever you want to call it.
And this old mantel has taken it's place...complete with brick hearth trimmed
out in old tobacco sticks.
The monster piece we had in the room off the kitchen...
aka the old dining room...has now been taken to the shop.
Thanks to Justin for helping us move it...we guessed it's weight to be
around 250-300 pounds.  So glad to have it GONE!! 

The story of the mantel...for starters it was free...a gift from
Mario at Second Time Around Antiques.  Well kinda free, we traded a cart for the mantel,
sign and some other stuff.
Brought it home and started cleaning on it...keep in mind that this was outside...
yes sir....BUGS!
I hate bugs...this thing has been taken completely apart, scrubbed and put back
together again.  It had wood roaches coming out of it....
I thought I was going to have heart failure.
They are gross...and all dead!!!

We are kinda having a small storm right now so
with that said I am going to let you guys go.

Talk to you later,

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dear Blogging Friends.....

It is with much regret (and NOT my fault) that you have not
seen my comments on your blog.
Dawn, Lorna, OLM, Linda and a hundred more.....
I do not know what is wrong!!!! and I am still here!!!
It will let me leave comments on a couple of blogs but not everyone's.
I can not EVEN leave anonymous......
if anyone out their can help
I would sure appreciate it.!!!!

Have a GREAT Friday and keep cool


Thursday, June 9, 2011

It Matches.....

...I like things to match but I never thought about matching my grubby
primitive soap and my walnut stained fabric, but it does actually look pretty
good together.
The fabric is fresh of the line, just needs a little ironing....
and then just think of all the possible things that can be made!!!

I know you are not going to like what I am going to say....
but I am going to say it anyway....
I am sooo ready for FALL and the cooler temps.'s terrible here! I really do not mind the heat,
it's the humidity that will kill ya. And to think that it is truly still
Spring....what the heck is summer going to be like???

Now you know what I am doing...ironing many, many, many yards of fabric...
what's everyone else doing today...besides retreating to a spot in front of the A.C.

Tomorrow night is Date Night!!!
Missed it last week as we were at the festival!
Looking forward to dinner and an auction!!

Keep cool and safe,

Monday, June 6, 2011

Uncle Billy's Day....

....I think I have recovered, now it's back to the drawing board.
These are a few pics of the booth that Lee took,
take a look around...

I hope you enjoyed the visit.
Hopefully now I can get caught up on the "chores"
and be refreshed by Wednesday to open the shop.

Have a Blessed Day...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh Happy Day.... announce that the winner of the 300 post drawing is.....
Drum roll please....
Jean at Prim Cats!!
Congratulations to you Jean...I will be sending you
an e-mail for your address.

So Uncle Billy's Day was a H-U-G-E SUCCESS!!!!
Thank you to all of the new and old friends that came to support
what I love to do!!!  Without you, I could not do this
and I really THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!
I also want to thank Anita for minding the shop on Friday for me,
your kindness for doing that is much appreciated!

No picture or long story is packed up in the tote...and we
are going to run to the shop and unload a few things and when we
return I think we will have "quiet time"....the 94 degree heat and sun for
2 days has taken it's toll on this old body!

Have a wonderful day,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gosh...He is Quick

Mornin', how are you all today...I am sticky and HOT!!
 I looked out this morning and Lee had already packed up most of
the goods we will be peddlin' this weekend...but I did get a picture
of my barells...I am likin' how they turned out!!
That is a great old handmade table I picked up in Maryland at
the show we did up there.
I sure do wish he could have waited just a LITTLE longer...but with the heat I
can understand him wanting it done early.

Now to answer ALL the questions about Uncle Billy's is a one and a half day
festival held in Altavista, VA. Starts this year on Friday afternoon and ends on Saturday night.  Great food vendors, plenty of music...from beach to bluegrass...and of course all the vendors...with just about everything under the sun!!  The trade lot will be open both days..
that is where they have a flea market.  I think that it is located about a block from where the actual festival. I have not been in about 6 years...took the nieces when we could play
and not hurt so bad afterwards!!!!

If your having a lot of this heat, please be careful and do not forget fresh water for
the pets!!!

Thank you for your visit and have a Blessed day,