Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mercantile Gatherings..We made it

I am sooooo excited!! I just received an email from Twigs (Tiffany) last night. She informed me that she would like to feature OUR house in the magazine. I still can't believe it. Much work is to be done now though....think I have time to remodel?? Now I want to re-do EVERYTHING. I am hoping to have all the pictures taken soon and send them to her along with a very long interview package. The shop will also be included in the feature. We just can't wait. Both Jan and I have worked very hard not only for shows but also our shop and to see it in a magazine is going to amazing. We are still trying to pull it all together for the show ...and time is creeping up. We have decided that we work better under pressure.
O.K. off my cloud...the wind here today is awful. I hope the trees stay put and the power stays on. I am off to Michael's for some more beeswax...I finally found another ole time shoe mold and will have some poured up for the show and shop...of course they will be blackened and grubby!!
A Little Did You Know: The shoes sold in the eighteenth century were identical for both feet, it was up to the buyer to break them in as a pair. When the first shoes made for each foot were invented the were called "crooked shoes".
Have a day full of many surprises, happiness and blessings.


  1. Congratulations ~ it's one of my very favorite magazines & am looking forward to your feature

  2. Thank you Pam, I just love the magazine also. Does your look like it has been through the ringer as mine does. They have been turned upside down and inside out by the time I am finished with each Will keep all posted as to when it will be. Thanks agin

  3. Good talking to you, today, Robin. Congrats on being in the magazine! People will be drooling over your home and shop, too!!

  4. Congratulations!!!..I know the excitement because our home was in the summer 2009 issue..Have fun with it and enjoy!!~~hugs,Jen

  5. WOOHOO !!!

    I'm SOOOOOoooo proud of you!
    I can't wait to see the magazine, although I have been there personally, it is awesome!
    love ya~

  6. Very very exciting news!!! Congrats to you.

  7. A very BIG thank you for your kind words. I just hope I can pull it all together. Have a great evening

  8. What an honor! Enjoy, you can do this.

  9. Congrats to you !!! I am looking forward to seeing you in the magazine :)

    Hugs, Angie

  10. Woo Hoo looking forward to seeing your home in Mercantile gatherings.

    Neat info on the shoes, I never heard that before!!! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Nice to kinda meet you Robin since Lori B tells me about you!!! You're a good friend to her & that makes me happy!!!!
    I'm very excited about seeing your place in MG magazine CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    Ya know long ago that magazine was responsible for Lori & I becoming great sister friends!!!
    GOOD LUCK at your upcoming show!!!!
    I'm going to add you to my blog & I hope you'll do the same with me.

    Sherry aka: The Queen aka:From Sherry's Heart