Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Few Finishes........

Good evening!! Just popped in to say hello and show ya what I did at the shop
today...in between assisting customers!
The above is stenciled on canvas and then aged...the milk can is an
old one that just "needed" something!!

Are you a Royal Wedding watcher???  I will admit.....
I AM!!!!!
Come on...it's was my dream to grow up and be a princess, complete with all
the jewels and of course "my prince".....
I am looking forward to seeing her "dress"!!!!  Can you just imagine????
And the Real Jewels!! (not the plastic ones that came with the princess
plastic shoes and dress!)

A REAL fairy tale in the making...I remember watching Charles and Diana...
and ALL THAT DRESS!!!!! I know that it was the dress of the times, but wow
it is soooo dated now!!!  O.K. I feel old!!

Have a blessed evening...and dodge the storms if possible!



  1. Im not a royal watcher as such but being a Canadian I cant help but get all the news cause its everywhere! She is very pretty and I am interested to see what she will wear!

  2. Robin, Love the items you created today. Bet they are neat being on canvas. I love the old milk can and what you did to it.
    Yep, I am a dreamer and will be watching the Royal Wedding. Guess we all have a little girl living in a fairytale world inside no matter what our age. Be safe and have a great evening.

  3. I am pretty curious, after all, it is history in the making! Your new goodies are cute as can be. I've got to go in and finish some things today and TAKE DOWN THE BUNNIES! Time for a redo. Have a great day, Dawn

  4. Morning Robin...wonderful stencils! Great work.
    No Royalty for me...well, not at that time of the morning. I will get my fill of it for several days following the broadcast. So I'm sure I won't miss any of the special moments....and yes, it is a Fairy Tale isn't it...going to be just gorgeous.


  5. Hi Robin, love your stencils!! Yes, I hope to be a Royal Wedding watcher, I love all that stuff!!