Friday, April 15, 2011


nice views...small and compact but yet large enough for the family...
safe neighborhood, wonderful neighbors...and did I mention
the wonderful views that are included in the rent?
This is my little nest found in a Dogwood Tree at the shop. The tree
is now in full bloom and is sooo's just waiting for the right
family to move in.

Good evening folks...and you thought I would be at Date Night...fooled you!
We actually had reservations for dinner tonight...and then went to Sam's...
romantic huh? Went to Barnes and Noble for the new Prims Magazine and then
rushed home for some Tums....the rich food...or age?  I think age cause
everything I eat is followed by tums.  Whatever!!!

I am starting to build my Ark this evening...someone told me today that
on Saturday we could see up to 2 inches of rain...there goes the new mulch!!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you enjoyed your visit.
Please come back soon.



  1. I can't believe all your blooms-nothin yet in Michigan. Getting old is hard - It's Friday night and I am curled up in bed with my laptop:) SUE

  2. We're supposed to get rain and maybe the "s" word tomorrow. Can't believe it, last Sunday was 83 degrees. Hope your mulch sticks!! Dawn

  3. Hope you don't get the storms and warnings that we had all evening and into the early hours of the morning. Luckily no damage here but a rough night.
    Glad you got to go out last night.Sounds like a normal Friday night for Mr.P. and me, but due to the bad weather we chose to stay in last night. We laugh and call Tums our dessert. Stay dry and have a great weekend.