Sunday, April 3, 2011

Date Night....

Happy Sunday...for all of the NEW followers...Friday night around

our home is "Date Night"...which consists of dinner and an auction!!

This past Frday was no exception except I cooked dinner before we left.

So...I forgot to take pictures of ALL of the stuff, but here is a small sampling of what I

was able to get...

Look at this big boy!! This is a LARGE big Oak slicer

would look great on a kitchen wall!!

This early ladies sewing chair...and nail carrier.

I got other stuff to, but like I said...forgot to take pics of all of it...

but here is Cindy's new bunnies...they smell WONDERFUL and this is her Momma it!!!!

It's spring here!!! Got a dump truck load of mulch yesterday...

do you know how much they can fit in a dump truck?

Soooo, ya pretty much know what I am doing today....along with

the usual laundry, cleaning, airing the house and cooking!!!

AND...I am working on some new patterns for punch needle.

Lee got up this morning and thought the world was coming to an end...

I cooked breakfast!!! Nope that is something I generally do not do,

HE DOES on Sunday, but I thought I suprise him for a change...

'bout gave him heart failure!!!!

Well I have taken a long enough brake and I here him and the

wheel barrel so I better get back to work.

Enjoy your day!!



  1. Hi Robin, love that big slicer!! Looks like you found some pretty good treasures. Don't work too hard.8-)

  2. Robin, you got some great goodies - love the sewing chair.

  3. Robin, OMG!!! Love that big slicer! To cool!!! OLM

  4. Good morning friend. Woo Hoo - looks like a great date night. How long before your KY show? Wish it was time to get mulch here, I'm so ready to dig in the dirt. We had rain, sleet and snow on Sunday!!! I really want to create some new gardens in the backyard and redo some things in front of the house this year. Gan is doing great and he will be with us until Thursday morning this week (sure was a scare though). Can't wait to see more pics of your shop, I'm just dying to come there. Oh well, one of these days. Talk to you soon, Dawn