Sunday, April 10, 2011

Allow Me To Introduce You.....

to Brett. When we moved out here we dug this little bush up

and brought it with us. It was so small and now it is healthy and happy.

This is our tribute to a life cut way to short!!!!

These are just some pics of the front yard...can ya tell we have been busy with

the new mulch load we had delivered?

My whole body hurts...and we won't even talk about the muscle relaxers....I just can't take them, I sleep for days!! Nothing much has happened around here, been very quiet and peaceful and that's how we like it. Working on new things for the shop and shows...THANK YOU to everyone who e-mailed me and commented on the banners, I may offer them for sale on the blog or start a selling blog...what do you think? Have a blessed day...and I hope the sun is out where you are... I am sooooo tired of this YUCKY weather....gray and cloudy...I NEED SUN!!! Robin


  1. Love your yard. The pictures are so pretty. Love the one with the rail fencing. I have always wanted a splt rail fence on our property. Hope your aches and pains soon disappear and you feel good as new again. Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. Robin, what a nice tribute. Your yard looks amazing. We've been having such crummy weather and then TODAY IT WAS 83!!! We put the top down on the bug and had a ball. Hope your back feels better soon, Dawn