Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Lori!


Today you were born

Today you started your journey

Today with much happiness in my heart I call you friend

Today with much happiness in my soul I call you sister

Today I thank you for teaching me and for giving me a part of yourself.

Happy Birthday My Friend

Now with that said, the little pillow above is one of the first things I made when Lee bought me my first sewing machine 2 years ago. For those that do not know it, I failed sewing in home ec. class--I passed cooking with flying colors--but was pretty bad with the needle and thread. My grandmothers did not really sew either so I had no teacher. All that you have seen on here has been learned just over the last few years. I guess my sewing teacher would be cousin Lynnette in West Virginia--she taught me over the phone--you shoulda heard some of those conversations. My machine came with a dvd so you could learn to thread the machine. I guess I should have paid a camera crew that day to come in and video, I honestly think we could have won an America's Funniest Videos. It took almost as long to figure out how to work the dvd player as it to thread the machine. And we won't even go there with the bobbin thing (that still frets me). But, things do get completed and some how I manage to read a pattern...sometimes!

This is why I may be so partial to primitive: It Aint Gotta Be Perfect!!

Have a blessed Sunday with family and friends and remember ..

They Aint Gotta Be Perfect Either.

Blessings to all


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  1. Little mistakes here & there just add character !!! They make our handwork more special !!! Thank goodness for Primitives !!!! I would be in Big trouble trying to perfect !!!!