Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Banner Day.....

Good Evening Folks...what a BEAUTIFUL day we had in VA.

It was soooo hard to stay inside the shop....actually I did not, I was out as much

as I was in. But the allergies are in full swing. They only hit every other year...

yeah I know...weird.

I made these today...Banners. I love 'em hooked on the screen door, but you

can drape them on wreaths, cupboards or whatever you want. Align Center

Whatcha think?

Went yesterday to pick up taxes and found this cool cross stitch book

and burlap...hooking or pillows, just don't know which. The little "hat"

is the CUTEST tape measure. Below is some of the Black Crow items that I have unpacked. Boy, they smell GREAT.

The "Crow Throw" for the car smells awesome.

These are A Primitive Glow...with a really bad shadow....sorry.

They are equally as good as Black Crow.O.K. Idol is on....who gets the ax tonight???

My guess...Steffano or Pia. I like Scotty or as I call him

"Cowboy Bob". I think it is innocence and DEEP voice.

Who's your choice?

Have a great evening and an even BETTER tomorrow!!



  1. Great job on the banners. Love that idea. Do you have a selling blog? Have a good evening.

  2. I love the Black Crow Scents, they are hard to find. I am with Angela, do you sell other than in your store, as your distant prim friends would like to purchase. Blessings

  3. Hi Robin, I love those banners!!