Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Around The Home....

...this is what I look at every night.
A beautiful sunset...
Sure do wish those power lines were underground though.
Peaceful, calming...the perfect ending to my day.

This is the beginning of what will some day be my
bittersweet forest 

And this is the next Southern Kudzu. DO NOT plant this stuff
unless you want EVERYWHERE!!! It started out a small single stalk
and LOOK!!!!  This is after taking it ALL up and mowing
it down. UGHHHHH!!! This stuff is all over the mulch beds,
up under this stuff I have little azalea bushes screaming for light and air.
It is now growing up through the drive way pavement.  I hate using weed killer
on it because of all the plant life under it...oh yeah...
this is white sage/Russian sage or something like that.

It was an absolutely fine day today...fall temps and I was 'lovin it!
I spent today running around with wonderful company...ME!!! I so enjoyed
doing some picking and shopping and not rushing.
Headed to the shop tomorrow thru Saturday
Father's Day is Sunday...are you ready??? 
Monday I am heading out of town for a little while...
wonder what I will find?

Have a Blessed evening,


  1. Wow, that sage is quite hardy! That would smell so much better than our "cat pee" bushes out front. They are ugly bushes and they stink in warm weather. We are going to remove them one by one and plant trees. (This property has no trees!)

    Your Bittersweet forest is looking lovely already. :)

    Blessings from Jessica

  2. Uh oh ,think I may be in trouble with the sage.I did not realize that it spread to that degree!Yikes !Loving you bittersweet forest already. Having a sunset like that every night would make day's hassles worth it. Blessings,Jen

  3. Beautiful Sunset!
    I'll send my husband over he's good at killing any kind of plant. I hear a lot of oops when he's doing yard work! Invasive plants are a pain to deal with. Good Luck!
    Prim Blessings