Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Treasure Hunt

Look at what Lee dug up out of the woods...an old enamel ware coffee pot. Isn't it
cute?!! As you can see I have filled it with old spoons and will place it on my
kitchen counter. I love the hunt...the challenge and excitement of a new
treasure. Our property boarders the railroad property and I guess many, many,
many years ago people would dump down in there. We have found beautiful old
milk glass, cobalt blue and old mason jars. We have bought home enamel ware with
no bottoms that we "plant" in the yard for the spring flowers. On one rare occasion we found
some really old plates...I used them to boarder some wild flowers...cute huh??! I can't
wait to go back over and see what awaits us. After all the snow I am sure that some
more treasures have been unearthed.
We are becoming adjusted to the loss of Champ, but it feels really
strange without him. The animals are still searching for him, our other
cat was in my kitchen cabinet this morning looking for her friend.
Some more Did You Know: In 1919 600,000 American babies
wore gold-filled rings from Woolworth's Dept. Store.
Be safe and Happy until next time.


  1. I used to have a little gold baby's ring...an oldie...I have no idea where it is now!!!
    Love your little coffee pot ~ Pete & Hannah & I dig up all kinds of things here on the farm, too....Lot's of fun!

  2. My son got an antique baby ring from my aunt when he was born. He wore it when he was christened. i now wear it on my gold charm bracelet. What a fun place to find treasures; your coffee pot find is fabulous!

  3. When one of our cat brothers died, the other one meowed so loudly and for so long that he lost his voice.
    Have fun diggin'!!