Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Wednesday

This little lady pretty much sums up how I feel.....

I think between pulling weeds like a mad woman,
moving furniture like a twenty year old
and just doing other things like I have no sense about me it
has done a number on the pinched nerve...
a.k.a. rib out of place.
Monday morning I RAN to the docs for an adjustment...
I am going back in the morning and I CAN'T wait!!!

I sure do wish Lee knew how to do whatever it is he does.
Even my ankles hurt!!!!

I want to say HELLO Lorraine and Robin from Maryland...
I sooo enjoyed your visit today...sure do wish I could
have gone with you guys to Gettysburg!!!  Hope you found lots of goodies
and thank you a bunch for the kind comments about the shop! you have your fireworks yet??? Me neither.
My girlfriend got burned pretty bad several years ago
and since them I am a spectator!!

Have a Blessed day and.....the mail just came
THANK YOU TISH for the beautiful gifts.
pics tomorrow I promise!!!!


  1. Hi Robin, Hate you have a rib out, no fun I get mine out, then I have a hard time keeping it in until it settles down. I am guilty of thinking I am 20 again and over do it, whats bad I never learn. Take care of yourself, have a happy 4th. Vicky

  2. Robin, Slow down, or get your butt over here and pull my weeds! Just kidding... I don't last more then about 20 minutes at a time with my back! OLM