Monday, April 18, 2011

Mindless Monday

Howdy Folks!!!!
How are you today? 
These are just a few of Lee's finds from an auction I sent him to on Sat.
                                                                     I Love that crock!!!
                                                           And LOOK at this early rocker
                                                       These are some more bottle cap pins

O.K. WHAT is up with blogger???? Nothing is working!!!!
Does not want to let me center anything....I HATE THIS!!!

Lee just called...remember the $12,000.00 electric bill last month??
Said they would take care of it right....WRONG  This month it is 11,700.00
AND they ADDED A LATE CHARGE! More phone calls...
Ashley says that THIS time it is bill is 184.00.  WHAT is
up with our electric company? This is truly getting frustrating. Not to mention
that when you open up a bill that size ya kinda get a sick feeling right in the pit
of your stomach!!!  Soooo...I guess we will wait to see what next month brings...
and to think I was a little excited to see what our new bill would be since we have
been unplugging the hot tub and lights that are not in use. Guess it didn't help much!

Hope all of you had a nice weekend, ours was quiet...spent Saturday in the closet at the shop...
ya had to be here!!! Tornado warnings were out....I came out when people came in...they
just laughed...but hey, you can NEVER be to careful.  I was alone, Lee was out of town
and it was so dark and WINDY!!!!!

Have a blessed day...and thank you for your visit, please come again!!


  1. Hi Robin, Love the crock, I collect them also. I see the electric co. is really on its toes, you think they could see it wasn't right. I went to a new primitive shop last Friday, Settler's Crossin, you would love it, take a look at her website if you get a chance. I went wild in there. Glad you didn't ge blowed away, alot of people got killed in N.C. take care and thats for showing all the neat stuff you got. Vicky

  2. Hopefully your bill is straightened out, good grief you've certainly had a time of it! Love the crock and neat cap pins!