Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Playin' Around....

...with some wood, stencils and old screen. Havin' fun at the shop!!Re-arranged a bunch!!! and made Black Boards!

The frame is from antique wood from Williamsburg, VA.


New pics of the shop. and one more...
a banner done on ticking hooked to a grape vine wreath I made

last year!
Well folks, that's what I have been up to...what are you doing??

It's ANOTHER yucky day here...

Yeah I know April showers bring May flowers....

but not if it has washed all the bulbs and flowers away!!!

Have a blessed day and I will talk to you later...

and THANK YOU for stopping by...and please feel free

to visit again.



  1. The shop is looking great! Your signs are cute as can be. We have a little sun today, but cool. The rain is supposed to start again on Thursday and go all the way through the weekend. YUK!!! Great news, we had our 8th grandchild this morning. A little boy named Peyton Drew, pretty darned exciting! Talk to you soon, Dawn

  2. Love the shop photos, so many wonderful goodies.
    We had a great shop down the road, but they closed.
    There is still one in the state, but farther away and half the things are imports.


  3. Hi Robin, Love the signs, they are really nice. You have a very nice shop, love the displays. No rain here, had a little last night, trying to get my flower beds in shape, lots of pollen here. We just had our spring open house at the antique mall I am in, lots to do in the spring, never ending. Have a great week. Vicky

  4. Robin, your signs are very cool. I have the olde crow seeds in a smaller version, love it lots! The shop looks so inviting, if only I lived closer. Have a great day, luckily the sun is shining, even though it's not too warm yet.


  5. Oh, Robin the shop looks wonderful! The signs are great. We have blue skies here in Lansing, Michigan - won't last, I know, but it sure is cheery. Thanks for the inspiration! SUE

  6. Robin, everything looks wonderful. Love your new signs and the wreath is awesome.

  7. Robin your shop looks so neat. Saw a few things that caught my eye! Well, more than a few things.


  8. Your stencils and the shop pics look great!!
    I'll be by to see you soon.

  9. Robin...the shop looks AWESOME! I've really been missing mine lately! Thanks for sharing!