Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nervous Nellies

Good morning. What a beautiful day, the sun is out and the birds are chirping, but it is cold. I saw a Robin yesterday, does that still mean that spring is around the corner. All is right with the world, except my stomach. As the show draws closer my stomach goes into flips. I find myself asking "Do I have enough or do I have to much", "What should I pull from the shop?" Those that do shows know what I mean. I keep thinking what my "sister" Lori would say..."it's quality not quantity". So with that said I have decided to only pull a few antiques from the shop and concentrate more on the hand made items...or at least while I am writing this that is what I am thinking. I know that I will be taking an awesome old white huge basket that I just love and so does Jan. That is why we have it for sale, we both want it. There is a mid 1800's table and 2 chairs that will be making the trip with us along with an a great smaller farm table....I like that also!! The small rug hooks in the picture will go, but the star punch will stay home until I find something to put it on. I am so looking forward to the show but will miss my partner at this one, she had a trip planned for this weekend, so instead I will have my other husband working with me. He does a great job. He says his purpose in life is to carry furniture and packages and re-pack the car when I go on a shopping trip. I gotta hand it to him, he is really good at that car thing. I never knew my car could hold that much. The only time he couldn't get it all in is when I went to the beach and bought palm trees (fake lighted). UPS did a fine delivery job. He took today off so that he could work on my home shop, he has torn down, re-built and painted. Looks good except it's my job to put everything back and if you could see the mess I have right now....Now for some more
Did you know.. Queen Victoria was a very voluptuous lady. She had commissioned a prominent London Dept. store to make her a dress. She required 24 yards, a measurement that was very ample...hence the term queen size.
Have a very sunny and blessed day.


  1. It sounds like you're a busy girl! Best of luck at the show.

  2. Thanks Jane, good luck with your weekend also, hope you do really well.

  3. HI Robin!!!!
    Idid shows for over 30 years,many out of state, so I well know what your tummy and brain are doin'LOL!!!!!!!

    Good Luck I'm sure you'll do great!!!!!

    Sherry aka:The Queen

  4. I really miss doing shows sometimes...Nothing like meeting and greeting customers!!...You will do wonderfully!!..And yes, it is quality and not quantity....The items you're taking along sound great and I can't wait to hopefully see pics!!...Have a good week!!~~hugs,Jen