Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some small stuff

Some small finishes and almost finishes. On the frame are pins to be
finished this morning and the larger needle punch are magnets. On the
right is the cupboard tuck stick horse, he is really cute stuck in an old
bowl or in a small crock.
In my mind today it is about 80 degrees and sunny with the birds chirping and
the flowers blooming, but in reality its not. They are calling for some
more of the snow and ice hear on Friday and Saturday so it does not
look like we will be making it to the Winter in the Valley Show for this
weekend. Bummer, we were really looking forward to it. Donna has
gone out of her way for this show and I know it will be awesome.
Jan and I have both been busy at our "home shops" so the store
will be full of some spring and Valentine projects soon. We will not
be open this weekend as the weather is not looking to good and
we still have all the snow from last weekend that needs to be
removed. Will it ever end? There is a saying that goes
"Challenges are opportunities to find out who we really are"
I really thought I knew who I was!!! But with that saying
I guess "practice makes perfect" is fitting.
Well friends, keep stitchn', punchn' or hookn' the winter
weather away.
Think of Spring
Blessings for a beautiful day,