Tuesday, January 31, 2012

~~Small Things and a HAM~~

Hi friends!! It's been a while I know,
but I do not live a very exciting, glitzy life.
It's pretty much the same around here.
A few things to show ya, my boxes with the
old time paper tops,
the little baskets I call
"Seed Baskets".
I have hand sewn fabric onto them
and also sewn a "paper scent" packet to stick
in the top.

And you see the 'ham" in the picture, my worst and best
critic. "We" had just finished cleaning up the little
"droppings" all over the counter top. Yes sir
Eli does not look worried though, he is to busy getting his
picture taken and before that he was laying out
in the sun with the dogs...
70 degrees here today.
EXCUSE me...but what happened to winter??
I really would like some cold and snow...
Yeh, yeh...go ahead and scream at me now!
But just a little snow would be nice.
Or even some cooler temps, I can't even where
my new sweaters from Christmas...
lord help me a sweater, a hot flash and temps above 50...
move outta my way cause SOMETHING will be coming off!!!

Have a great evening friends...
thank you for your visit and enjoy tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~~~Fresh From The Garden~~~

~~My Primitive Garden~~
These are my interpretation of
primitive carrots.

In my garden you do not have to all be alike,
different is good thing.

I am trying very hard to get ready for Spring in the shop...
which will be taking place after
Winter In The Valley.
I have bought a white feather tree which I
aged (not big on bright white)
and this will become my
"All Year Long Tree".
Hopefully the ideas that are in my head will come out
as planned... {yeh right}.

Will keep you posted on any progress, and if you
are in the area, stop by and see if progress is happening!!

Thanks for your visit,

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Tax Man Cometh...

But before he does, let me show you
some "stuff" we have made for our
upcoming shows.

I made my own paper for this...
thank you Lori for the advice!
The frame came from Donna...
so whatcha think?

For the grater (the tin Donna gave me)
we aged our wood...
Trial and many errors, we finally came up with
"The Recipe" and just like the Baldwin Sisters...
this too shall go to the grave with us so to speak.
Lee did this one.

Lee made this make-do rocker using a very old
painted rocker. Have had this quilt like forever, love
the colors and pattern.

And finally...
a round chalk board.
The wood is from an antique barrel.
I like different things and I think that this fits

So...now you know what we have been up to.
Lee had Date Night Friday Night...alone.
Poor thing...his date just did not want to go.
Well, it gave him a chance to "bond" with the boys.
Too cold for me, I stayed snuggled up on the sofa with my
Game Boy!!

O.K. friends...the tax man cometh is the title of this post...
and if I do not get my butt of this computer
we will have NOTHING ready for him!!

Have a  great day and I will talk to you all later.
Thanks for your visit today!!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Bucket List....

Well kinda...
I have a "thing" for buckets and I wanted
to share it with you too.

Buckets, bowls and boxes are my weakness...
what's yours??

Thank you for you visit to Millstone...
Have a nice evening,

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Girls...My Friends

My girls
My friends

No matter the problem or time of day...
my girls are always willing to listen.
They NEVER form opinions, jump to conclusions,
share my secrets, laugh at my dreams, bitch or complain.
They are always happy to see me and would never tell you
or me we are not welcome.

If these girls lived in the real world...wouldn't life be wonderful?

Enjoy your day and stay warm!!!

(most of these dolls were made by The Burlap Owl)


Friday, January 13, 2012


Eli's that is.
When I was making the cats...
Eli's kin folk...
he decided to "help"
Here he is checking them out...

Now he is "bonding"...
you can see he has helped cut one out...
truly am surprised he did not get his nose cut off...

Trying to get the hand of this sewing thing.
Guys...I turned around for just a second
and he had thread EVERYWHERE!!!!

He is my shadow and constant companion,
even when I really wish he were asleep!!

Setting up today for
Cabin Goodes Gathering!
Freezin' my tutu off is what I will be doing,
NOW it decides to be winter!!

Shop is closed on Saturday don't forget,
but please join us at Donna's for some
olde fashion fun.

Thank you for your visit to Millstone...
enjoy your day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My first finish of the new year,
made of the good heavy old sacks.
Love the little print on the ear.

I will be taking this spinning wheel to the
Wynter In The Valley Show that is scheduled for Feb. 11
Please excuse my mess, I am still trying to get organized
in the home shop...just ONE of my hundred or so
 New Year resolutions...of which I have broken ohhh
say about 98 of them so far...yep right on track as usual!!!

This last picture is the farm table that Mr. Lee has
cleaned up and sanded and sealed the top on.
Oh how I wish I could keep it...I have a thing for tables...
the only room with no large tables in it is the bedrooms...
Just do not see that happening though!
It too will go to Fishersville.....maybe.

Don't forget that the shop will be closed on
please join us for a day of fun at
call me if you need directions!

My good friend Anita will be in charge of the shop on
and say HI!!!

I think that is pretty much it for today...
have a fantastic day...and don't forget to do
SOMETHING just for YOU!!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

some stuff....

this is my little man Tinsley and his camo jacket
on Christmas morning.
He just would not sit still so,

Lee did the bear hug thing.
Just can't see anything but his face.
Still cute though.

Sooo, I gotta question...
is it Spring time already???
I want to decorate the shop for the early spring/Easter...
do you think it's to early?

I can not believe that the first show of the year is next week already...
am I ready you ask?....
well maybe a little...
soooo NOT ready!!
I will not lie to you!

Cathy and I went to PA on Wednesday...saw snow and felt
some REALLY cold weather...it was 5 when we started
shopping!!!!  Still had a blast though.  You do not notice that quick
one day trip until the next day...so wanted to stay in bed all day.

I want to apologize for not being with you this week...
just dealing with "stupid", trifling, crazy people drive me over the edge
and I just have not felt real chipper....
But I am OVER it...
I have tossed them to the road so to speak!
We are so over it!!!

Thanks for your visit to Millstone,
please come back.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Date Day...

Yeh, I know what you are thinking...
dates are at night.
But we had Date Day an Sunday, we finally went to
an auction...one that had something that we liked!

Here are a few of our goodies...

a Virginia made spice box

a cute collection of measures, a fun old red bucket
and an old dough bowl

a nice old pie safe that someone added new tin to...
But we are going to remove that and install rusty screen.

and my favorite piece is this little blue piece.
I can imagine it in the kitchen, pantry,
bathroom holding "stuff"..or anywhere. It is just the
right size!! Can't wait to get her cleaned up a bit.

I hope that everyone had a safe New Year and all went as planned.
I made it to see the ball drop...poor Lee  fell
asleep. Such is life I guess. Nothing earth shattering happened because
we did not kiss at midnight, pretty much same old thing!!

We are finally COLD here today!!!!
But by Friday it will be back to 60 again...ugh!!!
Make it mind up already!

Have a blessed day,