Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Church In The Valley.....

The sweetest little church.....original to the Home Place in Ky.
Howdy folks, how are you?
In the little community of Monroe, VA (where I live) we came out of
hiding this morning!!
I do not think I have ever heard of so many storms and 
tornadoes in all of my life....
What is going on?

Well, for now the sky is blue and the breeze is calm
and I am ready to head to Maryland this weekend!!
I have loaded the van with more goodies...
and we shall be pulling out in the morning.
The little lady that lives in the GPS will be
traveling with us again this trip....Lee likes her!!
She does not fuss about his driving and he doesn't even mind
when she tells him where to go!!  I like her cause it means I do not have
to read a map...or try and follow "map quest" directions.

I will talk to you on Saturday...or Sunday when we return.

Have a blessed weekend and keep safe,
Thank You for your visit to Millstone and stop by anytime!!


  1. Good luck at the show Robin. Stay safe!!

  2. So glad you are safe!
    What a peaceful looking church. Beautiful and serenc.
    Praying for a safe trip.

  3. WHAT SHOW ARE YOU HEADED to in Md? Good luck!

  4. Have a safe trip and sell, sell, sell!! Talk to you soon, Dawn