Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday Night Date Night

Hello to All! Well, I finally had my "fix". Lee and I had our traditional date night. That's what we call auction night. Above is my haul from last night. I will use some of the antique buttons and trinkets on dolls and pin keeps. The chair on the left has it's original paint and stencil. I just love old chairs, can't you tell? That chair was a steal for five dollars. The other three we got for five dollars, total. There is a lot of old sewing notions, zinc lids, bottles and hat pins. In one box lot there were 2 old hat pin keepers. The ball jar on the table is filled with old hand made blacksmith horse shoe nails, but the best part was that they are in a number 13 clear ball jar! For those that do not know, the number 13 was generally broken due to the fact the bootleggers thought that number unlucky when hauling "shine". The shoe last in the basket will be turned into candle holders and we will just see what happens with the rest. It was a lot of fun seeing friends we had not seen in a while. In keeping with our tradition we went out for a late dinner at Huddle House. By the time we did get home, the dogs had their little legs crossed at the back door. Well, enjoy your Sunday with family and friends, we are off to Lowe's to look at a trailer and then back home where it's warm and cozy. I will be doing the last minute details of our "stash" in the basement that we will be taking to the show and taking some pictures of the house to send to Mercantile Gatherings. Please do not forget:
Winter In The Valley
Sat. Feb, 20, 2010
early bird is 8 am
$5 admission
$10 for early bird

Have a blessed and beautiful Valentine's Day


  1. Looks like you hit some wonderful Plunder there, sister-friend!
    Glad you & Lee had a great time at the auction...can't wait til March 6th!
    See you on friday if not before...tsalk to you tomorrow....
    Happy Valentine's Day to you & Lee!

  2. Auctions are just so much FUN! I love going to them with my mom when I head to Virginia. I didn't know the story behind the #13 Ball jars - that's a good one and now I'll be on the lookout for a #13!