Thursday, March 31, 2011

Somethings Missing....

Hello friends...So glad you could stop by for a quick visit!!!

I will not keep you long as I have much to BILLS!!! YUK

I want to let you know that the EWM logo is missing from my side bar,

WHY you may ask.....'cause I am taking a break!!!!

My plate is sooooo full right now that I decided that

if I could not devote 100 percent to it then I needed to let it go.

For all of you that ordered...THANK YOU and if you EVER need

anything...just e-mail me!! I will be happy to replenish your "stuff".

Thanks for understanding....

have you signed up yet for the drawing???

I am so excited to be able to do this and I can't wait to get

MY hands on my copy of this magazine...I just ordered it the day before

I announced the give-a-way...I think that's how I came up with the idea if the truth be known.

My friends,

Have A Blessed Day....

and GOOD LUCK...

remember around 11 tomorrow...unless I have a customer!!!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hi are you today? O.k. here we go...below is my crow pin...

whatcha think? It almost looks stenciled on the card, but I have made

Crow Pins...all packed and ready to travel. I am thinking maybe I should

make some more!!!?

I have these 2 things done FOREVER!!! I even put the house

on the blog as a free pattern...well I just to finishing mine

and I made them into magnets. These are on the frig at the shop.

And finally....I made these 2 shoo-fly covers These are on the smaller side, perfect for the smaller pantry cake!!! This was my day at the shop...other than starting a new needle punch, which by the way I have not done since LAST spring...kinda had to teach myself again, but I think you will like the end result. Before I let you go, do not forget to sign up for the give-away!!! Have a blessed evening, Robin

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Something For YOU!!!!

Happy Sunday!!!! It's snowy and cool here but I guess I am thankful for not

getting a blizzard!!! Our week is going to be a little on the cool side...

not like MY 80 degrees from last week!!!

Guess you are wondering what this is about....well I am going to tell you.

This is my way of thanking YOU for your support and following!!!

I am giving away a 1 year subscription to the newest

HOW-TO-MAGAZINE!!!! wooohooo!!!

My rules are simple (the best way!!!)

Be a follower or become a follower and leave a post ON THIS POSTING ONLY!!!!

You are free to tell your friends and post on your blog!!!

I will draw ONE NAME on FRIDAY APRIL 1, 2011...

April Fools Day! in the morning say around 11ish.

Good Luck and PLEASE spread the word!!!!!!

Have a GREAT day,


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hold On...........

to your hat, bloomers,panties or anything else you don't wont
taken off!!! Wooo doggies we are windy here today!!
Nothing special going on so I thought I would show you one of my dream
homes...simple times in a beautiful setting.
Check Spelling After the last few days I could really use that.....sooooo
I want you to know that I have talked with the electric company on SEVERAL occasions...
they tell me that I owe the HUGE amount...can't tell me why, tell me I use
less electricity then what I am paying for, and if I come off the budget plan...
(which I was never on!!) I will only owe $555.91......
make sense to you???? Me neither, so I paid the 555 before they changed
their mind, now I have a zero balance with them....
until next
Old man winter is trying so hard to let us know that he is not fully done
with us folks yet....I am SO done with him!!
OOOPS...the buzzer sounded, gotta go...I am cooking potpourri and "stuff" today
at the shop.
Have a blessed and fulfilling day

Monday, March 21, 2011

~~~WHAT THE~~(use your imagination)

Hi...PLEASE excuse my language, but I am beside myself at the moment.
For all those out there that know me you know that I am a pretty
laid back person, takes a lot to get me angry or riled up.....
This is MY Electric Bill!!!! is NOT a misprint!!!! Seems a BIT much to me since last
month my bill was $267. They say that this is the balance left over
after a budget plan.....WHAT??? I never asked for a budget plan...
and even if I did they let this build for 4 years!!!! Still high if you ask me!
Sooooo.....I have been ROUNDS with people...not a machine and the bottom line is
drum roll please.....
I WON!!!!
woooohoooo for the little guy!!!
I do owe 500, but that is a far cry from thousands......
and there will never be a budget plan in this house
Thanks friends for letting me get this off my chest....and if you work
for AEP I am soooo sorry, but can YOU imagine getting this bill????
To top it off..I am already frazzled with tax head hurts!!
O.k. I will talk to you later....much love and thanks again,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hi Folks...

I hope your weekend is going swell for you all. It has been a nice one in Virginia...
although SOMETHING is getting ready to bloom. My eyes are itching sooo bad.
O.K. I know you came for the "stuff" so here goes....note that this is NOT from Date Night...
This is soooo cool. It is an OLD child's doll bed...maybe...made into a foot
stool covered in BURLAP. Nice piece.
These are paddles and a hand forged 2 prong fork....

LOTS of tobacco sticks...white oak!! and this is not all of them

Old tobacco basket in perfect shape marked South Boston, VA, old berry baskets and carrier
and look at that OLD green washboard

and last is this early hand made tool box.

Lee had fun yesterday...I sent him out while I worked the shop.
All in all I think he did pretty good!
How is the weekend going for you guys?? Weather cooperating for you?
Mine is NOT ...cooler today by about 20 degrees!!!
By next weekend it is suppose to WINTER again. No snow just a lot COLDER...
I am so done with that.
We are off to go to the shop and OPEN today..surprise!! We will not
do this every Sunday but we have some things to do up there
so we figured to have the flags flyin' while we are there.
SOOOO...stop on in if you are out and about!
Until next time my friends....
Thank you for your visit to Millstone,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick Trip with Lee

Hello Friends...yesterday (wed.) was my day off and Lee
and I hit the road. Not really...we went to Bedford to visit our friends
Rick and Amy...aka Bell's Treasure. Such a nice visit...Lee is doing some work for them
at the shop...think sweets and candy!! Amy is a baker!! and will be adding a sweets
treat shop. O.K. the finds...this small green early child's play chair.

I love this early child's play chair...I see a pattern here with the "child's stuff"...

and then this antique walnut and pine table and chairs. It's hard to tell
but the turned legs are awesome...and with chippy paint to paint!!

That's not all we got...a very early prim tool caddy...a salesman's sample
cast iron 3 legged pot, a great yellow egg basket, a very early box/lap desk...
where are the pics you ask...WELL I forgot to take them!!! The mind id the first
thing to go...right? Since they are making a trip with us I left them in the van
and Lee brought them home and "packed" them up.
What FANTASTIC weather we are having....and tomorrow is....
drum roll please.....
80!!! woohooo. But of course it will not last...
next week is a little cooler, but I know Spring does not arrive until
7:05pm on least Mr. Winter is not in sight!!!
So, Idol is off and I REALLY want to watch
Private Practice and then Off The Map...
so I will talk to you AFTER Date Night!!!

Have a Blessed Day tomorrow

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Better Late than Never......

Hi Folks, how are you today (tonight)? Yep I know I have been bad,
but this work...aka J-O-B is a little new to me. Having to be some place at a certain time,
I have not done that in 7 years.
Anyway...look at my pins. This is the Olde Glory set...they look cute all
worn together or just a couple at a time. Mr. Lee and I have been practicing for is some of our stuff...
look at the handmade pitch fork and that old farm rake also hand made.

This chair is way cool...the bottom is metal strapping, but it was the paint that drew me.
That beautiful antique walnut door header is very nice...

and I love this candle lantern.

This is Millstone's design for a candle board. made from an antique door panel, old
tin, hand made candles and 2 colonial fire starters. you know what I have been up to...whatcha been doin?
I hope that you have been having as much fun as I have.
The shop is doing great and I am sending Lee out this weekend by himself!!
Can't wait to see what HE will bring home. The shop is closed tomorrow and
we will be heading to the home to start on the Maryland show
We are both looking so forward to the Kentucky show as neither
of us have ever been there!! But then again I have never been
to Maryland....yep it's sad...I have seen so much more of
other countries than I have my own backyard. But with all
that is going on in the world today...I think I will start to learn more
about HOME!!
Have a Blessed and fulfilling day!!!
Please keep those in Japan in your thoughts and prayers...I am thinking that
they sure could use a few prayers being sent their way!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hi Folks...

...we just got home from Date Night...boy they had a crowd there tonight!
This is the old tool box I got....large and really cool...see inside...the date in there is 1910 and is signed by Pat.
Here is the inside of the pie safe...old tin and cutlery box. Look at that old wood..
want to see the outside?????
Here she is in all her glory. Don't you just love that color?
This will head on our road trip next month to Kentucky.
Lee and I will both be at the shop tomorrow and if you are in the area...
please stop by and say hello....
and a big THANK YOU for making our first week such a
Have a Blessed weekend my friends,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Day Off.....

...and NEVER far from Mom is bestest helper??? in the world
Please pay no attention to the carpet in the home shop, sometimes I just can not
find that darn drop cloth!!
Next is my little man...Tinsley my other bestest helper.
They are both at my beckon call.

This is the dirtiest, grungy cheese cloth...turned out PERFECT...
even if HUBBY did do it!! woohoo he has learned a thing or two from me!!

This is our dry sink we have come up with...note Eli's "toys" in it...
balled up pieces of paper. There is a red one right behind it.

And this is our antique bed turned bench, before being painted. After it is dry
it will have a nice satin finish to it...I"ll show pics when done.
So that is what I did on my day off....what I love to do...
work with wood and stuff that stains your hands for weeks.
I had a pretty big scare last week...
it involved the "C" word....abnormal chest x-ray...
congestion of the lymph node in right lung is what they
called it....Cancer is what I called it.
Had a CT scan done....prayed a BUNCH!!!!!!
and it was NORMAL....a misreading of the x-ray with a very
big I am sorry followed!!!
The song Live Like You Are Dying.....I try and live that everyday
now. That was truly the worst 6 days of my life!!! Not knowing and trying
to keep up a positive attitude. Soooo...I am normal!!!???
Glad to know that!!
My friends....enjoy your day no matter what it may bring!
Have a good one,

Sunday, March 6, 2011


From the bottom of my heart ....
The re-opening of Millstone was a HUGE success!!!
And I appreciate all who came from near AND far!!!!
I guess I really should have taken this pic BEFORE I cut it!!!!Lee added his wall cupboard before we opened

Kathy added these really neat Log Cabin Homes

And I did not show you guys this piece... I love it!!!
Jane added the cutest rug punch bunnies that were eaten up as soon
as they were put out!! Maybe she will do a couple more so I can get
a pic of them to show you!!!
We had so much fun!!! And it is good to be ...
Again...THANK YOU for the wonderful comments
and your support.

Have a Blessed Day,

Friday, March 4, 2011


...Anniversary to ME!!!! Yeppers today
is our 11th anniversry and I truly am blessed
beyond measure for the wonderful man that I call
my husband.
And it fell on "Date Night"...who could asked for anything more!!!
There were no fancy gifts..just an auction and a grilled cheese sandwich...
and the love that we have for each other....
I will take that any day!!!
Have a great weekend and I will talk to you on Sunday,
and if you out and about tomorrow please stop by the shop
and say hello....
We will be there!!!
Many Blesings,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hello Dear Friends... are you? At this end things have gotten pretty crazy!!! Date night last week was a total
YUK!! So Mr. Lee and I set out early Saturday morning and we went "junking".
Want to see what I got????
This cool little knife box or that is what I calling it, the opening is WAY to small for
a tool box. And the dough bowl, and that cool little child's (?) dresser like thing.
This old tobacco press.....

This great doll bed, complete with little mattress with patch....

This way COOOOL little make do shelf....

AND last but not least.....
This great old grain chute.
I am going to put brown grass in it and the olde feedsack eggs....
Pretty cool, huh?
All of the above or either in the shop or ready to head to
Kentucky!! wooohooo!!! I am soooo excited to be going there.
I have never been there so we are using this as a mini vacation...
REAL mini as we head to Maryland the following weekend.
O.K. gotta go...dinner beckons me...
Until next time.....
Many Blessing to you,